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Books I am qualified to write

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This is a discussion on Books I am qualified to write within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Autobiographies My Clothes Are Also A Napkin! Only the Good Die Young: How I Lived to be the Oldest Person ...

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    Books I am qualified to write


    My Clothes Are Also A Napkin!
    Only the Good Die Young: How I Lived to be the Oldest Person in History
    Dead and Berried: Memoirs of SoCal's #1 Fruit Waster
    I'm Not Poor but Many of My Decisions Are


    Most Things Don't Take That Long: A Guide for Chronic Overplanners
    Know When to Fold 'Em: Making Peace with Your Clothes Pile
    If You're Reading This You're Weak: Freeing Yourself From Self-Help Books


    Perpendicular: The Art of Storing Books So You Can Continue Hoarding
    Fewer Words, Greater Authority: Managing People With A Blank Stare (Alternate title: "Bitch Slap With Your Eyes")
    Using Pinterest to Construct an Unlikely But Not Impossible Dream Life
    Analyze This... and That: A Guide to Complexly Deconstructing EVERYTHING
    When Do You Have To: Realistic Advice on When to Tie Your Shoes, Call People Back, and More!
    Be the Meanest Mom Possible! (forward written by my kid)

    General Nonfiction

    Google Search Would Beat My Mom In A Game Show About Me (and Vice Versa)
    Index to Total Daily Dosages for Most OTC drugs
    One-Handed Activity Books for the Following Scenarios:
    Cat Laying Across Your Arm In Order to Lick Your Pocket
    Cat Insistent on Being Pet
    Dog Insistent on Being Pet (much shorter)
    Eating a Burrito
    Reading an Actual Book That Maybe You're Bored Of
    Using a Remote to Surf Sunday Morning T.V.
    Phone Call from Boss 10 Minutes After Getting Home From Work
    Phone Call from Lonely Friend/Relative
    Texting Friend Who Never Solves Their Only (Yet Recurring) Problem
    Put It In "H": A Simpsons Quote for Every Occasion
    Feet Aren't Delicious - this would actually be a reminder book that looks like an address book (look it up, youngsters!) but only tells you what topics you shouldn't bring up around certain people e.g. deceased parents, infertility, breakups (with applicable "expiration dates"), plastic surgeries, litigation, etc. so you don't accidentally mention them/that topic/make jokes.

    Your turn
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    1. Confessions of a capitalist carnivore

    2. Work in the clothes you slept in!

    3. Loving the boy not next door

    4. When backed into a corner go through the wall

    5. When everything you like about yourself is likely a result of issues (previously titled 'Building Character')

    6. Balance: a guide from the world's fussiest nymphomaniac

    7. When doing your best, plan anyway (it makes no difference, but it feels great!)

    8. What to do when you wake up on a moving rock to the sound of tick-tock and feel awkward about it (see also: Loving the boy not next door)

    9. Does the INTJ female eat her offspring? (and all your other stupid questions answered)

    10. How to not kill anyone when interacting with the public (skip to chapter 12 if you're at the grocery store and find yourself already scanning for possible places to put a body)

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    It would appear that this thread is probably "up-there" in terms of interest. Following the template:


    Dealing with INTJ's: Are they always right?
    Re-defining Social Interaction: Necessary or avoidable?
    Observing the world: An insight into the bigger picture.
    Illusions of Life and Time: What do we really perceive?


    A complete compendium in efficiency: How to maximize efficiency in all your activities.
    Using English Grammar properly, 3rd Volume.
    In matters of principle and opinion; Standing like a rock.
    Complete Anonymity: The length of which to go to hide your identity.

    General non-fiction

    (I am genuinely surprised this hasn't been mentioned as off yet) Sarcasm: The complete edition.

    I will endevour to add more titles to this. This topic is genuinely a brilliant idea.
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    1. How to make the best of your sexsomnia

    2. Pop, Drop & Troll

    3. Do you look like a rapist too?

    4. Meditations on Masturbation

    5. Live like a Fart: 101 ways to be a suicide bomber

    6. The Myth of Refractory Period ("We must imagine Stawker happy")

    7. Finding Emo

    8. How to be a pleasant misanthrope

    9. Hairy Potter and The Overgrown Ass Hair

    10. Life is just boneless Death
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    I am always right and not you : Avoid mental diseases and bad decisions by being me

    Happiness is not the point : Why you shouldn't learn about epistemology and this book

    The morals of morals : How idiots are losing the war against intelligence

    How to pet a stray cat in 3 weeks
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    Travel With Depression
    Be Your Own Boss, Make Six Figures and Live Anywhere
    Heart Surgery Without Love
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    Lol It's Not Actually Hard Tho: How to Succeed at Things That Supposedly Take Years of Training While People with Years of Training Give You Side-Eye
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    * You're important! Diluting yourself that others analize every little detail of your behavior

    * How to get nothing done in a day

    * Don't give up: The art of staying up all night

    * Memory techniques to remember random useless facts instead of important things

    * You can do it: Annoying people with details during social interactions

    * Learn today how to give too much importance to every decision

    * Everything you need to know about pornography

    * The art of being socially awkward
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    You Can't, You Won't, and You Don't Stop: 20+ years of Listening to 90s Music

    !D!07: the Joys of Making Complicated (and Forgettable!) Passwords

    Insufficiente: Learning Enough Italian to Impress Only People That Don't Know Any Italian
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    Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Must Sleep

    When You And Trouble Come As a Package Deal

    How To Detach Yourself From Your Anger

    An Endless Chase of Cat And Mouse. When The Roles of Who Is Which Are Blurred Beyond Recognition

    The Pain in the Ass Or The Art Of Picking Up On Unwritten Rules

    For Your Own Silent And Destructive Crescendo - When You Are Constantly Trying To Shake Your Fate

    When One Has To Always 'Consider How Your Words Might Affect Those Around You. Try Not To Dwell On The Negatives.'

    Why Things Look Better From a Distance

    For Adrenaline Addicts: The Blessing Which Does Miracles

    "Nobody knows my name". The Art of Invisibility: How to Make People Blind to Your Depth

    The More Directed Form of Nuclear Fall-Out Or The Side-Effect of Being Me. Intentionally and Unintentionally Running Behind

    Do You Tell Jokes in The Same Way Wednesday Addams Tells Them? Why It Isn't Funny Until The Truth Spikes Your Eardrums

    When Your Awkward Inner Turtle Isn't Going To Disappear. The Certainty of Going To Break a Record

    The Highs and The Lows of Living with Overactive Imagination

    The Methods I Employ: Why Illegal Is Always Faster
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