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This is a discussion on Deepest Thought/Idea within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; The standard model largely comprises of four fundamental forces (electromagnetism, gravity, strong, and weak), but beyond these models no further ...

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    The standard model largely comprises of four fundamental forces (electromagnetism, gravity, strong, and weak), but beyond these models no further explanation exists. Then, what is a "force"? What compels the particles to behave in such a way that they do? We often just tautologically and empirically accept the fact that forces exist. Such is not a satisfactory answer, and there must be an underlying elegant and consistent mechanism that allows forces to exist.

    String theory and concepts like multidimensional manifold confinement kind of cheat the model and convolutedly bypass the pitfalls by adding more and more complexity to the model, trying to explain away the discrepancies by adding more assumptions. However, fundamental driving mechanisms of nature is rarely this complex; the added complexity is costly to reproduce and pervade, and thus not expected to be as universal as the medium of spacetime.

    Then, since we are indeed dealing with metaphysics with eons away to have some relevant experimental data, what is the alternative simple model that can elegantly explain the origin of the forces of all kinds? Maybe the hint lies in us; it is somewhat insane to insinuate that biology can be infused with metaphysics (and you may think; "how anthropocentric"), however there exist a shared fundamental cry of all living things that is universal: all life want to live and flourish. It is a simple concept that ultimately drives all living beings; to continue, to live on, to survive, to endure at all cost, to never give up, and to eventually thrive, flourish, and conquer.

    There is dynamic power behind this drive that is shared by all life. Even though the scope of biology is a few tiers higher than metaphysics, this can serve beautifully as the source of the feedback cycles of fundamental drive of forces; the same force that make particles resist its inertia and move toward something else; as if it is compelled to move away; as if the particle behaves like it wants to survive, sensing and veering toward spacetime with better concluded chance of continued existence.

    For us earth-bound humans, spacetime may feel hopelessly vast. However, as with all living beings, we will do anything to ensure our survival, which would mean in the foreseeable future, we will likely venture out into the vastness of space to further guarantee our survival, busily gathering more far away resources and optimizing further to live on and flourish, beyond this galaxy, beyond our local group, continuing to expand outward toward the unending edges of the known universe, never stopping until we have fully crystalized the known universe (e.g. our knowing anti-matter to be a great source of energy, we will always force our hardest to reach sections of the universe that is constituted entirely of anti-matter, thus simulating attraction model, observable in electromagnetic interaction), This bustling "business" or "activity" is the mediating and carrier mechanism of the forces within the universe and likely what determines how our universe will behave as a unit: a particle.




    However, this is all just theoretical and speculative.

    A fleeting dream, of a nap under a tree on a nice Spring day.
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    probably the thing i use the most at the moment is the idea that very few people tell lies intentionally in cold blood. thinking that shifted my whole alignment towards hearing what's being said and feeling for potential inaccuracies and different perspectives behind it.

    idk if that's 'deep' though. deep seems like a weird thing to assess about your own self, since to me everything i think is just something i think. it's always been other people who hold up that yardstick.

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    I need to point something out.

    Quote Originally Posted by chocochip View Post
    I sometimes think about how interesting it is that electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom kinda looks like planets orbiting the sun
    Electrons don't really orbit the atom like planets orbit the sun. This is a model from the beginning of the XX century, which was later superseeded by more accurate models. Electrons are usually best described as probability clouds (not as small balls).


    Here are several thoughts:

    The universe goes through an increasing entropy and our goal as humans can in many aspects be summed up as trying to keep it down (at least in our surroundings). Perfectly, everybody should be happy and this is fundamentally an entropy problem. All interhuman conflicts are meaningless at some level because we have a common problem we have to deal with that's much more important. What is limiting is things like energy and resources and ingenuity - provided enough of those, everybody can have enough to satisfy their basic needs and from there each person can follow their own path. In this context, the obsession of society with humanly created things (e.g. money) seems silly.

    The paragraph above has a number of implications, including ideas like resource-based economy (e.g. Venus project) and how intellectual property is counterproductive.

    Evolution in all its aspects took me some time to grasp. At first you seem to understand it, but when you go deeper, you get more insight and you realize you didn't understand it before.

    In physics, deep thoughts come in small pieces so it's hard to put them all together. Understanding how everything we know ties together can be a deep thought.

    For a while I've known several facts: gas giants can only form in the outer parts of solar systems; the moon doesn't have an atmosphere; He gas on Earth escapes in space; at a given temperature, less massive particles in a gas move faster. Inspired by a Neil Degrasse Tyson video, I managed to see how these are interconnected by the idea of escape velocity.
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    I listened to one of Jordan Peterson's lectures yesterday and one of the ideas he had was about the evil within everyone. That every atrocity ever committed by humans, you are capable of committing as well. The more you learn about crimes against humanity, war crimes and such, the more bleak that idea becomes because fuck, people have done inexplicably horrible things. The idea that the means to do such things is within you is a very grim realization about yourself.

    The capacity for evil comes with the responsibility that you do not commit such evil and also the capacity for virtue - being essentially a monster but not acting out on your nature.

    Anyway thats my summary of what I remember and understood from a few of his lectures. I recommend them because theyre interesting and a bit far out, he talks a lot about human nature by explaining various myths, legends, fairy tales and stories and the symbolism and meaning within them.

    Edit: It is very Ni-heavy in my opinion, how he explains and approaches things. He uses a lot of general meanings, ideas and archetypes to break down the stories into clear concepts to get at the meaning at the core of them and then relates it to life.

    I remember the first time I heard him talk about this kind of stuff, it was some random lecture from the middle of the semester and he said something like "... and the dragon of chaos emerges from the female which is very interesting because x y z ..." while wildly gesturing at the slide and that really drew me in because I often amuse myself by thinking up semi-random symbolistic meanings for bits of everyday life but I havent delved too far into weaving them all into a general structure or system.
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