[INFP] What movie did you last watch?

What movie did you last watch?

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This is a discussion on What movie did you last watch? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I think that such a topic could motivate me more for watching movies, and i'm actually very curious what you ...

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    What movie did you last watch?

    I think that such a topic could motivate me more for watching movies, and i'm actually very curious what you guys and women watch a lot? So if you watched a movie, tell more about it in this topic. Did you like it? Was there something remarkable? Did you liked the acting performances? Did you like the story. Don't forget to put plot lines in a spoiler (or if you want to spoil something).

    I last watched You're Next. It's my third Adam Wingard movie. I like that guy (good director!). The Guest was a very good movie. I also liked Pop Skull (that's really a depressing movie). You're Next is a horror and more nuanced than other horrors (that aren't subtle/subtile). Although of course it is not something you would take very seriously (but tbh all horror movies aren't serious) but I like Wingard's style.

    Aside from that movie, i didn't watch many movies last month. I watched and disliked Divergent. Next movie is going to be Room, but i'm not sure if i will watch it today.
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    Alice Through the Looking Glass.

    Seeing Hunt for the Wilderpeople tonight, and also want to see Money Monster and Now You See Me 2.

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    I watched 'How to be single' last night.
    And going to watch 'London has fallen' tonight.

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    Captain America: Civil War. I'm not really a movie person though. I just mainly check out comic book movies since I love superheros. I'm really excited for Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange later this year. As for the movie, I thought it was absolutely fantastic~.

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    It's been a while.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Princess Arete (or something like that) on netflix. despite only being in japanese so I had to read the subtitles which I find annoying to keep up with, it was really a charming little story, slow paced, but I liked the animation and everything.
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    I last watched The Martian, the Matt Damon film. I'm biased being a space nerd and a huge sci fi fan, but I think it is just a well made film, funny, engaging, with a protagonist its easy to identify with. I'd recommend it.
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    Shutter Island. It's pretty trippy and creepy, both of which are just nice for a thriller film. I liked the atmosphere but the first time I watched it it didn't make any sense to me, so this time I saw it with subtitles and paid close attention. Worth it, it's a pretty good film.
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    We're the Millers

    I strongly recommend it; its hilarious
    The movie is about a Drug Dealer who is robbed of $45,000 and then forced to go to Mexico to steal drugs for his boss to repay him.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Miles Ahead. It is about Miles Davis and Don Cheadle plays him. I liked it ok. Not the best movie I have seen and not the worst. I don't see many movies.
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