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This is a discussion on "Dumb" within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Your personality has nothing to do with whether you're fast as rocket or slow as brick....

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Your personality has nothing to do with whether you're fast as rocket or slow as brick.

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    I somehow manage to be the top of my school but I am so easily confused and spacey and get lost on the way to my classroom on a regular basis! (/TT-TT)/ \(TT-TT)/ \(TT-TT\)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PastelBunny View Post
    I somehow manage to be the top of my school but I am SO EASILY CONFUSED AND SPACEY AND GET LOST ON THE WAY TO MY CLASSROOM ON A REGULAR BASIS. (/TT-TT)/ \(TT-TT)/ \(TT-TT\)
    Mam, this is the emoji police – do you know why I pulled you over today?
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    Why? What did I do wrong emoji police??? *cries in corner* NO I can't go to jail!
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    I'm pretty dumb, both in the original sense of the word and in the sense that I feel like I'm often intellectually weaker than most people I know.

    The thing is I often find myself with "nothing to say" (which is actually what the word dumb originally meant I believe). Sometimes I'll be around people and they'll be having a conversation, and I often just have no idea what to say. They might be talking about something I know nothing about and if I know nothing, I don't want to say anything cause I'm afraid I'll end up looking stupid. I also find with people (especially in my Skype groups I'm a part of), that they'll take the conversation to a "higher level" so to speak. I often feel like I'm not worthy, or I'm not smart enough to contribute anything of value to the conversation, because I am genuinely afraid of looking like a moron.

    The reason why I think I'm intellectually weaker is because I have a hard time learning things. I'm slow as hell, and the best way for me to learn is by doing (ie I'm a tactile learner). I can't read about something, I can't have you explain it to me, you can show it to me and it won't even register. But even when I 'learn by doing' it still takes me an extremely long time to grasp much of anything. My reading comprehension is horrible at best, and my attention span is that of a five year old who drank too much Mountain Dew.

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