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What movie did you last watch?

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This is a discussion on What movie did you last watch? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Never Let Me Go, great dystopian movie, sentimental, emotional, introverted, much Fi, so subtly sci-fi <3...

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    Never Let Me Go, great dystopian movie, sentimental, emotional, introverted, much Fi, so subtly sci-fi <3

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    The last one I watched was Breakfast at tiffany's. The poster (with audrey Hepburn, of course) had been a decoration in my room for years and I never actually got around to watching it, until today that is.
    It turned out to be a very charming film and if you're in the mood for that 'oldschool feeling', I would definitely recommend this one! :)

    Also not too long ago, I watched coherence (2013). I really liked the theme of that one. It's basically a sci-fi/thriller with a dash of parallel universes. (which can feel a little confusing at times, but I just love it anyways). It's kind of similar to triangle and primer, maybe you've watched those before.

    I'm really enjoying reading this thread. Keep those recommendations coming! ;)

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    Thor. I'll be watching the second one soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nichya View Post
    Never Let Me Go, great dystopian movie, sentimental, emotional, introverted, much Fi, so subtly sci-fi <3

    Does it come close to the book?

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    Last I rewatched the prisoner of Azkaban but before that I watched Låt den rätte komma in which was pretty awesome albeit also disturbing in many ways.
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    2001: A Space Odyssey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meltedsorbet View Post
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Oh gosh this "movie". How did you find it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowbell View Post
    Oh gosh this "movie". How did you find it?
    I found it interesting. I liked the music and aesthetics and it also got me thinking a little about projection and perception. I watched a video that talked about the idea that the monolith was supposed to be a screen that was projected on like a TV screen. I suppose it captures information about life forms by the way they project onto it? Onto the 'alien'? Whether it's in pursuit of knowledge about the unknown (such as the ending) or perhaps fear and aggression towards it? IDK. It seemed at the end, attempting to perceive it was like perceiving one's self? Perceiving one's own projections of the self?

    So I thought it was interesting. Can't say I understood it too well. I can see it being the type of story that someone could go back to and read into differently every time they watch it.
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    Battle of Britain with @Macona . They really don't make films like it anymore.

    AND OMG IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! And extremely sad.... I probably would not have watched it If I had known how sad it was. But I am glad I did watch it, because it is probably one of my favorite movies now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adonnus View Post
    Shutter Island. It's pretty trippy and creepy, both of which are just nice for a thriller film. I liked the atmosphere but the first time I watched it it didn't make any sense to me, so this time I saw it with subtitles and paid close attention. Worth it, it's a pretty good film.
    Oh man. Wish I could "un"-watch that one. Minor spoiler alert!!! ....I actually loved most of that movie but here's the thing... as a father, the part about his kids upset me for DAYS. That's one of those movies we own because we got it as a gift, but I'd never watch it again because of that part. It still makes me sad to think of that one part and it's literally been years since I saw it.

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