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This is a discussion on Favorite nonfiction within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; What kind of nonfiction do you read? What types do you like and dislike? I read self help, learning languages, ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Favorite nonfiction

    What kind of nonfiction do you read?

    What types do you like and dislike?

    I read self help, learning languages, art, or social issue based nonfiction. Always had an interest in theory or principle based nonfiction vs. books focusing on long detailed facts about historical events.
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    I mostly just read true crime if I'm venturing into nonfiction. Within that, I tend to gravitate towards material featuring serial killers, although I enjoyed Columbine a lot.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I read a lot of biographies, as well as books on psychology, philosophy, religions/cultures, and history.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Concerning the Spiritual In Art by Wassily Kandinsky is a great non-fiction book. A bit difficult to understand, but I'd say that he's pretty good at articulating his abstract thoughts (and this guy gets deep). I could even post a little excerpt from it if anyone is interested.
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    Enneagram books!! Haha.

    I like memoirs and biographies. Ruth Reichl is always good. The Glass Castle is a book I enjoy.

    I love Irvin D. Yalom's writings on psychotherapy and existentialism.

    An Unquiet Mind is a lovely memoir.

    Various psychology texts. Things about human relations, even ones I think are part BS are interesting in their way.

    Right now I'm reading some Sartre and Nietzsche, and Jung's compiled works.

    I love Black Boy by Richard Wright, that's a great book, I am fairly sure he's a four. I prefer it to the fiction counterpart, Native Son.

    I like Augusten Burrough's memoirs even though in the end they kind of depressed me. As a young teen I romanticized his aimless wandering, now it makes me sad as I see he was running away from a good life in many ways...

    Oh, Jane Goodall's books on her years with the chimps at Gombe are excellent!
    Books on animal psychology.

    I've also been reading the Dali Lama's various texts, and other religious/spirtitual texts. I really liked the Dali Lama's text on something along the lines of, how to be a happy person or the like.

    And, cheesy chick lit (the authors hate that term but whatever), I liked Eat, Pray, Love and I like the Italian Affair by Laura Fraser.

    Biographies-- Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg, Kurt Cobain, it's all pretty fascinating.

    That's all I got right now.

    I don't like non-fiction that so desperately tries to make it's point it looks like dogma. Other than that, I'm ok with it. Oh, and I don't like those non-fiction memoirs or books they churn out to be best-sellers by aging porn stars or chefs on the cooking channel. No one cares.
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    I love reading books on spirituality, philosophy, self help, and archaeology. Some of my favorites include Time and The Soul, King Warrior Magician Lover, Supernatural, Fingerprints of the Gods, Wild At Heart, Iron John, The Shaman And Ayuahasca, and The Message of the Sphinx.

    I also love reading biographies and auto-biographies of people who have done extraordinary things. Most notably:
    1. The River of Doubt(Teddy Roosevelt adventures down an unknown river in the Amazon jungle and nearly dies while facing hostile natives, brutal jungle conditions, lack of surplise, disease, and murder.),
    2. We Die Alone(an expatriate Norwegian commando survives a nazi amush that kills his whole team and must escape occupied Norway amidst the freezing conditions of the arctic, and the nazis in hot pursuit.)
    3. Please Kill Me, The Uncensored Oral History of Punk(Raw unedited interviews of the people who created the scene, from New York in the late 50's, to Detroit in the 60's and back to the New York, and London scenes of the 70's. You hear it all, from the ones who were there. Rare interviews from Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Any Warhol, The Ramones and Sid and Nancy themselves.)
    4. Miles (Miles Davis telling it how it was then and how it is now. He holds nothing back and writes as if he's talking to you one on one. He talks about music, his drug addictions, the women in his life, and makes no bones about any of it.)
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Guns, Germs and Steel - Jared Diamond
    Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
    Mating in Captivity - Esther Perel
    Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely
    Deep Survival: How Lives, Who Dies and Why - Laurence Gonzales

    I like non-fiction that gives me another way to view the human condition.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    PICTURE BOOKS! I love books that are mainly photos of just about anything: nature, architecture, art, other places in the world...

    I'm interested in a wide range of non-fiction, however I usually don't manage to persevere through an entire book of it. While fascinating, I find it too easy to put down after a chapter and never get around to picking it up again.

    I'm perhaps most drawn to books about culture/society/psychology - current times, historical, or other countries, also archaeology
    Science and nature are also interesting to me, particularly animals/ecosystems, space, physics (chemistry and internal biology not as much)
    Philosophy and theology
    How-to books are interesting as well, since I enjoy a lot of different kinds of crafts and value old-fashioned hand-made things

    I've never really been interested in biographies.

    Let me try to think of some of the books I have on my shelf upstairs....
    An Experiment in Criticism - what reading is really about! I love C.S. Lewis
    Zamba - about a lion, I always wanted a pet lion as a kid
    In Defense of Food - loved this! say no to food-like products
    This is Your Brain on Music - very interesting, helped me identify some things I hadn't been able to describe properly before
    The Tao of Pooh - cute and some good thoughts
    In Praise of Slowness - YES!
    The Homework Myth - this got me riled up while being theraputic at the same time, if you hated school, you'll love this!
    The Cuddle Sutra - so adorable, all INFPs should have this! hehe
    The Snowflake - beautifull images
    Prehistoric Britain From the Air - again, great photos with some info
    Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin - fascinating! we actually do neeeeeeed hugs
    The Dirt on Clean - history of bathing
    National Audubon Society Field Guide to Wildflowers - helpfull with my photography
    The Elegant Universe - interesting, although I didn't get too far in
    The Wild Trees - Redwoods are awesome! this gave me ideas for other worlds :D
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    Philosophy, psychology, biology and other natural sciences. Sometimes politics, but mainly through internet. Currently cramming through Dawkins' The Selfish Gene; very interesting book. Can't wait how it ends and why was Gene so selfish lol.

    Dislike subjects that don't have that interest magnet property on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelthwyn View Post
    PICTURE BOOKS! I love books that are mainly photos of just about anything: nature, architecture, art, other places in the world...
    I think you'd love a book on collected works by Alphonse Mucha. I bet there are several out there, but my mum has one and it's fabulous! Can't remember the name though.
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