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This is a discussion on October Challenge within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Fuck. I haven't done anything on my list. I'll blame it on being overworked......

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    Fuck. I haven't done anything on my list. I'll blame it on being overworked...
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    INFP - The Idealists

    hrm... I have totally failed with some, but succeeded with some, and somewhere between with the rest:

    - list-schedulething with very detailed routines started out well, but have deteriorated the last week, evening routines are more difficult than morning-routines, week routines have been very helpful.

    - do a spiderweb-scarf Not started, but there's still a week...

    - I have to make a house for my cat started, gathered some more wood, sawing indoors haha, but still quite a bit to do, we'll see if I will succeed in finishing it. Still need some insulation, and the planned roof was too small, so need something waterproof for that too.

    - Go outside for a walk every day, even if short. Almost succeeded with this, I think except two days.

    - Work quite a lot. Failed...

    -Study maths some, but not as much as I ought to, still some time though.

    -Try to be a bit social with the people moving in with us this month. This I have done quite a lot, common meals, games, walks, talks, has been tiring but nice.

    -New fabric for an armchair. Not much, I spent two hours or so on it, metalwiring the springs together etc. still a lot to do, and not sure I have enough of strong fabrics.

    - Paint or draw some each week, nothing big, just to my own amusement. Failed...

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    I guess get back to using Fi more:
    -Do more sacred life sustaining work like washing dishes.
    -Write down my manifesto.
    -Find help.
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    I'm 20 days late but I really want to get through the end of this month without falling into another deep depressive state, so that means occupying myself with more constructive means of well-being, mainly that being reading.

    I just picked up a copy of Tolkien's "The Return of the Shadow" since the header on the book listed "History [...] Part 1", but after checking Goodreads, found out that it's actually the 6th book in a series on the History of the Middle Earth, but fuck it, I think I'll be alright since it's still a Part 1 about something!

    I also want to talk more to strangers. I had a nice conversation with someone in class yesterday, and the day before that. I want to branch out of my comfort zone a bit more.
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    So we're in the last stretch of October, for the most part. I have accomplished some of my goals and let others slip by.

    Looking at my face painting of animals, I wondered about how I take care of myself as an animal. I think probably not very well.

    Eh--I just remembered a dream I had years ago, in which there was a tiger in a cage and it was rawring and I was nervous it would get out.

    So the last stretch, in accordance with previous themes of physical care, is a focus on the animalistic qualities of myself--instincts, physical needs, basic animal and social needs from a more objective standpoint (understanding, impersonally, the needs of a species). It's Halloween soon, so this will dovetail in with the dressing up as I can literally dress up and pretend to be an animal, which maybe helps the meditation.

    Also thinking about 'decay' and what I want to allow to decay in my life--perhaps cages that hinder me and are too small now. Certain habits that I've grappled with that are self-destructive.

    So, just as if it is a race that I've been kind of sitting around for part of, this is the last stretch and I want to push into it really hard before November.

    I'm curious about the animals I've seen in my dreams and getting in touch with animal archetypes.

    I did dream I was a 'bunny alien' once, and was told in the dream (from a book about dreams in the dream...lol) that bunny symbolized a yearning.

    I also dreamed about snakes a lot since I was a child...consistently. Many many snakes...cobras with many heads once, but usually rattlesnakes. Sometimes chasing me at first, but then moreso sliding over me. One of my first dreams that I remember was trying to reach into a pit of rattlesnakes to get something for my mother.

    I did dream of horses a few times and think what Jung says about them is interesting. Most recently, was in bed with my old English professor and heard a horse neigh very loudly outside and in the dark. We were analyzing literature in bed together...and I recited a poem about immortality, mortality, and fear that accompanies life and growth and perhaps tenderness.

    But before that I did dream about horses as a child a few times...once was looking for my 'perfect horse' and found the stable had been flooded with water. I wasn't sure where it had gone to.

    I've also dreamed about large lions/tigers too. Before the year of the tiger, on the eve, I dreamed I was sitting outside next to a very large tiger. I was nervous, but it was friendly and lay down next to me. I also dreamed of the tiger in the cage, and also have had dreams, more recently, of lions laying in the middle of the road or just hanging out on the side of a mountain.

    Oh--and dogs. I dreamed of dogs several times several years ago. I dreamed of a gigantic dog that scared me, and it was running outside of a fence, along with actual fairies that glowed and were tiny, and flying around. And I was afraid of the huge black dog, but then it did everything I told it to. I also dreamed of a dog who came to me, but only when I called it 'guardian' and not 'dog.' And also dreamed of riding on the back of a large dog, like a horse.

    Dreamed of many hummingbirds that were injured, with broken beaks. And needing to stroke a giant tongue.

    Let me see...most recent animal dream was of whale corpses and dead animals along the coast. Not so inspirational, but perhaps I was looking in an area where there was a lot of death for some transportation. I think I ended up having to go it alone and fly.

    I dreamed a long time ago that a giant white goose offered to lift me up and take me away, but I told her I wasn't ready yet.

    Maybe I'll just have to wait and see if any animal archetype shows itself as being fitting for right now. I can also read some Jung.

    Oh--just read an interesting thing Jung said about animals and cages. That actually, it can be very difficult for a wild animal to leave it's cage after moved to a new place. That one would think an animal would easily just run free if let loose again, but that sometimes it takes more time than that...that if an animal which was once wild has gotten used to a cage, that it will trust the cage more, still, than the new environment sometimes...or something. Jung's not a biologist so idk if it's true, but struck a chord.

    I took the pottermore test and patronus was wildcat. Maybe cat is a good animal to think about--they are associated with witches and magic, and halloween. Jung is describing them as very maternal and nurturing, and tied to house and person often, but also exceedingly independent. I like 'if one is to love a cat, one must not try to de-cat it.' And emphasizing it has a cruel aspect to it as well, as cats often play with their prey and are fierce hunters.

    I think that for me, cat's are often associated with sexuality in dreams. They are a bit like bunnies, so yearning, but also fertility--this goes along with other archetypes though as cats and bunnies are both very reproductive. Freya rode on a transportation pulled by cats...

    So for me, cats can often be kind of menacing in my dreams. To be bitten by a rabid cat is to be possessed of some kind of romantic/erotic obsession, or symbolizes a fear of being overtaken by that aspect of my being.

    Not sure about larger cats though--they seem more forced into control, due to their size. Like the tiger I met before the year of the tiger, it was very self possessed. Certainly something to fear still...but also protective.

    The bunny is also something I've found myself stumbling into in reading--the bunny in the moon, the bunny associated with various goddesses of fertility. Maybe I should think about the bunny more than the cat, because I spent a good part of my childhood thinking about cats all time.

    So rabbits also.
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    Eeeehhhhh ^

    That was really winding and long and probably the opposite of the 'push hard through the last stretch of October.'

    Clear goals for today:

    Go through clothing and minimize. Get rid of what I don't like and just keep for practical reasons that aren't essential anymore.

    Paint a warty gourd (I think black with glitter).

    Wash more laundry.
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    Finally feel adquate enough to contribute to this thread XD
    So, this is my first time ever pumpkin carving... and my first thought seeing this round pumpkin was something Star Wars related... couldn't resist!

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    More cowbell

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