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The Non-Interactive Fi Goo Thread - now with specific ground rules

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This is a discussion on The Non-Interactive Fi Goo Thread - now with specific ground rules within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I can NOT always be the one who holds up the relationship and acts like an adult in these situations....

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    I can NOT always be the one who holds up the relationship and acts like an adult in these situations.
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    I watched the above video, which is a historical breakdown of "Dances with Wolves" (one of my favorite childhood films) and it segued into an explanation of the Keystone Pipeline situation, which hasn't been too much in the news lately.

    It made me feel sad and ashamed and wishing/wondering if I could live a lifestyle which allowed me to take off and support/protest situations in a way that fulfills my "soul."

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    I still can’t watch anything, reality or fictional, that comes close to how my mum died.
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    i got around, finally, to telling mr you-must-have-an-outside-interest-or-you'll-implode counsellor of a year ago about my whole opera thing.

    he actually asked why lucia di lammermoor. i'm not too sure why he did, but he got his little ipad ready and really meant it. so i was happy to try and explain. i mean, i don't know. maybe it's just that someone is paying him to humour me, but i don't think so somehow.

    i did try to explain. in each opera different things have reached out from the side alleys of youtube and grabbed me by the arm, and most of hte time the music itself has been at least half of it. but chi me frena, my entry point into lucia, is different. that one got me by the throat.

    it's because - i told him - apart from the sheer complexity of the sestet and the weaving and blending of the four parts, it is the confrontation of the whole thing. it's the point after which everything starts to break down. and yet it's the only ensemble/showdown i know of so far in which all the actors are on the same stage at the same time, and their individual parts are about one another. it's this culmination point in the whole thing where the confrontational structures are at their peak in a logistical sense and yet psychologically they break down. and it's right where in a more standard structure - the other operas that i know so far would simply use the encounter to escalate. or if not that then at least to re-iterate and retrench the positions they're already in.

    it honestly moves me to death. it's pointless. it goes nowhere valuable - by the next scene edgardo is out of his mind, lucia is on the way off the rails, and ectore's forgotten all about her. but this one scene where the two primary antagonists forget about their own selves in their thoughts about her shapes the whole story for me.

    the choir in lucia is another aspect of the same thing. nominally they seem to be ectore's people. BUT when it's edgardo who's imploding, in the second part of that same scene, they dont' respond to the curses and malediction. they respond to the pain.

    when he's in the graveyard and learns that lucia is dead, they don't reproach him for it. they counterpoint his grief. and when he pulls out the dagger the cry isn't 'do it'; it's 'return to your self' until it's too late.

    lucia keeps pulling its punches right at the "critical" parts. i think it just comes down to that. it seems like an opera where humanity can't change the story but in every moment it always wins.
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    A man I'm involved with announced he wants to buy my aging parents gifts recently (just because, I guess) and I'm surprised by how sweet I find that to be. It's not something I thought would ever hit my radar as far as touching gestures go, especially since my history with my parents is very complicated. Really, though.
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    I've started a job where I'm at the bottom of the totem pole. I'm glad I'm at a point in life where, when my (younger) supervisor talks to me like I'm a total idiot because she assumes entry-level = incompetent, I'm simply amused. Girl, you have no idea where I come from, and I'm not about to tell you.

    I'm making more money at a job that takes almost zero effort and no education than I did during my 'career' that I went into debt over and devoted all my energy to supporting. Just, I can't believe how different it is... it's an entirely different world to not be abused and imposed on by my employer every day.

    ….I'm... going to be bitter for a while.
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    Since I've got back to the states, the FBI has issued a warning (this past week) of a school shooting threat in my state, my back has flared up beyond agony, my depression seems just barely treated, and my tummy troubles are back. While Turi is definitely a plus, it's not to do with him; my whole body is aching to get back to Australia. I would have never guessed that a place could hold such healing powers and I'm not trying to make it out to be mystical or whatever. I just mean, something about it makes me feel young and unburdened.

    Me and hp2 have different ideas about how to do this (move), but I'm - very out of characteristic - sort of over the whole planning (I have been doing it for at least 10 years) and now I'm just like k, I know everything I need to to get there - I just want to go back basically yesterday.
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    I've gone back to my half-finished play and am trying to rewrite and edit it into a short play. That will give me a better basis for a full-length play, as first drafts are meant to be butchered.

    It's all about my rather complicated relationship with my parents. I blamed them for a lot of things, but as they got older they became more accepting. Both being SJs, that was quite tough. I acted out as a teenager as I grew up feeling different.

    My father was my anchor, though.
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    I know I just referenced this in the venting thread but the thoughts churned in my brain for a spell afterward:

    I think it kinda plucks the INTJ heartstrings when someone does exactly the right thing, especially when they seem to do it without knowing that's what you need.

    INTP does seem at times uncertain how to approach/handle some situations, and truthfully, I don't blame him. Normally, I have it together and even if I don't, I power through. That's what I do. I handle all the things. I am a pillar. I am impenetrable.

    Until I'm not. Until I can't. Until it's been sucked out of me and I'm exhausted and stressed to a point where I can't see or imagine or create my future. I don't think a lot of people understand how disheartening it is when you live in the longview and suddenly, you're completely blind, like a pilot in a terrible storm.

    INTP though.... he strolls in and handily removes the weight from my shoulders as long as I need him to. No questions, no assessment, just picks it up and holds it so I have space and time to breathe. He'll stand there and hold it forever if that's what I need/want, patiently and without complaint.

    Even though I tell him otherwise, he seems to believe that he's doing an incomplete job. He feels bad because he's not fixing anything or giving me direction or encouraging me or "saying the right thing" but I don't need that. Those things will come once I collect myself. Those are areas where I'm self-propelled. I am an arrogant fuck.

    I don't need a cheerleader. I just need extra fortification sometimes.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    A friend of mine (INFJ, btw) who I haven't seen since we graduated high school in 1998 (that's 21 years, yo!) stopped by today and visited both my INFP BFF and me. Also, I had to work on the roof today and I'm a-scared of heights and it's a 2-story house.
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