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Saying goodbye to unproductive distractions

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This is a discussion on Saying goodbye to unproductive distractions within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; It's very important to know what your priorities are. Any long term goal requires continuous work. By giving up some ...

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    It's very important to know what your priorities are. Any long term goal requires continuous work. By giving up some of the things you listed, you're giving up some long term goals and you must be certain that's what you want.

    What I'm surprised by is that you're giving up social interaction. When you meet people you talk about things and you're basically giving up most of the things one can talk about. If you want to keep up with social interaction I suggest that you make some changes.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Books: I already stopped reading them. What? books are healthy you say? not when you can't let them down and be productive.
    I'd suggest limiting your book usage instead of totally stopping. Non-fiction books can give you some interesting ideas and fiction could be a good conversation topic. Maybe read a book and then wait for some time before you start another one?

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Movies: STOP WATCHING MOVIES ALONE. It's ok to watch a movie if it's a family plan or if I go to the cinema with friends or something.
    I could agree about that, except that movies can be a good conversation topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]TV shows: Stop this, just stop. Exception: Game of thrones . I'm not a hypocrite! don't judge me!!! stahp it!... But seriously, this is ok cause I will not rewatch any episode and there's only a max of 10 new episodes a year .
    Watching may not be that bad, but rewatching is a serious time waster. I could agree with stopping TV shows in general.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    * Anime: Stop this. I hate you anime, you even made me start reading manga . Anyway. 0 ammounts of anime for me now.
    * Manga: Once a day every two months. There are just some stories that I'm hooked up with, but once every two months is a nice call.
    With risk to offend some people, I think these two are childish and don't find much value in them. Except if you want to connect with other people who are hooked, I don't see a point in them.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Youtube: Stop searching for random stuff, only productive things. If I end up giving in I have to make sure I don't waste more than 10 minutes on this.
    I find lots of useful content in youtube. You just need to sieve through all the bullshit. Youtube can give you good conversation topics. You could try watching things at a higher speed if you want to save time (1.25 or 1.5).

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Browsing the web: Same as youtube.
    It can also be useful in conversations.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Porn: Bye bye porn, hello imagination. What about real women you say? Right now that's a complete different distraction that I don't wanna deal with while I focus on my current work project.
    Porn is completely useless and can also be bad for the health. I've wasted tremendous amounts of time with porn and I wish I didn't. It's just something difficult to stop.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Reddit: Never log in again.
    Reddit is a very good site and I don't know why you want to give it up - I think it's useful to know what is going on around the world and this can also give topics for conversation. Just make a good selection of subreddits.

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    [*]Facebook and instagram: I stoped using them already. I check em out once every two weeks for like 10 minutes and that's it.
    I mostly agree. I find facebook useful for the chat and event organization tough.

    On a different note, doing just useful stuff is not a very good idea. There was a TED video on how important it is to play, but I cannot find it because there are about 10 such videos :)

    Something else you can do is look for better ways to manage your time. That will allow you to not give up on some of the things you like. I don't know where you could save time from, but here are some ideas:
    There are techniques to keep a consistent sleep schedule so that you don't waste time trying to get asleep.
    Try making plans in your head when you have nothing else to do. If you're out and want to do something when you get home (e.g. clean your appartment), think about the exact steps you'll do on your way back so that you don't waste any time.
    You could replace cooking with buying food that's already prepared (there are some good quality foods for such occasions depending on where you live).

    Also, accept that you cannot be productive all the time. You probably won't be able to stick to that so allow some time waste to avoid frustration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by starscream430 View Post
    Good luck!

    Personally, I do like some "dead-time," but I tend to still be thinking of something...even when doing something else. I'm kinda neurotic about my life ...
    Thanks. My plan is my "dead-time" doesn't lead me to obssess about a specific thing (characters, storylines, movie mistakes etc) and end up researching about it for hours.

