[INFP] Health Levels of INFP.

Health Levels of INFP.

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This is a discussion on Health Levels of INFP. within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; From 1 being INFP at their healthiest, to 10 at their worst, I hope that I'll be able to capture ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Health Levels of INFP.

    From 1 being INFP at their healthiest, to 10 at their worst, I hope that I'll be able to capture the different health level of us INFPs.

    1.) The INFP, brilliant.
    At their healthiest, the INFP is brimming with creativity and a deep seated feeling of inner emotional peace. The INFP at this level is not nervous, nor anxious, nor depressed in the least. The INFP may share his or her happiness with other people, usually with words or small actions of affections. There is a twinkle in their eyes, almost as if they're in love with someone else, but surely their heart belongs somewhere, alright: And that's that they're in love with their own lives. The INFP at this point, is able to do all the things he or she wanted to do without a moment of doubt to bring them down.

    2.) The INFP, glowing.
    The INFP is slowly reaching their optimal emotional and mental health. At this point, there exists moments of clarity in the INFP's life; where they finally realize that they are indeed good people deep down, that they deserve all the good things that the world can offer to them, and more. The INFP may urge themselves to tell the world about their newfound inner freedom to their friends and families, and even unsuspecting strangers, for at this point, the INFP feels very much outgoing and happy.

    3.) The INFP, questioning.
    The INFP, now feeling a little braver, opens up to his or herself to other people and the world in general. They may start to apply for an organization, or a school to go to, or maybe even take up traveling and classes. The INFP realizes the beauty of the world, and wants to explore it. Their artistic talents, that are so naturally embedded in the INFP, takes a turn of the better; their writing skills are sharp and remarkable, their artwork vivid in color and imaginative.

    4.) The INFP, darker.
    The INFP starts to embrace the darker side of life, much to the dissappointment of their friends and family members. They start to coo at the sight of darker colors (mostly black), gothic decorations and novels, and try to reach out to other people who may share these interests. Some people may find these nervous INFPs to be irritating, as if those INFPs try too hard to be extroverted. The INFP, never the less, is still healthy and happily moving around in life.

    5.) The INFP, neutral.
    At this point, life comes and goes in the INFP's world. Breakfast in the morning, lunch by noon, dinner at 6 PM. Go to school or work, say hello to friends and families, work until it's time to go home. Wash and repeat. The INFP at this point isn't complaining much, since things are going peacefully in their lives. But if they have to be honest with themselves and other people... they do find their own lives to be a tad boring and dull sometimes. Never the less, they carry out their own personal responsibilities without much complaint. Their interests in the darker things continue to grow stronger and stronger, until they become:

    6.) The INFP, clawing.
    Suddenly, life is becoming too boring, to the point of it hurting the INFP. They start to suffer from writer's block. They find that they suddenly cannot draw or paint as well as they normally do anymore. They feel stuck and unmotivated, turning to the life of a lazy hermit. Their bed rooms, although always a little messy from time to time, is becoming a rather dirty place due to their procasniations. Their fascination of the gothic world becomes too dark, too sinister, too morbid that it's starts to scare their loved ones. The INFP at this point becomes bored out of their minds and starts to feel depressing sinking in...

    7.) The INFP, anxious.
    Be careful what you say around this INFP, for the INFP is extremely sensitive and brooding. The INFP, although not yet hitting the point of self-abuse, may start to write in a journal about their depressive thoughts. They may start to get angry at themselves and the world, and start to feel like they are freaks of nature, or aliens not belonging in this world. They start to feel very anxious, biting their nails or fearing that other people are conspiring against them. They start to think terrible things about themselves. "I'm so ugly. I'm so stupid. Why don't I just die already?"

    8.) The INFP, sinister.
    The INFP starts to preoccupy themselves with thoughts of death in general. Suicide, murder, natural causes of death, blood... what ever it is that has to do with death. They may start researching this "death" subject. They become more insecure in their own skin, and start writing more hateful material wherever they can find their hands on- papers, walls, journals. At this point, the INFP needs professional help, for they start to battle with extreme levels of depression and anxiety.

    9.) The INFP, fading.
    This is where self-abuse comes in. Alcohol, drugs, cutting themselves, partaking in promiscious sex, and even going against other people becomes normal for the INFP at this low point. Thoughts of suicide starts to consume the once happy INFP. They are convinced that death is the answer to their problems.

    10.) The INFP, dead.
    Whether it is on the inside or, God forbid, outside... The INFP starts dying. They begin to plan and prepare for their leaving of this world. Whether it is to turn a life of heavy drug use, or in the infamous case of Columbine high school massacre done by INFP Dylan Klebold (alongside with his friend, Eric Harris.), the INFP is set for suicide. They may or may not take others with them, but in most cases, the INFP would like to die on their own. Such action is normal for the introverted individual; doing everything by themselves.
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    Unknown Personality

    Oh! And: Where do you think you fall at, right now at this point in your life?

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    from 5 to 8, though lack of cutting.

    I'm somewhere within that range, hoping to be healthy, but it's a bit hard some of the time... well most of the time. of course it could be chemical imbalance. or it could be the proper release to real world circumstances. or some ratio concerning both. I dunno. but as i progress with age solitude and the night time seem to fuel me, if not actively make me want to seek out the following day without a thought of what it might hold for me. and why am i even bothering to type this out... who knows, don't care, great thread by the way. it should be something every infp, or maybe every nf should consider looking at to gauge where they are at.

    edit: 5 -9, concerning drug abuse with lack of promiscuous sex. i cannot deny that at points death seems the pivotal point to everlasting happiness, but i am also realistic in wanting to see what the future awaits. you can construe it as infp limbo. death is not the answer, and it shouldn't be rushed. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO OFF THEMSELVES JUST TO BE HAPPY OR TO RID BAGGAGE. anyhow, i cannot say that i haven't flirted with the darker aspects of my personality without outright lying to myself. so there it is. peace and love y'all.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I think i fall somewhere in between 5.The INFP, neutral. 6.The INFP, clawing.

    I can relate to 7. The INFP, anxious., but only during parties, family reunions, etc.

    good post.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Thanks for posting this! I think I'm at a 2-3.
    I'm definitely putting this in my journal for motivation and maybe it will help others too.
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    Unknown Personality

    These days.... 5. A few times, I might suddenly drop all the way to level 8, tilting towards 9 with the thoughs of suicide thing. It only lasts several minutes, though... and then I'm back to 5.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Recently I've been between 4 and 6. I'm mostly stable, but I do have regular depressive days and a lot of negative thoughts. This is considered pretty good for me. I don't think I've ever been above a 3.

    I've been as low as 9 at various times in my life and you've captured the stage really well. It's an extremely dark, terrifying place.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by zen0202 View Post
    Thanks for posting this! I think I'm at a 2-3.
    I'm definitely putting this in my journal for motivation and maybe it will help others too.
    teach me...
    seriously thats awesome though..
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    I'm at level eight at the moment.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm at 5 or 6 as well. Although some days I can be 2 or 3.
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