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October Challenge

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This is a discussion on October Challenge within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hi, It's October 1st here, so seems like a good time to make a challenge thread (though I'm not sure ...

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    October Challenge


    It's October 1st here, so seems like a good time to make a challenge thread (though I'm not sure if I'm doing this right). Many INFPs love fall, so this thread is for challenges you want to set for yourself during this spooooky month of October.

    You can post challenges/goals and then updates if you want.

    My goals for October are to develop a better evening routine. So go to bed earlier and also do some relaxing things before bed. Focusing more on body needs--sleep, healthy diet, stress relief.

    Another goal I will set for myself--one creative project per week or some development of a creative project. Probably regarding gardening or art.

    So--does anyone else want to set some goals for October? They don't have to be routine changes, but this can also be a place to mark down if you've got something to do the next day, and then also when you do it.

    Or...perhaps a thread for inspirational stuff, ideas that get juices flowing, even if not a goal. Ideas and inspirations this fall.

    Some motivational fall pictures:

    Eh--spiderwebs for catching ideas and dreams. Seeds too, to symbolize that seminal moment when ideas are just floating, before they take root and are cultivated. I also want to use the term 'seminal' more. It is one of my goals, so cross that off my list.

    So, this is also a thread for posting anything inspiring/goal related for October. And also updates about your relationship with your own goals and dreams during October!
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    Drink less.

    Ugh, damn it... I'm drinking as I type this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tina Belcher View Post
    Drink less.

    Ugh, damn it... I'm drinking as I type this...

    Yes--this is one of my goals too. And yes, I am also drinking as I type this. But I did put the wine in a blender with a medium sized watermelon, so that's got to count for something. I have to consume a whole watermelon to get the wine (and obvs. I actually will consume a whole, blended watermelon to get a bottle of wine out of it).

    So...I'm giving kudos to myself for creativity. It's only October 1st.

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    1. Be positive. I don't know if I can track this, but the goal is at least four positive interactions for every negative interaction in my classroom.

    2. Stop letting things feel so damn personal.

    3. Eat breakfast every day. Eat lunch every day. Still lose weight (lost four pounds in September: only because I get 11-12k steps as a teacher and I often skipped breakfast and/or lunch.
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    Thinking of tantra. I think maybe the soulgazing, specifically. Seems like a good October Challenge! activity. The others are interesting as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tina Belcher View Post
    Drink less.
    Me too!

    Ugh, damn it... I'm drinking as I type this
    Aaaaaand.... me too again!

    It's been becoming a bad habit for me. I have at least one drink a night lately. I'm not ok with that.

    I love this thread btw. I am going to pick 2 goals for the month.

    1.) Put in 6 hours of hard work every day at work. (been slacking way too much lately)

    2.) Lose 4 pounds (one a week). This will tie in with the drinking. I will use the weight loss goal to motivate me to drink less.

    I love the idea of posting goals and keeping others updated on progress. I imagine that will really help provide us INFPs with some much needed help in the motivation department.

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    Draw and paint more. Hopefully not OCD all over the place and instead complete 1 or 2 paintings/drawings.

    I even got some turpentine and linseed oil today. Gonna actually bust out the oil paintaloons tomorrow (and try not to be grossed out by the smell)!

    ALSO: Try startup meditation again, and be more upbeat. It has been hard being myself since I am currently so stressed.

    Also, in the spirit of Fall-times:

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Finish the little wood elf costume for my baby for halloween and possibly work on some costumes for friends' kids.

    Quote Originally Posted by Miniblini View Post
    Okay, I MUST do this now :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by INFP_BEE View Post
    Me too!

    Aaaaaand.... me too again!

    It's been becoming a bad habit for me. I have at least one drink a night lately. I'm not ok with that.

    Well, drinking a glass of red or champagne- once a day- is supposedly good for your heart? Champagne is suppose to help with memory/dementia too- but, who knows...

    7 reasons why drinking champagne is scientifically good for you | London Evening Standard
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I have actually a whole list-schedulething that starts now in october, lets see how that goes... with very detailed routines, as I have gotten totally lost when it comes to such things, I can take five hours with my morning-doings like showering and breakfast and brush teeth etc... and I get stressed when I don't have things in order when I am to work.
    So that includes:
    -being more efficient in morning and evening
    -more planned shores etc for the week so that it will hopefully flow more continuously
    -better sleeping-habits...
    -hopefully better eatinghabits, as groceryshopping and making bread and lunchboxes are in the plan(if I can follow it), instead of being near out of food and just eating whatever, likely bread with butter.
    This will likely take more than oktober to get into, but I'll start now.

    The spiderwebs reminded me of my plan from last year to do a spiderweb-scarf, I never got around to do it, but have gotten yarn for it, so perhaps that to now that it is getting colder.

    I have to make a house for my cat(also plan from last year, but didn't get around to it, but the cats could hang in the neighbours basement, but not anymore because of reasons, so I need to get it done before it gets really cold). I have found some wood and stuff, so I think I might have all material now, possibly not enough insulation.

    Go outside for a walk every day, even if short.

    Work quite a lot.

    Study maths(and a little verbal perhaps, reading fast mainly, it usually isn't a problem for me, the verbal part) and get at least 1.70 on the higher educations-test, but preferably 1.85 to be almost certain of getting into education next year.

    Try to be a bit social with the people moving in with us this month.

    New fabric for an armchair.

    Paint or draw some each week, nothing big, just to my own amusement.
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