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#:-0 Do you fall in love easily and just as quickly lose interest?

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This is a discussion on #:-0 Do you fall in love easily and just as quickly lose interest? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by AllorNuthin I just get afraid of how easily I crush on people, and then become unattracted as ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllorNuthin View Post
    I just get afraid of how easily I crush on people, and then become unattracted as soon as we get close, and its not lust so much as personality and understanding. What do you mean wouldn't happen candyman?
    This is me exactly, it doesn't take long for me to realise I'm not actually in love, at which point I try to break it off (nicely of course) before I'm trapped :p
    I think its a fear of being stuck in a relationship that doesn't meet up with my ideals, which I know are ridiculous anyway.
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    I easily crush on people I hardly know. And I know that I don't actually like the person as much as the idea of being with them, if that makes any sense. But those "crushes" last very, very long. At least several months, maybe a year or more. The people I crush on are usually very different from me and they are people I, when I'm honest with myself, can't see myself even being friends with, although I'd like to. So I guess mostly they have a very different personality type, a different way of life and thinking. And that intrigues me.

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    Ya, I crush a lot.

    Its mostly on the idea of them. I start picturing them in my future and my imagination takes me on this journey where we are soul mates and meant to be. Sometimes I keep myself in the honeymoon phase not realizing the red flags right away and then....


    Depending on how strong the connection was and how much I cared will determine how long it takes me to get over said crush. It could be less than a day to many years. (The years one only happened once in my lifetime)

    It also depends on if said person keeps trying to pull me back in. smh

    Eventually in the end I move on and feel great because I learned something about myself that I only could of learned with that experience.

    Wisdom is an amazing gift to say the least.

    To all the A-holes...thank you! You have been the best teachers yet...(Haven't dealt with many A-holes though. Just felt like typing that :p )
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    Hmm.. I guess I could say that I do have crushes rather often. Maybe that is because I have a constant urge of "being in love" so you could even say, that I start crushing on someone not only 'cause I like that person, but also 'cause I love being "in love with love" XD.
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    Nope, I've only ever been in love with one person, and I still love him. I've had crushes and such on people, but never loved them like I love him. We have been together for over a year, and my love only grows :P
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    i'm actually exactly the opposite- i do not fall in love easily. i also do not fall out of love easily. in fact, i can't say that i've ever completely gotten over anyone who i've truly been in love with.
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    So far, no.
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