[INTJ] Your Favorite Fictional Characters

Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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This is a discussion on Your Favorite Fictional Characters within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Which are the fictional characters (from movies, TV shows and/or comic books) you identify yourself the most with?...

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    Your Favorite Fictional Characters

    Which are the fictional characters (from movies, TV shows and/or comic books) you identify yourself the most with?
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    I love any kind of sassy/witty funny character, I also just love kickass people. Like Han Solo, Dumbledore (he's funnier in the books), the Weasley twins, Maggie tWD, Elizabeth Benneth from Pride & Prejudice (book), Olivia in Fringe (love her, one of my faves), Elizabeth in The Crown (still have to watch S2 though), Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, Lord Varys, Ygritte, Olenna Tyrell (also one of my all time faves) ,...

    Usually people that make the most informed and logical decisions are a fave. But I also have a sassy kind of humour myself so I tend to like those kind of characters. The combination of humour and intelligence always results in the most relatable characters for me personally.

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    Raymond Reddington. Only outlaws are free.
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    Hmm... Favorite characters are different from those I personally identify with.

    Favorites are characters like Daenerys (GoT - the exception here; I totally identify with her badassery), Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Jon Snow (GoT), among others.

    But characters I actually identify with are people like Homura (Madoka Magica), Tommy (The Fountain), Levi Ackerman (AoT - also a favorite), among others.

    I guess it isn't intuitive that the two aren't one in the same? Favorites are characters I adore and understand, but maybe not necessarily identify or agree with, but would admire and support regardless; characters I identify with are those whose shoes I can easily place myself, from whose eyes I can easily see the world, and can actually feel where they're coming from as if I were experiencing it with them.
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    I see myself in parts of Jane Smith (Mr & Mrs Smith) and Root (Person of Interest). Both intelligent 'feminine' 'true neutral' INTJs. Both highly driven/capable, not 'normal', always up to something with their sense of humor not far behind. Jane has the highly controlled aspect (running her household, her company & more) while making it appear effortless and all in good taste. Root has the well worn half smiles, the self enjoyment/playfulness and a human element I strongly relate to.
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    I don't know, there are so many fictional characters, and it would take me a long time to ratchet-wrench my way through them going "yes," "no," "here," there."

    But I'm watching Cronenberg's *The Dark Zone* again, and while I'm probably the only person alive who can't do a good Walken impersonation, I feel close to the main character.

    I read the book as a kid, but I don't remember many of those pulp fiction books except the bare bare structure.

    Also, Julien Sorel from *The Red and The Black* -- I've tried to watch some of the movie versions, but the book is so good I just had to turn off the movies. Lots of internal monologue and clever bons mots from Stendhal.

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    I filled this out on an old thread recently which never really seemed to catch on. Here's a quote from it. Click the blue arrows to read other people's responses, but it's not specific to INTJs. These aren't FAVORITES, but ones I see bits of myself in.

    Quote Originally Posted by brightflashes View Post


    Belle - All incarnations of Beauty and the Beast
    Anya - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Amelie - Amelie
    Stan - South Park
    Stewie - Family Guy
    Gregory House - House M.D.
    Dexter Morgan - Dexter
    Sherlock Holmes - BBC's Sherlock
    Raven - Teen Titans Go!
    Jon Snow - Game of Thrones (HBO)

    Fitzchivalry Farseer - Assassin's Apprentice / Robin Hobb
    Bridei - The Bridei Chronicles / Juliette Marillier
    Bambi - Bambi / Felix Salten
    Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones / George R. R. Martin
    I don't think I could list all of my favorite characters, but if I can condense a list, I'll come back and put it in this thread.
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    Your Favorite Fictional Characters

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Scorpion View Post
    Which are the fictional characters (from movies, TV shows and/or comic books) you identify yourself the most with?
    When you say identify, does that mean whom I can see myself the most? Well i can relate to Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. He's also my fictional crush (and love? Hehehe), and that was even before i was made aware of mbti. He's infp coincidentally. His past and his path to redemption is what's most striking for me. I made several mistakes in the past too and i hope i could be as committed to redemption as he is.

    I can relate to his goofiness on the outside but sadness in the inside. I am frequently like that. There's so much jealousy, envy and / or hate in the world that sadden me. And what's moew saddening is the fact that I haven't done anything to help the people i care about the most or the society as a whole so i really admired Kenshin's commitment to his ideals as the result of his painful past.

    As for other fictional characters, i am typically drawn to people who redeemed themselves (similar to Kenshin) or those that are really good hearted but their past experiences made them hard as a rock. Sample: Apostle Paul (opps he's not a fictional character, sorry), Stitch (ok not a person but more of a person to me), Magneto (but i like him better when paired/combined with his best friend prof x), John Preston, Sherlock Holmes, protagonist from the movie Zap, Jellal Fernández, hiroshima (first hokage), captain america, thor, rocket racoon, fox from Zootopia, gladiator maximus, etc.. i have always believed that there is goodness in each of us no matter how evil he project himself to be, he/she just needs love, care or acceptance / understanding.. and i always want to believe that at the end of things, goodness always truimphs against evil.

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    I kind of have an odd sense of kinship with Rick Sanchez (*Rick & Morty*). Mostly his tendency to be a hot mess, not so much the gadget-mechanical-engineering elements. He's also pretty upfront about being a racist, sexist, elitist misanthropic asshole.

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