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This is a discussion on The Dreamjournal within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; In this dream I was back in high school. I think another school year was starting. Every grade had to ...

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    In this dream I was back in high school. I think another school year was starting. Every grade had to go to their introductory class.

    For some reason I couldn't find one for grade 9s.

    Eventually I just sat in the main stairwell which conveniently had a table and chair which doesn't exist there in real life back when I was still in high school.

    Other grade 9s eventually joined with me in this stairwell where we formed our own class.

    The next dream was me walking around the high school and I was using this phone to try to call my sister. However, the signal was not that good so my sister was breaking up on the phone.

    An older woman ended my call and I was slightly frustrated by this.

    I was asked by younger woman if I could fight and I said that I could which seemed to surprise everyone there.

    And then I did it. I did Hana's signature battle stance where the twin flowers rotate.

    Then I just did a whole bunch of Zannin basic techniques.

    She was literally teaching me all the basics of Zannin literally in this dream even though my dream self was not aware of it!

    Kinda strange. Hana doesn't seem to be in my dreams anymore. Does she still exist somewhere? Yoko-san had her own style which I call Yoko no Hane, and I don't think Kaede would use Zannin.

    Here I was in the dream using Hara oh Hana under the umbrella of Zannin. A variant of Zannin.

    I was just punching and kicking throughout the school.

    There were some techniques I was already aware of and some I am not.

    However, she did show me the proper footwork for Zannin. My footwork in comparison is more stable while the footwork she showed me was for pure offense.

    Eventually I ended up at the mall as I was practicing on the move.

    That was kinda it for that dream.

    I'm surprised she taught me all the basics of Zannin.

    The last dream I can remember was Call of Duty Modern Warfare Rebooted??

    It was a ground war game and we were on a large snowy map with large buildings.

    I remember people on our team was dropping care packages near the enemies positions. I had an AK-12 with me and I called in an precision airstrike kinda ahead of the care package drops so that enemies that rush in would be blown to pieces or it was to hold them off.

    I called in my own care packages which came in an emergency air drop.

    Once everything had landed I called in another airstrike so that we can collect the packages that had various kill streaks in them.

    I went around placing 3 automated systems. Two were SAM turrets, and the last was a small Anti-Air turret.

    There was apparently an ancient being somewhere?

    It was really massive but I don't think I saw it? I think it was invisible somewhere in the blue sky?

    It was strange but that was all for that dream.

    That was all I could remember for tonight.

    I can't believe that I learnt Zannin in my sleep.

    heh heh heh
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    Last night I had a fairly normal dream that I can't remember anymore, but then towards the end every planet in the solar system spontaneously combusted Universe Sandbox-style except for Mars, so me and a few survivors had to move there. Among the survivors were King Dedede from Kirby and John Travolta.

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    This dream took place at the university, but there was a beach at the university?

    Most of the students were standing on the sand but the water was slowly rising.

    Me, my sister, my mother, the lovely princess, and the dragon queen were walking on this path at the university.

    The wind started to pick up intensely and I shielded them with my jacket.

    That was kinda it for that dream. I don't remember much else.

    In the next dream me and my partner were holding out a zombie attack. It was a VR game I think. Me and him both had silver M1911s or steel ones that were really shiny.

    I took out the magazine and observed how shiny it was.

    Now the zombies were coming and we briefly fired at them but they eventually overwhelmed us.

    Our handguns weren't cutting it.

    My partner was pinned and he told me to grab the double barrel shotgun. I couldn't find it and I picked up a bolt action rifle off the ground but didn't have time to pick up the ammunition which was in a bag. The bullets were actually brass screws though...

    Some of the zombies had weapons and as I was making my way around the table for cover that one zombie managed to give me a blast of buck shot that actually struck me.


    I used the table and chairs as cover as the zombie with the shotgun and a zombie with a rifle were shooting at me.

    I looped around the table and went for the ammunition bag and picked up a medium sized screw to load the bolt action rifle.

    However, the rounds wouldn't fit??

    I was sure the weapon ones would fit so I tried the small screws but they wouldn't fit either.

    The zombies eventually got us.

    And the last dream I could remember was... well, I can't quite remember it sadly.

    I do notice though is when most men appear in my dreams I am very hostile or aggressive towards them except particular males namely most men of similar race to me whom I am friendly with. I end up fighting the men that don't fit this category like I was an animal claiming that this is my territory or something... Then again I associate with the wild boar and those small guys can be quite fierce and pack massive firepower. I believe they attack mostly anything when fighting for their life even tigers. Reminds me of hmmm.. Zannin?

    Ironically wolves are predators of us wild boars... In Deathsinger, the last deathsinger has a wolf aura which seems to symbolize Zannin. Even more ironically Zannin can defeat my fierce defensive fighting style which is the way of the Rohen theoretically.

