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Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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This is a discussion on Your Favorite Fictional Characters within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Which are the fictional characters (from movies, TV shows and/or comic books) you identify yourself the most with? My fave ...

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    Which are the fictional characters (from movies, TV shows and/or comic books) you identify yourself the most with?
    My fave characters aren't necessarily ones that I can identify with. Moreso, they have traits that differ enough to be interesting and often admirable. The definitive commonality between all of them is that they score low on the Neuroticism dimension and most orient towards logic, albeit not all.

    Dr. Spencer Reid
    DCI Cassie Stewart
    Dr. Dylan Reinhart
    Thomas Shelby
    Ragnar Lothbrok (first two seasons)
    DCI John Luther
    Dr. Joan Watson
    Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes (first two seasons)
    Newt Scamander
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    The Doctor (Doctor Who, esp. The 11th for being wise yet still a child)
    Steve Rogers (Captain America, for his humility)
    Dr. Watson (Sherlock, how he grounds Sherlock)
    Newt Scamander (For his integrity and love for lesser creatures)
    Naruto (out-casted but still firmly loyal and a beacon of hope)
    Eleanor Crain/Nell (Haunting of Hill House, the emotional glue of her family)

    Non-Fictional :

    Keanu Reeves
    Jim Carrey (modern)

    They are wise beyond their years and are often misunderstood for it. I can only hope to achieve that balance and outlook of life they have now. I have my moments but it is hard to hold onto.

    EDIT : I just realized I posted in the INTJ forum as an INFJ. Forgive me in my haste to post this in passion. :P

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    Just adding to my previous list:

    L from Death Note (TV series)
    Morgaine from Mists of Avalon (book)

    Belle From Beauty and the Beast still remains my favourite character, though. I don't know how many retellings of it I have read, but I love her in every single one.

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