[INFP] 3 year typology "veteran" still unable to accurately type myself. HELP!

3 year typology "veteran" still unable to accurately type myself. HELP!

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This is a discussion on 3 year typology "veteran" still unable to accurately type myself. HELP! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; OK So, as stated in the title, I have been interested in, as well as deeply educated in, the Myers ...

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    3 year typology "veteran" still unable to accurately type myself. HELP!


    So, as stated in the title, I have been interested in, as well as deeply educated in, the Myers Briggs system for typing people for the past 3 years. It started with taking a test recommended by a friend, which is the usual indoctrination method i find, and after receiving my result, I decided to look further into the meaning behind the result. I discovered the functions that existed outside of the four dichotomies and started to research into understanding their nature. Over time, I noticed some similarities between like functions with opposing attitudes (such as "Ti vs Te", etc.) and naturally questioned if they were really the same thing. Then, I connected the dots between opposing functions (Fi vs Te, Fi vs Ti, or Fi vs Te) and eventually, all of my knowledge blended together to where either everything was true, or nothing was.

    It's hard to explain what I mean here..

    Basically, if one could demonstrate a dominant use of one of the Xtroverted Xing functions, then it should either mean that A: their usage of the anti-troverted anti-ing function should be underdeveloped to nonexistent or used in an opposing manner equally, or B: the opposite Xtroversion of the same Xing function should be as inferior or used in a different context.

    So, If one were an Fe dominant, do they have the same capacity for Ti, Fi, or Te but just choose a preference for the former? If so, which one? And if not, then is there a direct opposition to the opposing, and which one? Cognitive theory states that J1E is opposed by J2I, J1=F or T while J2= the opposite, and it rests in the fourth position (the last position for "conscious" functions) signifying a "weakness" to conscious development.

    I have over-thought this subject for 3 years and thought through all possible alternative perceptions of the "truth" behind cognitive theory and the MBTI itself and I don't know what is true and what has yet to be discovered as the truth vs what is just outright false.

    So, to get into it already, let me describe the key things about myself to create a case for a singular type (if it is at all possible.)

    Before I go into a descriptive approach towards dichotomies and functions, I will outline some simple truths about myself. My favorite music is metal; typically math metal/progressive metal as well as atmospheric black metal, melodic death metal, viking/pagan metal, and neoclassical. I like to compose music while striving to be anything but simple and repetitive and i try to come up with new, interesting, atmospheric, and subjectively "moving" music. I enjoy strategy gaming, Starcraft, Warhammer 40k, Chess, and Magic: the Gathering in particular. I tend towards a strong endgame supported by tactical maneuvers in early-midgame to secure a stronger position in the long run. Most of my free time goes towards learning new things on the internet, especially from Youtube. I love feeding my brain with new knowledge and I will sometimes buy old college textbooks on anything from physics, advanced mathematics, to psychology and foreign languages. I never get around to reading them or doing anything productive with them, but I'd like to.

    So, that is a simple, rough outline of how I tend to be as far as interests go. If there is some credence for personal judgment in this, I will also add that my favorite colors are purple, green, and blue (all matched with black, of course) and that i'm a Gemini. Probably means nothing, but you be the judge.

    Ok, so to the science....

    On the dichotomy of introversion vs extroversion: I assert that my preference for introversion is stronger than extroversion to the fact of my avoidance of human contact. To explain, in most situations where other people are present, I tend to withdraw to focus my attention on my own drives and interests. I value the presence of others, I really do, and sometimes contact with others makes me feel more energized (I believe that is just human nature anyway), but overall, I get tired of a conversation quickly and just want to exit and go back to what I want to do. Gatherings of close friends are preferred, however I do not seek these experiences out and would rather an interesting development be made to where I get to come out of my shell and enjoy the presence of others. Now, as far as unknown people to me, I couldn't be less interested in interpersonal contact. I will conclude a preference for "I."

    On the dichotomy of intuition vs sensing: I generally see myself tending towards an "intuitive" nature. I prefer to focus on the hidden meanings behind things, such as what is meant behind the words used by others and what might happen as a result of a series of actions. This suggests "Ni", however, I trace a stronger use of "Ne" in my actual behavior. I tend to come up with new interests and ideas that I want explained right away, and in this moment of curiosity, I seek an answer rather quickly, then return to my original task. For instance, I compose music, and while finding different a voicing for a chord progression and an accompanying melody that follows the rules, I look up information on different ways these techniques have been used in the past and how to incorporate them, but I always end up doing it in a way that I see fit that sounds right. I'll be looking something up and follow a train of thought to learn everything I can about something, but a new idea presents itself and I explore it for a bit, but always return to my original thought. The "sensing" nature I detect is very minimal and situational, and usually causes a great deal of grief for me when I think about it. I will just conclude "N."