    I don't really manifest these feelings in real life though. That is maybe why most of the dream characters are women. I don't really display any actions of aggression towards any women but if they are Asian then I can feel some warmth in my soul.

    Or in another theory of mine is that most of my cells are women?

    Anyways, that was all for tonight.

    heh heh heh
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    In this dream I was dead?

    But I was not dead at the same time? I was dead sleeping? My body was hidden somewhere in the real world. I think I was in the trunk of our car right outside the hut.

    Anyways, someone woke me up.

    I awaken and most of my body was hidden under stuff besides a small hole for me head. There was this woman looking at me and was calling for me.

    She was saying that she needed me.

    She helped remove all the stuff over me and she led me into the hut.

    There was this man that was observing the hut. We made sure he didn't see us.

    When he got to the door I made sure I was hidden before I attacked the guy and I just destroyed him.

    Yeah, it seems like my subconscious views males that are not of my kind a threat to me. Sometimes though some of my kind are also labeled as threats such as my father and my other uncle strangely.

    Honestly though if I was a woman I would only be with others of my kind or similar to my kind..

    Plus there is a policy in the hut where if me or my squire boy was defending the hut everyone would join in the defense. If defense was not possible then either we escape, kill ourselves either by poison or harakiri, or let the enemy occupy us (if we were not endanger of being tortured or held captive) but we suddenly attack them when they get too comfortable.

    So the dream is kind of a mix of these thoughts.

    Anyways, the next dream was me in class that had the lights not on. I am not sure what level of school this was.

    I was sitting in a desk and my friend to my left gave me a bag of chips for us to eat. A woman beside my right also grabbed some of the chips. She was quite close to me as me and her arms rubbed into each other.

    There was a song playing on the smart board. It was 'Dong Feng Po' by Jay Chou.

    It is such a lovely but sad song.

    There were lyrics on the screen in Chinese characters and some in English characters but not in English. The song at first was going in reverse direction but not being sung backwards. The song eventually was sung the other or the correct direction for the chorus.

    I don't quite remember what else happened.

    I think I was on a bus later..?

    And later I was hiding in the basement..?

    The last dream I can remember was me, my mother, my sister, and my grandfather were going outside to fix or clean a car.

    Before we left the hut I looked downstairs to see my father sleeping down there in his makeshift room. He used to live in the basement until my mother kicked him out.

    We were outside now and while my mother, sister, and grandfather were observing the car with a woman, I was swinging around a sword performing several techniques and stances from both traditional sword fighting and from my style the way of the Rohen.

    Later I went back inside with my mother. We were in the stairwell and she gave me two lottery tickets signed by her. She wanted me to sign them and so I did. My sister eventually came back into the hut as well and my mother gave her a ticket for her to sign too.

    And that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh
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    This dream was like Final Fantasy 10.

    However, it didn't resemble the actual game besides some elements.

    We were on the world map and I was just saving the game.

    I made a save at the start of each character and just before certain major boss battles. However, this save I was making was at the end of this chapter which was the final chapter as well.

    It was kinda unfortunate since this was the chapter where the game was really opened up and I couldn't experience again if I selected this save file since it was at the end of the chapter.

    It was the 24th save I think and there was a limit of 25 saves.

    After exiting the save menu we were on an airship floating above this small island. Apparently this was the Zanarkand ruins.

    We entered the final area of the game...

    As we entered the ruined city, which didn't resemble the one in game, it wasn't before long before we fought the final boss.

    I was like what is this thing? It was a woman conjoined to something??? She was like Yunalesca.

    I was part of the battle party and sir Auron was as well. However, he was wearing a prayer shawl with a hood that was infused with his jacket and he didn't wear his sun glasses. He was using a katana, but I am not sure what are its effects.

    I was using trusty Durandal.

    It was used and functioned like a great sword similar to Auron's katana.

    There were two other guys in this battle party as well. They kinda looked like Organization 13 members from Kingdom Hearts??

    The rest of the party waited in support.

    We fought the boss for a bit until a man who was also from the same organization appeared before her. She remembered something and she was instantly defeated.

    I remarked how the battle was going to end no matter what we did. Like it was destined for her to be defeated even if we did 0 damage to her during the fight. The man would appear and she would remember something dear to her and she would vanish peacefully. Of course we could also defeat her but she would also vanish as soon as we triggered the damage threshold.

    Anyways, the locals started to come out of their hiding spots. Foreigners also arrived into the city now that it was safe.

    Auron wanted the foreigners to leave since they would be stuck in dream Zanarkand, but we couldn't do much.

    Now I was in a hospital room in Zanarkand. I was with two women from our party and there were two nurses helping or conversing with the foreigners in the room as well.

