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Books I am qualified to write

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This is a discussion on Books I am qualified to write within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Great Topic. I laughed out loud at some of the posts. AUTOBIOGRAPHY: How to Win Over Everyone and Never Make ...

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    Great Topic. I laughed out loud at some of the posts.


    How to Win Over Everyone and Never Make Any Actual Friends.

    Inconsistencies in my Personality, or, How to be Confusing as F*** Without Meaning To, Toward People Who Sort-of Know Me.

    Follow Up: Why I'm a Genius Daily Actor with the Consistency of Lime Jello.

    Yay, I'm a Unicorn: WTF Do I Do Now?: Female INTJ Problems.


    Talk to Plants, Not People: Processing Emotions in Nature

    Female INTJs: An Entirely New Species or Gender? A Practical Debate Book.

    Cultural Subtleties in Everyday Conversation and Missing Them Entirely.

    HOW TO:

    Solving The World's Problems the Lazy INTJ Way: Let the Anti-Vaxers Succeed.

    Floordrobes and How to Organize Them.

    Female INTJs in The South: The Scourge of M&M (Mansplaining & Misogyny) and How to Not Implode.

    How to Deal with Emotionally Squishy People; It's Ghastly, but it Must Be Done.


    The Art of Sliding off of Couches: How to Avoid People Knocking at The Door.

    Extreme Social Anxiety, or, Bathrooms are my Friends: How to prevent Panic Attacks in Any Public Place!

    Misunderstanding Females: Same-Gender Sexism & Why Female INTJs Can Get it Wrong.
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    This is an infomercial.

    "How To Perceive The World, Humanity, and Existence"
    . . . with Clarity, Equanimity, and Compassion. . .

    Are you tired of yet another canned and processed philosophical or theological personal ethos claiming instant self-realization, wisdom, and total dissolution of ego?

    Are you bored with reading through the labyrinth of doctrine, dogma, and artificial constructs that promise happiness and freedom from suffering if one would only believe and "give until it hurts" (you are broke)?

    If you answer yes, or even for split second are in doubt of a yes, or answer no but don't realize you have no clue and can't admit it. . .

    . . . then call now for. . . while supplies last.

    . . . 4 volume set, guaranteed results in 30 days or 3000 lifetimes, robe and begging bowl and leather sandals are included.
    . . . all this. . . for only $12 a month.
    . . . operators are standing by for your credit card number. . . (you will be billed monthly until you succeed).

    Insert (Universal Disclaimer).

    End Infomercial:

    * to anyone offended, look up on wikipedia, "satire", "wit", etc.
    * Chan Buddhism practices of transmission. (modern Koan)
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