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Unemployed, depressed INFP seeks advice from fellow INFPS (or any Introverts)

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This is a discussion on Unemployed, depressed INFP seeks advice from fellow INFPS (or any Introverts) within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by g_w See if you can find contractor / part time gigs. Also some graphic design (depending on ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by g_w View Post
    See if you can find contractor / part time gigs.
    Also some graphic design (depending on what you're talking about) might be something you can do remotely -- web-based probably, physical storyboards no.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Does your college/university have an alumni center or job placement service? Or were there any internship opportunities listed on the departmental bulletin boards?

    Check with local churches or civic organizations, maybe even non-profits. See if you can do informational interviews, or offer to intern.
    This will give you experience and contacts, and will help by showing something relevant on your resume.

    See if you can find receptionist/admin where you have to help update customer lists online or something a wee-bit-closer to graphic design than a sales rep. (Shudders.) I don't think most INFPs were cut out to be sale people.

    Best wishes!

    One other idea, off the wall, and ABSOLUTELY not meaning to pry.
    Is there any possibility your husband could re-enlist, and get a signing bonus? I have heard that some parts of the Armed Forces are really trying to reduce turnover. (OTOH, some branches are trying to cut out all mid-level personnel so there are large reductions-in-force...I don't know which situation you're in.)
    Or, is there the possibility of your husband being reassigned to a new duty area where the job prospects are better for you?


    Best wishes!
    Checking with non profits and churches is something I haven't thought of. I would really love doing that too especially if it was for a cause I care about. I definitely want to get involved with volunteering. I should check my university's job board again too, it's been awhile. I definitely will search for a receptionist kind of job soon if I can't find something in graphic design. I've worked as a receptionist several times so if all else fails that would be better than most other jobs I could get. My husband just signed the papers to officially get out of the military and he's working at the same base for the next year. It's been kind of a nightmare for him since he joined. He's planning to use his GI bill to go to college so the only thing we need is for me to be making enough money, hence my freaking out about finding a job that will provide for us. Worst case he could get a civilian job in his trade but he hates what he does. Plus he has the opportunity to go to college for free!! I don't want him to miss out on that because I couldn't find a job. But thanks for the advice, I hadn't thought of a couple of those things. I appreciate it!

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    @jemicu sounds like you found some inspiration and motivation! yay I am glad! You are right it about all that job stuff it will work it self out not to worry at all. Its hard to keep going in a career you are not really passionate about that is totally true, I hope your husband gets that job he wants to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueChristmas06 View Post
    @jemicu Sorry to hear you're going through this. I'm in a similar position myself. And I'm someone who worked at both a bookstore and a grocery store as well as direct sales in the past. I got suspended about a month ago and shits all tied up with the union, so I'm kind of in limbo right now with work. Alot of other shit hit me at the same time too though, like a 3 day span and everything just went to complete shit. At the same time, it's a nice break because my job at the grocery store was very draining on me. I think I've been depressed for a while now because of it.

    Here's what I'd recommend: Give yourself a set time limit, a few days, maybe a week if you really need it and can afford it. And don't even think about work or jobs, just take care of yourself. It's alright to be pissed off, to cry, to do nothing, to be miserable and angry and sad. Eat whatever you want, sleep in, indulge in whatever. But after that set date, start focusing on finding work. Basically it just gets everything out of your system at once, or that's the idea of it anyways.

    Have you looked into online work? Freelancing? Survey taking? Aside from that I'd say maybe try getting into sales. It's a tough business, but it will push you, and that's always good. Plus, if you're good at it, future employers will recognize your success since it's so hard to succeed in sales. The other option is look into selling stuff on ebay or craiglist. Or maybe take the free time to learn a teachable skill like coding or photoshop. You'd have more opportunities with freelance stuff with that. Also, if you ever wanted to try working from home and start your own blog, you could use your knowledge of coding to help you with that as well.

    And keep studying graphic design. Keep improving yourself. You have the edge now that you have more time on your hands. Use it to become more of a competitive threat to the others in your field.

    Stay strong, and goodluck.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with all of that. I hope you find another job soon! Oh teaching classes is something I haven't seriously thought of, I'm going to think about what I could teach and maybe trying to upload some online classes. I really like using Skillshare so I'm going to get on there this week and start going through some more classes. I appreciate the advice and encouragement, and good look to you too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiz View Post
    I'm in the graphic field, so I may be able to offer you some advice. There are endless possibilities for careers if you just think outside the box. For instance yesterday I had this idea of teaming up with one of my mates that knows Chinese. Given that Chinese prices are approx 1/10 of the prices in my home country you can offer business cards, pens, t shirts and various profiling materials etc. with 1000% provision.

    Create artwork and sell prints on various websites.

    Create content to stock-sites and create icons, photos etc.

    Learn to create web-sites and take a monthly service-fee for a stable and reliable income. If you're alone you can offer competitive prices and target small businesses (more service-work).

    Hold software courses, social media courses, etc.

    Learn google adwords and help small businesses set up their online advertisements.

