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This is a discussion on "Do Something Brave" Thread within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Well as quite many of you noticed I wrote a letter to someone I like. And soon I will meet ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Well as quite many of you noticed I wrote a letter to someone I like. And soon I will meet them in person and talk about it. I am SCARED. In general opening up and/or being vulnerable have been the bravest moments of my life. Sometimes it is going to hurt and that is life.
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    Not sure how brave this seems to others, but was brave for me.

    I was outside at night and watching the street. I noticed that some neighbor I've never met, the light of their truck was on on the inside. I thought maybe they were in there. I thought maybe it would be 'suspicious' if I mention it. I thought maybe they have dogs that will bark at me or whatever if I ring their doorbell. I watched the truck for a long time and thought maybe I should just go to bed and leave them be, as it was already after eight and it's a bit odd to ring the doorbell of a stranger's door.

    But I just went over there, rang the doorbell. The guy looked through the window and I introduced myself and explained that I wasn't sure if his battery would die or not, but I thought the light on his car was on. He went out and looked and confirmed...and thenhe asked my name and introduced himself.

    He had a very gentle voice--actually, it was far from scary. A thoughtful, gentle, kind affect. He was with a grey beard and hair, and I think his wife was inside wondering who would ring the doorbell at such a time at night. Then he thanked me and he went in to get his keys to unlock the door to his car and I went home.

    So was kind of brave to me even though I probably wouldn't have thought twice about doing it years ago--was a nice experience. Even just hearing a gentle, kind voice was worth it, and perhaps easing two people's minds in a situation that was ambiguous to be stressful for both.

    For a while I worked as a door-to-door canvasser, and I experienced a wider variety of reactions to knocking/ringing doorbells on people's doors. Angry dogs, a guy with a hatchet, a woman who screamed my name and told me she was going to call the cops on me, a guy who insinutated I might be on drugs... And that was during the daytime.

    This is a really small brave thing, but it was rewarding and I think it went well.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I have not begun to use my smartphone yet... but I have used my ordinary more than usuall at least, I'll get to the smartphone soon...

    But! I applied to a job that involved talking on the phone almost all the time. And I don't even feel like my stomack is a big hurting knot :) it is a little anxious, but not as bad as expected. It is not selling anything, and it is not for complaints. It is also talking to old people, which is my comfort-zone. I think I might have decent chances of getting it, if so I am hoping it will be a good way to train away the phone-phobia.
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    Look at consolidating my debt. Which is terrifying to me. I have that ambulance bill that I need to pay and a few others loans kicking around that I've been avoiding. Money gives me anxiety. I'll wait until after my payday to go down to the place. There's a non-for-profit agency that has the service. To me money means freedom and power. And when I have very little, or that's wrapped up in debt payments I feel trapped, powerless and panicky.
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    I'm going to be doing something a little bit brave today. I'm helping my friend run a sewing workshop - and I love sewing - except I'm much more comfortable and skilled sewing by hand than with a sewing machine. It's something about how sewing machines sew so quickly and it seems easy to sew off the line. (I haven't actually used a sewing machine in many years.)

    I woke up very early today, rather anxious - what if I mess up with the demonstration skirts she is planning to sell?

    I think it's one of those things I just have to jump into and be unafraid of making mistakes. I can't get confident without practice.
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    Do something brave: ask my crush to have a date with me this Christmas. Hahahahhahahhahahhahahahahha! XD

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    This isn't nearly as brave as most of the other posts on this thread, but I'm just heading out to a grocery store that's a half hour walk away, and it's dark and it's snowing outside, and it *feels* like I'm about to embark on an adventure.
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    Days ago, I was confronted by this person I have loved for almost 5 years now about something. I was on the verge of confessing of how I truly feel all this time. If only he didn't veer away from the topic. I've been telling this on the other thread. But I feel like, even though that confession almost reached the brink but did not happen, I can finally start moving forward now knowing that any time, I can easily muster this courage to tell him everything without regrets, not because I am hoping for something more, but because I need a new chapter in my life and I need to put a dot in this current one.

    I guess I got really tired with my subtle ways. This time, I think I have more courage to confront people now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atamagasuita View Post
    Do something brave: ask my crush to have a date with me this Christmas. Hahahahhahahhahahhahahahahha! XD

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    I didn't ask him. He's a fucking turn off. I don't like intjs. Bunch of nerds

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'd forgotten about this thread :) I can actually tick my box here now, way to late, but it got done, starting to use the smartphone, I have just started to learn how it works. First thing that happens is I try to get google translate, because it was the first app that came up, and they ask to be able to use the camera and the microphone and to change and delete things on the phone, and do stuff with my accounts etc.etc. got a bit paranoid... so no translation for now.

    New challenge... :
    -go to the library and fix police register forms so I can prove I am not dangerous and can work with old and young people(important paper-phobia, about as bad as telephones, and just as stupid)
    -reconnect with the animalrights-organisations somehow, even if only a little.
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