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This is a discussion on Real Journal Excerpts?... within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Come on, we all need practice not being so inordinately afraid of letting our true colors show. Especially me, so ...

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    Real Journal Excerpts?...

    Come on, we all need practice not being so inordinately afraid of letting our true colors show. Especially me, so I'll go first. (Be careful of stalkers, though! Caution is the key, in this case.)

    ...anyone care to learn more about "what she really thinks"?

    Hmm...I'll do the one my finger finds...Ha. Very funny, finger. I won't do that one, actually. Instead, I'll take something from the opposite page:

    "...sometimes I wish people could see into my heart and realize how much I care. People can be so cold, you know, and it just hurts." Feb. 12, 2011.

    "Sometimes I find it hard to believe that many girls have the same feelings I do. It just doesn't show. Well, I guess mine don't show that well, either. I wish we'd all just open up and be ourselves, not having to worry what others will think of us, because we are being true to each other." June 12, 2011.

    "...love...has been degraded and debased to mere passion, and little true love is really seen. To love, I think, is to love unconditionally and truly forever. So many people 'love' others because they get something from them...Our sinful human love is caused mainly by the lust of the flesh, and when that's gone and there's nothing to lust after, where will the love be generated from? If that's all one has known and given, one cannot easily love again. Maybe in that lies the problems, or at least some problems, of society..." Feb. 24, 2011. (Sorry! I'm skipping around. No chronological order.)

    "It's a glorious morning out today, though it's probably very cold, and I'm full of hopes for today...and tomorrow. Have I mentioned that it has snowed? Yes, and the world is so white and beautiful..." Feb. 25, 2011.

    "My, my! It seems like all the lauded men on earth were involved in some sort of scandal or another...Even back then I guess people weren't so circumspect as they liked to appear. Music teachers falling in love with their pupils, countesses, princesses, anybody who is forbidden them...What's the attraction of a woman already claimed, one who's already vowed herself to another? If I were to want to marry, I'd want a man who has never loved a woman before, a man clean in body and soul--a virgin in all aspects, in other words. And I try to keep myself pure for him (whoever he is) also, because I know that's what God likes best, and so would he and I. I often think of my future husband. I don't imagine his striking looks, dazzling smile, or profound intelligence--though intellect is required to stimulate growth in both of us, not one of those things do I stiffly refuse to go without. All I would need is someone I love and who loves me...a true soulmate, one who can understand and sympathize with my in my entirety, especially regarding my inner self. One who can read through all my diary and understand every bit of it, even if he doesn't agree, is truly one to cherish, one to love as a true friend and helper...staunch, dependable companionship marriage provides, and the true love every noble woman desires and recognizes..." Mar. 8, 2011.
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