    On "feeling vs thinking", i would have more trouble. I consider myself a thinker and have been described as such by my peers, however, I know that the weaknesses in me come from a feeling nature. As far as what I do and have done, the only explanation is the "feeling" side of the dichotomy is influencing my actions to a negative degree. I tend to get irritated at people easily and always detect a "shitty comment" woven within words from people. It's like I can always hear an insult or judgment in what people say to me when they say it a certain way. Again, I have a propensity for seeing beyond what words are used into what they actually mean. It would make sense if someone were judging me, as most of my actions seem to not make sense to others and I just look like a lazy, pissed off person who is wasting my time. I don't tend to keep my jobs and I don't really do anything to further my life, so when I hear from others, it makes sense that it should be commentary of a negative nature. I think to myself, "would any logical thinker have my life habits? If I waste my time and don't do what I should be doing, where is the logic in that?" So aside from my ability to actually use logic, show my intelligent, and fixate on how things work, my behavior suggests that I live in the "feelings" world of inaction and sensitivity. I really do not know. I test as a "thinker" but I cannot help but recall all of my weakness in my life and think that i'm just a useless "feeler." I can only give my opinion here: "feeling" is inferior to "thinking" and being a feeling type would mean I am useless, as feelers are useless in my eyes, and I want to not just believe I am a "thinker," but behave as one and get some actually progress in my life.

    Finally, on the subject of judging vs perceiving: I "want" to be a judger. I think it is more useful to be "like a judger" i.e., being organized, focused, and on top of what needs to be done. Being of a perceiving nature only means that someone is lazy, irresponsible, and waits for things to happen to be happy. But I cannot deny that I act more as a perceiver. While I hate messes and disorganization, I let my room get messy and overcrowded and I don't tend to fix anything in my surroundings unless i am compelled to. I put off looking for a job with all of my effort and I don't finish things. I mean it, I would love to be more proactive about everything and think the only right way of living is to be, for lack of a better and more lengthy term, more like a "judger." But what you want to be and what you are must be two separate things. I should conclude "P."

    So in conclusion, I am most likely "INXP" according to dichotomies, but the functions just mean so much more. It becomes a question of INFP vs INTP, which asks "Fi/Te" vs "Ti/Fe" and believe me, I have been down this road. The thought of being Fi dominant makes me feel weak and hate myself and really makes things not make any sense, whereas a Ti dominant just leaves me with more questions as to what the hell Fe would do. I would not be a feeler at all, but any Fe user "seems" like more of a feeler than any Fi user. So either I don't show emotions or care about them or am comfortable with them at all because I have an inferior Extraverted Feeling, or the same case for being a dominant Introverted Feeler. I just don't know, I have overthought this thing to death for far too long.

    Am I just, for some strange reason, some misguided random personality that I haven't considered, like an ESFJ, INFJ, INTJ, ENFP, or whatever? What have you concluded as far as the wall of text has said for me?

    Congratulations for making it through all of this. I posted this on the INFP forum because I know you guys have the greatest personal connection to things and will see this post all the way through to try to help a crazy person. I admire your depth of insights and would like to hear what you see. Me looking at myself from the inside does not equate to many looking at me from the outside after all.
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    My wife just described me as the ultimate "ENTJ" but upon reading the profiles, she determined "ISTJ" described me the best. She doesn't know what the types mean and didn't say "ENTJ" but she said I was a field-marshal type who is ultimately concerned with getting stuff done, doing it the right way, and imposing on others the way to get it done. I'm intimidating and anti-social and struggle with meeting the emotional needs of others. She says I have a very "military" way of looking at everything and excel at being the typical dominant male stereotype who just cannot communicate with people normally. I guess that makes me either an ISTJ or INTJ, but she says i'm very blunt and factual and attuned to very concrete descriptions of everything and that it's impossible for me to come up with anything abstract.

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    There is no proof you can't be a Ji dom (ti/fi). The Ji dom descriptions are in the enneagram 4w5 and 5w4 section. While also in the enneagram 5sp and 5sx.
    Also in the enneagram 9 section, don't remember which ones exactly.
    Look at cattells 16factor analysis, you got most of the basic traits there.

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    I'm not familiar enough with cognitive functions to accurately assess your type, but i'll give some of my opinions in brief.

    Have you taken the socionics, enneagram, and cognitive functions tests online? All three would help you distinguish some of your preferences that the MBTI dichotomies test wouldn't pick up. As far as cognitive functions go, from what i've learned in the last while, every person uses all eight functions during their lives. All our MBTI type really shows us is the order of preference in which we are most comfortable using them. I'm sure you know that INFPs lead with Fi with Ne as an auxiliary function. Does this ring true with you?

    You strike me as an INFP from the way that you express yourself in your post! Also, you seem to be a really smart guy who is able to learn with ease - this may be partly why you are unsure if you are a feeler or a thinker type.

    You gave so many details on your thoughts, and I can't really comment on everything since I am not well versed enough. I also just wanted to say that it's nice to see another person on these forums who actually plays chess. :) I've felt like a weirdo being an INFP chess player! The way you describe your playstyle is verbatim to how i'd describe mine (very strong endgame, securing a solid/strong position in middlegame). I still don't understand why I enjoy chess and strategy games so much; it seems to go against the grain of being an INFP. My Te and Ti functions are my two weakest, so go figure.

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    OUCH with the feeler/perceiver negativity. Don't let that cloud your thoughts/feelings. All functions serve a useful purpose. Feelers can think and perceivers can decide. It's just an order of importance.

    I could see an inferior Te with some of the things you wrote. An inferior Te wants to do those judgy/organized things, it's just not a priority. When it acts up, you seem like an overbearing asshole for lack of a better word at this moment.

    BTW, I also enjoy strategy gaming and have a broad understanding of various brainy subjects. I just lack depth since I just need enough for my Ne to make connections, not enough to actually apply anything even though I could in some subjects. Case in point, I have a Masters in CIS which is normally not a field associated with INFP's and I am not the only one here with a technical background.


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