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What Are Your Honest Opinions on INFP's?

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This is a discussion on What Are Your Honest Opinions on INFP's? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I know 4 in real life :) And they rock my world! Enough for one to be a very good ...

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    I know 4 in real life :)
    And they rock my world!

    Enough for one to be a very good friend of mine :)
    She's so funny and we can't stop laughing around one another!

    I'm even going on a date with one this Saturday!
    So the ones I know have been great :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I know two INFP males. Both seem a little flaky in terms of getting things done.

    I love their dreamlike qualities and artistic points of view.

    If they get emotional, I can usually console them with a mix of empathy and rationality.

    If they open up and show you a fantasy or a memory, it is magical.

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    INFP. Insecure. Negative. Forgettable. Pathetic. Probably the worst type. I can't stand them. So whiny, emotional, helpless. Ugh. makes me sick. SO depressing, immature, can't think logically AT ALL, awkward as all hell socially, I really feel sorry for them. If I could push an NF off a cliff, you bet it'd be INFP. Too bad they aren;t like lemmings and they'd just walk off on their own. Ohhh and their subforum is one giant cesspool. Worst forum on PerC EVER.

    LOL JK JK YOU GUYS RULE!!! So uhhh pretty much the complete opposite of everything I said above haha. Here, have some icecream INFPs, you deserve it!

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    Don't want to offend anyone but they are really annoying... way too sensitive and are forever stuck in the "teenage girl" phase. Maybe mature INFPs aren't that way, but so far, that's my opinion on them.

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    What do I think of myself? I would never date someone like me. LOL! On a more serious note, one of my closest friend is typed as an INFP. They are wonderful as friends because we spend hours day dreaming about things together and are always supportive in whatever crazy ideas I come up with. They will actually do them with me! What I dislike is how slow moving INFP's can be. Sometimes I would like to get things done by a certain time and he takes his sweet time and tells me to calm down...

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    I really don't know. I know quite a bunch of INFPs. My sister is hot and cold - when she's warm, she's really warm, but she can definitely throw me under the bus if she feels a slight bit conflicted and just invalidates me emotionally. She runs away from conflicts, but I thrive with conflict as it is a chance for us to come to an understanding and grow. My boyfriend is one, and he's very warm in nature. He feels internally conflicted and sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of people around him, but we have a great way of talking and supporting each other. He too runs from conflict, but he comes back and talks it out. Another friend of mine is all about authenticity - there is a novelty in being different. They're all different shades of cool, but you really don't want to hurt these soft souls or hard son of a banshee.

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