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What movie did you last watch?

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    INFP - The Idealists

    The John Frankenheimer film, Seconds.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    For those who like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind consider viewing this 2018 film: Starfish.

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    "My Name Is Joe" 1998

    (Peter MullAn you are a fantastic actor). Hector/Mum, et al.
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    Shane (1952)
    It was on tv.

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    (Copied and pasted from where I typed it out elsewhere)
    Basically I watched Joker and have a bit of ramble on it. Will contains SPOILERS.

    Now first off, I don't watch DC or Marvel and am entirely ignorant about what goes on in those franchises. I don't know much about superhero movies nor am I hugely interested in the big heavy, overdramatic action scenes that accompany them. That being said, I was hooked by the teaser trailer shown in The Joker many months ago so I decided to watch it and it did not disappoint.

    Now the majority going into the movie are aware of the basic premise. A seemingly awkward loner who deals with mental illness and largely because the lack of support given to by society, it ultimately pushes him over the edge into the depths of insanity- giving birth to eventually the being known as The Joker. It would appear though that this film is largely stand-alone, which I agree with that decision. This Joker is not meant to necessarily represent the sadism and genius mind of previous incarnations of The Joker. An origin story yes, but from my perspective a man's descent into darkness and how it demonstrates that it is possible for any man to descend like he did given the right circumstances.
    All throughout the movie, I saw a lot of Arthur in myself. Especially knowing before that FunkyMBTI had typed him as an INFP (though I did not see her justifications why), so already there is that sort of understanding going into the movie. Generally previous incarnations of the Joker have been agreed by others to have been ENTP. Arthur I also believe is an enneagram 4, dwelling constantly in his negative emotions and seeing how much it encompasses his entire life as a tragedy, fixating on it in feeding his sense of individuality as a man who is misunderstood, alienated from the rest of society.

    Now, also going into the film, I knew it was controversial. I had heard stories of policeman being stationed outside some cinemas in America. How the media feared it was a movie that would incite violence, an issue that is heavily prevalent today given things such as the Hong Kong riots going on. Anyways, I was quite curious in what all the fuss was about.

    Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, seeing his sign being stolen and getting beaten by those kids, I had already felt an emotional connection towards this character as the 'underdog'. It sets up the type of environment Gotham is, demonstrating how desperate Arthur needs some employment. The movie itself discusses a whole lot about how things that differiate from the norm is considered a threat to the establishment, and thus such people are ostracised and isolated. Arthur having a laughing disorder, is often unable to control a lot of his 'odd behaviour'. To combat his depression, he tries to find meaning in 'bringing joy to the world' through being an entertaining and it is during such moments that Arthur is forced to put on a facade of joy to entertain others. Yet Arthur deep inside feels like it is not truly an expression of who he is as a person. He is someone who is tired of his voice not being heard by the world, constantly being dismissed and not listened to, having to simply be a 'nobody'. And that is primarily what drives his quest for fame and attention. He wants to express himself without restraint. Now of course when we live in a system full of external rules imposed onto other people, freedom of expression can be viewed as a threat because it can lead to anarchy. Specifically in seeing the riots express themselves via anger and violent actions, whilst they feel the autonomy to be authentic, it leads to chaos.

    Now This Joker is motivated out of a vendetta against the world, a contrast to previous incarnations who often viewed the world as a place for dissection to gain insight into human nature. Arthur through the series of tragic events in the movie, had his identity essentially fractured, broken apart- seeing the 'badness' of people, even those whom he previously trusted i.e. his mother. The Joker states that he is not out there to cause a revolution, however in The Joker persona, he feels free to express himself in a way which allows his own personal voice to be heard, which is again why he enjoys the attention.

    Now he turns tragedy--->comedy. His descent into nihilism, seeing that there is nothing stable in this ever-changing world that truths one previously believed could be overturned so easily. Arthur had defined his life as full of 'negative thoughts'. As the Joker, he gives up his sense of idealism for the world, instead feeling empowered in choosing to essentially not be controlled by anything, especially the system which he had previously felt oppressed under. The Joker in doing so tries to distance himself from a system of morality, his detachment from reality allowing himself to care little about the consequences of his actions. He doesn't care anymore about them anymore so nothing truly matters. We get a deep insight into the thought processes that ultimately allows him to rationalise his actions.

    Now, why the media in reaction to the movie feel challenged, from my research because they don't want people to put the finger on them in the blame of playing a tremendous role in creating an environment which causes those to turn to crime. And to some extent, that point has some validity to it. Mental health has grown through the years as a prominent issue to express and yet in many governments throughout the world, they are struggling to come up with a way to face this issue. Murray and Wayne is many ways essentially an embodiment of the American Dream, being in a position of power, fame and influence with much wealth. Arthur throughout the movie emphasises the sense of not being seen or heard. Could those rich people imagine the lives on those on the other end of the spectrum? The suffering they are currently going through? Or rather do they view them as 'pests'? Scum? Clowns? Arthur says something like no one every think about "what it's like to be the other man". The Joker thus in my opinion, rather than a movie which deliberately chooses to incite violence, is a movie that encourages us as humans to show empathy in trying to understand the personal narratives of people, especially those who are different from us. It encourages a message of the idea that through providing a safe environment in which a person feels support, that it is a step in combatting a lot of anger we have as people, in addition to mental illness. As Arthur feels the loss of support networks all throughout the film, he falls deeper into madness.

    There are many elements to it such as the idea of fantasy vs reality which I won't really go into for the points mentioned above took high precedence in my mind compared to that. All throughout yesterday I was watching videos and YouTube, reading news article on the movie. So all these thoughts put here are an amalgamation of different ideas from different people that ultimately are inline with my personal perception and what I gained from watching it. Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job in conveying a character whom whilst displays potential of kindness and generosity within him, ultimately still provides a vibe of unsettledness which as we observe his journey is something he becomes more comfortable with.

    Overall I rate this film 9-9.5/10 and the best movie watched this year (not that I watch many films in general) largely appealing to me because of the not only in personally engaging me into it as an audience members but also because of how thought provoking it is. Those are basically my thoughts on the movie.

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    i liked the vibe and acting, plot wasn't that great tho

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    I watched Chappie today. Expected I Robot, got Die Antwoord: The Movie. And this was okay.

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    Interstellar for the 20th got dang time, still cry at the end like clockwork.
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    Skyscraper... Reminded me of Die Hard a bit... Looked good but I wasn't able to finish watching it because I had to set off for work... lol

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