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This is a discussion on INTJ Habits within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; What are your habits? My brother's habits: -always eats the little leafy parts of the broccoli then leaves the rest ...

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    INTJ Habits

    What are your habits?

    My brother's habits:

    -always eats the little leafy parts of the broccoli then leaves the rest uneaten to the side
    -makes engine sounds when driving really fast
    -has this impersonal indifferent direct and humourless aesthetic to his texts
    -makes up ridiculous parodies of song phrases and sings them to the cat (or dogs, when we had them) and does this:

    -likes to leave these all over the house...:



    (On my windowsill. And on the old radiator in the bathroom. I imagine written while bored on the crapper.)
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    I have a unhealthy habit where i go on a third-person monologue on my life as if it was some historical drama or documentary.
    Also i'm have the ungodly ability to be unaware of the people around me(despite having a superb ability to sense my environment)
    if anybody brought that to my attention, i would be flustered to respond since i wouldn't know their name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Pirate View Post
    -makes engine sounds when driving really fast
    -makes up ridiculous parodies of song phrases and sings them to the cat (or dogs, when we had them) and does this:
    This seems fun :D. I have done it as well. I also enjoy doing word play in many situations. Unfortunately I'm only good enough for this in my native language and I have almost nobody to speak it with where I live.


    When I'm outside (walking, travelling, etc.) I would either read or intentionally try to think about something that could be useful. This could be making a dialog in my head in a foreign language I'm learning, planning future actions, trying to remember and better understand something I have read/seen, trying to develop an idea.

    I would open youtube in a new tab every 10 minutes or so hoping to find an interesting suggestion. Recently, I open a tab with personalitycafe as well.

    When in the store, I buy bread without really thinking whether I need it. Sometimes I go home with pasta and bread and realize I screwed up.

    I have a morning and evening routine, including washing my face, brushing teeth, etc. The only way to make sure I don't postpone such things is to make them a rule.

    When I meet a stranger, I always use a word meaning something like "good day" even if it's night. Sometimes people see this as weird. The truth is I just don't pay attention to the word I use.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I wouldn't say any of my habits are particularly bad... When my hair is wet, or it is cold out, or i feel like it, or it is too sunny, I will wear one of my mane(20) pashmina scarfs as a head covering. Im not religious, nor do i intend or tie it in a religious way, I just like how comfortable and versatile it is. Also if you leave the house with wet hair(and live in a cold place) you are more likely to get sick if you dont cover it.

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    when I see babies or little children, I discreetly (yes, discreetly, so their parents and other people often don't notice) make funny faces at them, until they start laughing or smiling

    Sometimes I catch myself humming a tune that plays in my head. Annoyingly, it tends to happen when I am around strangers, like when I am on the bus..

    I have the habit of not paying any utility bills until they are overdue, and of procrastinating in general when it comes to personal bureaucratic issues like that. Unfortunately, I can't afford an SJ secretary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Messenian View Post
    when I see babies or little children, I discreetly (yes, discreetly, so their parents and other people often don't notice) make funny faces at them, until they start laughing or smiling
    I do that, too and they usually start crying and/or glaring at me... It's hard to go unnoticed by the parents then.
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    A few of my mundane habits:

    • Clean house before travel. I travel a lot for both work and leisure, and can't stand leaving, or coming home to dirty laundry, clutter, and dust all over the place. Along with packing I always take time to clean up my living space a couple days before before leaving.
    • Morning coffee: every day - I always buy the whole beans and grind them myself every morning, and enjoy my joe watching morning news. Can't go a day without good coffee.
    • Bottled water - I always carry bottled water, extra contact lenses, and an extra change of clothes in the trunk of my car. You just never know.
    • Savings: I have a separate account that is set up to automatically take out a predetermined amount and plop it into a savings fund. I use this as a 6 month emergency living expenses pile.
    • Retirement - I max out my retirement fund, mostly because it's matched, and because it's less dough I piss away to the government.
    • LinkedIn. Even though I'm employed and stable, I've made a habit of frequently messaging people in my field, even those I don't know. Sometimes I even go so far as to request to connect via phone. Even though it's a bit daunting to randomly reach out, it helps ease that fear a bit through experience and sometimes you meet some very interesting people. Along with messaging, I also make it a point to research other peoples' career paths to stay inspired on my own.
    • PerC. This forum is a habit in itself. I use it to keep sharp with writing and analysis skills, sometimes here, but also on the enneagram forum. I enjoy weighing in on the more complicated aspects of type theory.
    • Goal re-assessment. A really helpful habit for me has been to frequently assess whether the means I'm using to get to goals has been effective, and what could be adjusted or tweaked.
    • Calling my parents. I talk to Mom and Dad at least once a week. I'm pretty close with my parents, and like keeping tabs on what they are doing.
    • Social habit(s) - in addition to parsing through what I think about something, I habitually then also go back to intuit what I'd imagine others would also think and why, knowing what I know about them - sometimes probing to see if my gut was accurate. Basically, I am habitually active in learning recallable info about other people. This becomes helpful in building rapport with people, even when you're very different.
    • Bad habit - eating dinner and immediately falling asleep. Hate this, but do it a lot
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    • intermittent fasting. I dont eat anything between 20 and 12.
    • exercise enough. The two things where I actually have some adequate discipline.
    • stay hydrated ;).
    • learning new things. Recently it has mostly been politics and psychology.
    • do my best at things important to me. Id like to think that that is enough. For example when I drive, I drive as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    • coffee addict. With milk, no sugar, I lost the habit of regularly using sugar a long time ago.
    • detatched from society and ideas of normalcy. Im the kind of guy who would pull out my phone and unfriend you in the middle of a conversation if you pass the annoyance threshold :D
    • probably thinking about something unrelated at any given moment.

    • aimlessly floating in the ocean. There are probably some islands nearby but man, I cba to swim to them. Whats the point? Pretty tempted to take some time off from all of this school pressure bullshit (oh do this internship, pass these pointless math classes youll never need, definitely get a job on your third year, go study in another country, oh and youll have to do army service too ;), pretty sure soon my mom is gonna start hinting at grandkids and I think Ill take that as a hint to move out) to do some "soul searching" and find out what is truly important to me and what I want to do with my life.
    • extreme procrastination. There is probably a causal link with the previous one. I also blame the school system and my family up to this point for not doing anything to stop this, theyre completely useless tbh. Passed high school just for showing up and now Im in the deep end without core skills such as discipline which is an essential part of success in this world. Now I have to pick up the fucking pieces and digest razors to become something you could call a human being. Thanks for reinforcing these neural pathways with your negligence and lack of integrity or foresight :)
    • dissociate and avoid interacting with the real world.

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    Bad: I've gotten into the habit of running on like one hour of sleep per night... err, morning (excluding the weekends). I find I am more productive if I don't sleep. Also, more hyperactive.

    Good: I exercise at least a little everyday. Gained arm muscle.

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    I keep losing my fucks to give.
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