    I said something about how Zanarkand never really had a chance for people all over the world to come visit it since it was destroyed by Sin long ago. Seeing people from all corners of the world visiting Zanarkard even though it was in ruins kinda made me sad. I dunno. It was a little heart tearing seeing people being people. Now without whatever that thing was people can live again and interact with each other. It was normal now?

    I was trying to talk about this to the women without crying since it was so emotional talking about it since it made me feel sad in my soul.

    I left the room and that was all for this dream. Maybe they can finally start rebuilding Zanarkand, but since it was a dream Sin will come again to destroy it or that whatever we do in dream Zanarkand has no impact on reality.

    Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

    edit- I forgot to mention that I was using Tidus's overdrives during the boss battle. I used spiral cut but I had to do a button combo for it. I had to unwrap a scroll that had Code Vein on it and a layout of the controller on it?

    I didn't press the buttons in time on the scroll.

    I also failed to perform a button combo for another party member's overdrive. That time I was just slow.
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    No dreams as of late, but I've started a dream journal again in the hopes that I do get some. Even when I didn't have dreams, the very act of writing in the journal seemed to eventually increase how much of my dreams I remembered. Up until the point where I'd run out of space to write them down on one page even. So here's to hoping!
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    I was in Europe (I don't know why), and I noticed people were calling a particular people group "Chickens." The more they said it, the more affected I felt by it—it sounded like an ethnic slur! I asked around to find what it meant.

    I figured this out:
    Chicken —> English for animal: Gallus gallus domesticus
    Gallus —> Gallic? Galicia?
    Gallic, Galicia —> Gaul, Iberian Peninsula
    France, Spain, Western Europe.
    Chicken = Strange title for people in Western Europe who speak Romance languages?

    I'm studying Portuguese at this time, so my brain is in a highly associative mode. Maybe I went to bed hungry or something!
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    Last night, I dreamed that I was drinking water by the cooler in the downstairs back room at work. (I actually did go to work for the first time in a few months; I have a seasonal job and normally only work summers, but I got some hours over winter break.) My bosses were talking about me right by the door leading to the sales floor, and one of them said that I looked a lot smaller than she remembered. The other one said that I definitely lost weight, and there was something different with my hair. (I cut it last week, so I thought they were talking about that.)

    I clocked out and went into the elevator to get my stuff from upstairs (even though the lockers are now downstairs IRL). When I took the elevator back downstairs, the three computers at the clocking station were still there, but my coworkers were gone, and the room had changed orientations. The room looked almost grayish rather than yellowish off-white, and my former poetry writing professor was sitting by one of the computers. He told me that I got accepted into my dream university's Creative Writing MFA program.

    I've had dreams come true before, so I hope this is one of them...

    The other dreams I've had lately have either been forgotten, mundane, or horribly inappropriate.
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    In this dream the whole hut was searching for an intruder in the basement.

    It was a man and he was hidden somewhere in the basement.

    We split up into two teams. Me and the dragon queen was on team, and the other team consisted of my squire boy, my mother, my sister, and the lovely princess.

    Me and the dragon queen were armed with swords while only my squire boy was armed with a sword in the other team.

    We did my tactic where we keep constant tabs on each other. To make sure the man doesn't escape, me and the dragon queen searched near the stairwell while my squire boy's team went into the storage room.

    We both shouted clear to each other when we finished our search. My squire boy's team cut through the furnace room that went behind the laundry room. Me and the dragon queen went past the stairwell and into the front of the laundry room.

    My squire boy searched 'Hana's room' but it was clear. He also quickly searched the bathroom and there was no one in there.

    The whole basement was lit and I think I knew where the man was. He was in the laundry room somewhere.

    There was clothes hanging on a rack and I stabbed my sword through there several times. I think I went through something solid so I thrust into the clothes again with my sword.

    The man was indeed hidden behind the rack and he also had a sword.

    The lights in the basement all of a sudden weren't working anymore.

    Me and the man fought and he manged to get to the stairs. I intercepted him and we exchanged blows. However, I know a little swordsmanship under my belt. My style was meant for self defense and it was meant to kill. It can be used for sport but this style was meant for actual warfare where warfare is much more violent and has no rules compared to a sport or competition.

    I glanced a blow and managed to wound one of his arms upon a returning strike. Seizing the opportunity I quickly diverted a swing and I struck into both his legs clean. The slash was strong enough to sever both of his legs.

    He was defeated and I fed him to this horrendous alien spider.

    The spider was so horrible I have no idea what it was.

    ...And that was all I could remember for tonight.

    At least we are safe.

    heh heh heh

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    I had a dream the other night that I opened my mouth and my tongue fell out! It became detached from my mouth. It was bizarre.
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