[INTJ] Do you enjoy doing "J stuff"?

Do you enjoy doing "J stuff"?

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This is a discussion on Do you enjoy doing "J stuff"? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Be honest INTJs; do you enjoy doing J stuff? Planning ahead, making checklists, sending reminders? Adulting? Do you enjoy that ...

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    Do you enjoy doing "J stuff"?

    Be honest INTJs; do you enjoy doing J stuff? Planning ahead, making checklists, sending reminders? Adulting?

    Do you enjoy that role in your relationships?

    I honestly hate it. I hate it all. Lol.

    I'm trying to figure out if I am actually the most J person in the room - which is always how I test. Or if I just learned that skill, to fill a need over time in my personal relationships and work relationships with people who are less willing or able to reach outside their comfort zone than I am.
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    I enjoy organising existence, futile as it is.

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    I find myself mentally planning out tasks and chores for the next few days while I'm walking down the street. It's really relaxing for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiT View Post
    I find myself mentally planning out tasks and chores for the next few days while I'm walking down the street. It's really relaxing for me.
    Hmm ... this makes me realize that J stuff sometimes relaxes me too. If I have insomnia I find myself planning how to fix the problem that gave me insomnia, and sometimes that calms me enough to sleep. This makes me wonder if it's the "one person does J stuff and the other doesn't" personal dynamic that I dislike, instead of the actual J stuff.
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    Yes. Completion, organization, etc are motivational and satisfying mentally. I have a whiteboard for tasks and chores for the week.

    I plan to spend Friday night in my pjs paying bills and I am not unhappy about it.

    I have always been this way - I think that's why I have always been a self-starter. I crave accomplishment/achievement/completion. I am always the planner in relationships, romantic or not. I think that's why I always date Ps. They defer to me and seem to like it.

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    Doing J activities varies from neutral to positive for me, depending on the specific task. I can't say I enjoy doing admin that involves people (being put on hold etc). I have a strong negative response when I procrastinate J things I'm meant to do though. I don't feel good unless I'm 'on top' of things. And my things include tracking progress and updating short-medium range plans in addition to the usual. As others mentioned, getting organized/planned can actually be relaxing. If I have a problem, making a plan is step one and usually takes me out of any anxiety I may have been feeling over it.

    As far as relationships go; major pet peeve is the no plan/drive of my P friends. It makes me crazy. I can enjoy their relaxed/chill take on life when we're socializing, I enjoy that then, but I could never handle being in a relationship with a P. I don't like being put into a 'parental' role. And I would resent having to do *all* the J stuff for the two of us. I need to be with a far forward looking J like myself. I expect my SO & I will fall into J-ing separate aspects of our life/household together which would be ideal for me (it doesn't have to be 50-50, just whatever is natural either way).

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    This question is like asking if I fancy going to work everyday; everyone enjoys their vacation days, however I do get homesick after awhile; with no desire to quit.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I like organizing my desk, cleaning out a cupboard,checking things off on to do list. If I'm feeling angry, frustrated, or powerless, I will clean out a closet. It makes me feel in control and like I am accomplishing something. It's not what I do to relax, though.

    And I love a good spreadsheet. It is amazing how many useful ways you can organize the information, and you can make it do all the annoying math. Making a good spreadsheet harmoniously combines logic, creativity, and organization, which are three parts of my personality that don't always get along.
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    I enjoy doing "J" stuff if it means I get to check something off my list or to complete a planning step before lobbing it back into my mind.
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    I cannot stand not planning. I'm just too unefficient without any form of planning. I also have trouble dealing with the unknown so I prefer to act to make it known. At the same time I procrastinate a lot and always have something to distract me from what I know I have to do.

    I am very chaotic for a J. Tests have confirmed that my J is weak.
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