Any other numb INFPs who have lost the "rose-colored glasses"? - Page 3

Any other numb INFPs who have lost the "rose-colored glasses"?

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This is a discussion on Any other numb INFPs who have lost the "rose-colored glasses"? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Oh (wow, I keep thinking of things) I recently did this writing exercise, writing about a scene remembered from childhood, ...

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    Oh (wow, I keep thinking of things) I recently did this writing exercise, writing about a scene remembered from childhood, just writing nonstop for 2 minutes recalling everything i could, the thoughts and emotions and senses of the moment I was remembering, it was surprisingly refreshing, inspiring, and, I can't think of any other way to put it so I'll say it again, emotionally liberating.
    Thank you for that suggestion. I might try that tonight. I wonder if it will help. I'll write back if it does.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I've been feeling like this a lot for the last few months.

    There was another thread in here that described "the mood" that INFPs tend to sink into on occasion, and it feels lately that I've been doing this more and more often. So whereas last year I might slip into "the mood" once a month or something, now I'm doing it every few days. Even when I'm not in "the mood", it seems like the shiny finish has been stripped from a lot of the things I used to enjoy. Like I've lost my whimsy, if that makes sense.

    I was ruminating on this in the shower the other day (where I do my best thinking, 'natch). As far as I've been able to gather, INFPs have that extremely powerful sense of idealism and hope. But the saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" seems to apply here too: the more idealistically you view the world, the more fragile that idealism is, and thus it's even more terrible when that view you had of the world crumbles.

    I know for me that the last few years have just been really shitty in terms of friendships, relationships, and finances. I know INFPs have a tendency to feel victimized too, which doesn't help at all.

    I really don't have any advice that I can give, but I do know what you are feeling. And as of a week ago, thinks are actually begin to look ok for the first time in a couple years. I know there's that saying: "Good and bad, joy and sorrow, are defined by their opposite; without one there cannot be the other", and that it's pretty trite saying altogether. But I've always thought there was a nugget of truth at the core of every trite phrase.

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    My rose-colored glasses are in good working order. I clean them off every morning with my glass wipes and start the day anew. Because I like variety I also have green-colored glasses & blue, orange, white, black, beige, khaki, golden rod, grey, magenta, maroon, lime, purple, light cyan, yellow, sienna, coral and saddle brown. It depends what mood I am in, I work with many colors, but I assure you, I wear them. No, I am not numb, to answer the OP's question.

    People Who Wear Rose-Colored Glasses See More, Study Shows
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    INFP - The Idealists

    The older I get the less rosily I approach things for myself, but the more rosily I see things for other people. For other people the options become more and more endless, the world more and more open, but for me it becomes decreasingly so. I wish I could approach my own future with the same optimism in which I can approach others.
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    Unknown Personality

    After my break up over 2 years ago I've definitely lost a bit of the rose-coloured glass effect of me... but I've gotten more creative outbursts than ever
    I'm definitely still into the whole rose-coloured jazz, but along the way I've also encountered other major problems such as one to do with health and family related issues and the whole growing up process. I feel as though I have a lot to learn, while at the same time I feel as if I have a lot of myself to just 'be' without question.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    i thot we can never lose our sense of wonder? i really hoped that was the case.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    My rose-colored glasses are very specific. I looked up various definitions and here is the one that I like:

    "An optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is."

    Here's what I don't understand: Seeing something as better than it is, doesn't actually make it better. Making something better than it actually is, makes things better.

    Isn't that what idealism is about, making things better instead of thinking how it's not really that bad?

    It's 3am and I'm taking a break from researching humidifiers to write this. About an hour ago, my 7 year old daughter got the worse nosebleed. It lasted 30 minutes and we went through a quarter roll of toilet paper. She was scared because she had never seen herself bleed that much before. She gets nosebleeds in the winter here because it's so dry.

    Trying to see a positive view from this can be certainly be done, but it's time consuming and takes mental energy. It is what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. I'm researching causes of nosebleeds and I'm buying the best humidifier I can in 6 hours when the stores open. I'd just rather do something so it doesn't happen again.

    Maybe, my first solution doesn't solve anything. Then I'll try something else and if that doesn't work I'll try something else. This is where my rose-colored glasses come in. I believe that repeated failure does make you become a better person if you learned something in the process.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    This is why life means something. The earth is just a mote of dust swimming in a vast vast universe, but what a marvelous, wonderful mote it is.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I don't have rose tinted glasses, I like to think I see everything for what it is.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I lost mine for a while. To get them back, I had to change my perspective on life.

    The thing is... so many people go through life waiting for something to make them happy. The perfect person, the perfect job, the perfect apartment... anything. Being happy isn't a destination, though. You don't just suddenly get to a point in your life when everything goes wonderfully and then you just get to be happy. Happy is a state of mind, and I have to work at it every day to stay positive and see things in the best light I possibly can. Perception is everything.

    Yes, there are some events that truly are just negative, and those things we should just see as what they are, accept them, and move on. What I mean is just appreciating little things... And that's where the rose colored glasses come in (sorry, I got sort of sidetracked there I guess). Seeing everything as beautiful and magical is what keeps me going. I try to appreciate everything I see, and it wasn't easy at first. I was cynical, numb, annoyed at the world, and didn't think I would ever be able to see it the way I did when I was a child. I was wrong, but it's definitely a process, and you don't just wake up one day and find that everything's okay. You make everything okay.

    So no, I'm not numb. Not anymore :)
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