    And sometimes my "dead-time" keeps just going and going. One episode transforms into 4, 20 mins of youtube videos transform into 2 hours, and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLove21 View Post
    Im the opposite. I sometimes wish that I could sit still and watch youtube videos, netflix, anime a movie or whatever. For years, Ive just gotten bored and find I cant sit still for more than 10 minutes to watch such things on a frequent basis . I dont know if it's anhedonia or if hard working/too much schooling sucked all of the fun out of my life, or what.
    Be thankful you're that way. You're not missing much. Something like what you described is how I want to be... I just want to get to a point where I lose interest in wasting time on youtube netflix and such. I don't think that's related to having/being fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviaGemina View Post
    Could you do your work at a public library or somewhere?
    I always find that I need to be in an official environment to get work done.
    Good point, I'll consider doing half of my work on a different location. It could work, but that's a whole other issue because I could still get my work done each day and use my downtime on this unproductive pastimes. I want to do more things than just work, including socializing, excercising and getting better at my hobby (drawing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTraveller7 View Post
    You want to eliminate unproductive distractions and you write about it on an internet forum?
    Yes, because just thinking about it or writing it to myself hasn't work so far. Putting it out there so the world can see it has a positive effect on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponpiri View Post
    As for making these new habits stick, have you tried finding another motivation for cutting this stuff out? I love film, but stopped going to the movies because the tickets are expensive ($15-22). It was easier to avoid spending money versus quitting cold turkey because of some nebulous idea of being productive.
    The main motivation is growin up. From my perspective, an adult doesn't waste his time as a viewer but rather as an actor. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with enjoying good stories (tv, movies), or doing research, or watching some youtube videos for having a laugh or more research. Those things are pretty healthy. However, if I can't deal with them without having them consume me then it's a good idea to stop cold turkey.

    There's no external motivation similar as wasting money. All of those pastimes are reachable just by having internet. But just the idea of letting go of them for good has a possitive impact on my mindset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiT View Post
    If you have the self-discipline to adhere to this plan (especially the ones that aren't full cold turkey, such as concerning manga and Facebook) then these things shouldn't be problems to begin with..
    Well yeah, maybe the problem is the self-discipline. This plan will help me on it I'm sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by PiT View Post
    Planning around procrastination is extraordinarily hard to do. It is probably better than just staying in the same loop, but for me I just had to learn to move beyond procrastination.
    I'm not sure if I follow you. This might be a language issue, my native thonge is not english. What do you mean by "around procrastination"?... is it like when I say "manga once every two months" or "youtube 10 minutes max"?

    And what do you mean by "beyond procrastination"? and could you give me an example of how you learned to move beyond it?

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    I think INTJ loves to take in an enormous amount of information, and so gets easily distracted from their (all important need for) goals, especially in an environment where distractions are readily available and are designed to consume you, such as television, video games, youtube, etc. Once, I tried to quit using the internet at home, including streaming content - at first, just to save money, but then I wondered what lifestyle changes it would force on me.

    1) For 'downtime' where I needed rest but still wanted some kind of stimulation, instead of browsing the internet or watching Netflix, I did puzzles (we had a murder mystery one, where you solve a mystery with clues that are in the puzzle) and read.
    2) I went on walks more often, learned about new places, talked more with strangers.
    3) I sat quietly and found it easier to relax without noise - often, in those moments, I would remember something I would want to do or become inspired when I was stuck on something.

    Part of productivity, especially for an N user, is to have some freedom to "process" creatively, so I wouldn't cut out leisure activities so much as try to curtail hyper-focusing on them. Personally, I find that the slower the pace, the easier it is for me to change gears or not lose track of how much time I am spending on something.

    I also think @cuddle bun has a good point about diet - and also exercise. I notice I am more restless and productive when I am slightly hungry (rather than starving or very full), and being physically active helps to balance my ability to use discretion over my activities.

    Not that I am doing very spectacular at managing this currently...
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by pixelado View Post
    Thanks. My plan is my "dead-time" doesn't lead me to obssess about a specific thing (characters, storylines, movie mistakes etc) and end up researching about it for hours.

    And sometimes my "dead-time" keeps just going and going. One episode transforms into 4, 20 mins of youtube videos transform into 2 hours, and such.
    Ah! That is an INTJ flaw to be sure. We do love to get obsessed with the stuff we love, whether it be MBTI or other topics (military history for me. There are so many videos and books to view on the topic).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuddle bun View Post
    Well my reaction will probably sound wacky and unusually specific, but ... alternate day fasting is helping me a lot with the same problem. I feel very physically restless on the fasting day. I end up using that restless energy for things like cleaning and errands and more exercise. I also like the separation between food coma time vs. productive time. I am one of those people who gets very sleepy and relaxed when I eat and it's difficult for me to mix that feeling with productivity ... and the end result if I do try to mix them? a ton of netflix alone and random youtube videos and internet research etc just like you mentioned.
    Interesting. I've done experiments with fasting but have not made it a regular practice. But perhaps.. who knows...:)

    Can you tell a bit more? Do you do this fasting all the time? Or not in the weekend perhaps? Do you eat nothing at all or perhaps a very light meal? Do you eat more than you would if you were not fasting on the normal day? How long have you been doing this? Will you keep doing it you think?

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