    Target the private market. Wedding invitations, thank you cards, club posters etc.

    Look for teamwork and relationships within the creative field. Being a designer that can consult and refer customers to other professionals like photographers, web-designers, etc. is key. Take charge.

    Guide customers to what they need. Help them find out that they need the products you deliver. Most people don't know they even need a website until someone tells them. Same with business cards, folders, rollups, etc. Educate and guide your clients. You're a professional, and your advice is important knowledge.

    Learn to write so you can offer to write press releases, slogans, visions etc. Customer often don't think they need writing services, but they do. If you can combine writing skills with search engine theory it's even better.

    Get good prices and deals with printing companies etc. so you can charge your customers with provision.

    Learn to set up e-books, and even write an e-book.

    Early on take the role of art director where you can charge customers for administering projects even if you do no graphical work. Be the person they call when they need a company movie, even if you don't make movies.

    Move abroad. Living costs are cheaper in many countries, which means you can do half the work and live for less. If I moved to Poland and charged west-european prices to west-european clients, I'd have a 4 month wage for 20 hours of work.

    And remember the possibilities are endless.

    I've worked for a graphic design company for 5 years now. And I want to start on my own. Experience was important, but working 9-5 with graphic design is very stressful.

    Believe me, as an NF I'd advice you to not just wait for an opportunity to arise. Creating them will give you confidence, not just drifting along helplessly hoping for some job to appear, because then you'll never be happy as the only way to create the work environment you want is to do it yourself.

    The reason why "no one wants what you have to offer" is because they don't know what you offer, or they don't know the importance of what you have to offer. Tell them.
    Thank you for all these ideas! I'm making a list of all these and what everyone else has been recommending. I really appreciate this. Thanks for taking the time to write all of these ideas out! I hadn't thought about how stressful most graphic design jobs are, I know working as an art editor in college made me almost loose my mind, but then again I said yes to too many things at once back then. I really do want to be a freelancer still so thanks for sharing all these sources of income. I hadn't thought of a lot of these before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlyeight View Post
    @jemicu sounds like you found some inspiration and motivation! yay I am glad! You are right it about all that job stuff it will work it self out not to worry at all. Its hard to keep going in a career you are not really passionate about that is totally true, I hope your husband gets that job he wants to do.

    Thank you! I definitely have and feel a lot better about everything. I really appreciate what you and everyone else has shared and am thankful for this online community. And thanks, I really hope he does too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jemicu View Post
    Thank you! I really appreciate the advice and sympathy a lot. I'll keep that in mind about getting your foot in the door. If I need to I should be able to get a job as a receptionist, I've worked for several companies as one. Doing that kind of job gave me a lot anxiety, but it was a lot more bearable than other customer service jobs. But I'm going to get in touch with graphic design companies again and let them know I'm looking for work, maybe one of them will need someone in admin or something like that if not a designer. Thank you for the encouragement, it really lifted my spirits.
    Oh, that's a great idea with the receptionist role! Especially since you have some experience with it. I'm so glad I could help and lift your spirits! Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jemicu View Post
    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post. I've been reading threads on personality cafe for awhile now, and decided to join so I could connect with you all. I really don't know other INFP's, but my husband is INFJ/INTJ (he likes to say that he is INFJ with me and INTJ with everyone else lol). The reason for starting this thread, is I am an unemployed, depressed INFP. From what I've read, my situation doesn't seem to be that unique among INFP's. I graduated from college in 2014, and since then have been jumping from job to job, each one making me more miserable than the last. I studied Studio Art/Graphic Design in college, but have been unable to find a job in graphic design past an internship. I tried freelance for awhile, but it really didn't go so well and I need a consistent paycheck. My husband is getting out of the military in a year, which we are both happy about, but I really need a job as we have a lot of debt and we don't know what's going to happen with him finding work.

    Besides the internship, the other jobs I've taken include customer service working in food service, receptionist, and as a rep for direct tv. These jobs have all been totally wrong for me, but of all of the hundreds of applications I've put in I really haven't gotten any better options. I did get a couple graphic design opportunities while trying to make it as a freelancer, and I regret not taking those now, as I might would have a good job now. I interviewed for a few really good jobs, but they always said they were choosing someone with more experience. I worked so hard in college and also worked two part time jobs as an art editor and graphic artist while going through college. I'm so sad that I can't find anything.

    I don't know what to do, I've still been applying for graphic design jobs, because I'm not qualified to do much else. The opportunities are scarce and I'm worried that I won't be able to get a job in my field because it's been so long since I graduated. I'm wondering if I should try to go back to school, but that would just add on more debt. And I don't want to go back to a customer service job. I quit all those jobs because they made me so unhappy, I used to nearly cry every day. I just wanted to die, I know that's dramatic but I was that upset, all the time. In most cases my husband had to talk me into quitting still, because I really do hate quitting anything. I'm still depressed now because I feel like there's just not a place for me, at least not in this city. I feel like no one wants what I have to offer. What should I do?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated whether it's for career, or just being able to cope in the real world as an INFP!

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