[INTJ] INTJs in Creative Fields

INTJs in Creative Fields

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This is a discussion on INTJs in Creative Fields within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Hi y'all! Rather than going into STEM, I'm a musician and have always loved the creative fields instead of the ...

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    INTJs in Creative Fields

    Hi y'all!

    Rather than going into STEM, I'm a musician and have always loved the creative fields instead of the stereotype of the INTJ becoming a chess master/scientist/researcher/supervillan etc.

    My question:
    Any other odd-ball INTJ "Scientists" that aren't in STEM fields? How has your personality revealed itself in your art? What are the goals that you have for your art? What drew you towards the creative fields rather than the more technical ones?


    I'm a musician and budding composer and producer and depth and detail of the work has always drawn me towards it. If someone asked me what else I'd like to do as a career outside of music... I honestly have no idea what I'd do. Music has always been there for me. I don't know where I'd go.

    If anyone knows Adam Neely the YouTuber, professional bassist, music theorist and Master Memer he's also said he's an INTJ. There's dozens of us! Dozens! Anyone know any others?
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    creative/artistic are separate things. just wanting to get that distinction cleared up. you can get workmanlike 'technician' pianists and painters and ballet dancers, and you can find innovators and 'creative' minds on the science side.

    and. . . trying to explain what i mean: i fall in a pretty grey zone. no interest in any of the stem stuff and far too non-methodical to take that approach. but i'm defiintely not the population you're reaching out for. i do my own thing in my paratechnical field, but i'm about as 'artistic' as a bowl of wet cheerios.

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    I actually have had some difficulty with my "type" because I seem to have this equal ability to do very well in art and science. I was a science major in college, but that was after being an art major for a year. I'm a creative type, which I think can do well in either.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I've been making living as an artist for gosh.. 7 years or so. Fractal graphics. I quit last year because I had creative burnout, now I'm working as a project manager in IT (helps me learn social skills lol). I can't imagine my life without doing art but I feel that doing it as a profession gradually messed with the original purpose of me doing art. Which is mostly art therapy, it's one of my key coping mechanisms to keep depression at bay. So I continue doing art, but now I do only what I want to do. It liberated my creative process, not having to worry about making "likeable" art, I got back to creating stuff that feels authentic.
    I've always leaned towars art more than STEM fields (I do, however, have masters degree in humanities, so I am a scientist of sorts, I guess). I used to draw and write short stories as well. One day I'd like to take a shot at music as well :) Glad to hear there are more INTJs out there who are more into art than "science".
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    I used to do lapidary (gemstone cutting) and gemstone design fulltime many years ago.
    I dabble and indulge in many creative hobbies these days, though. My threshold for boredom isn't very high.
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    I have an appreciation for art, but I'm not creative enough to pick up painting/sculpting as a hobby. I love going to art museums though. Restoring furniture is something that I've been doing for a while and it's something that I enjoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by dissolveme View Post
    What drew you towards the creative fields rather than the more technical ones?
    I honestly have no answer for this. I've been drawn to art/creative fields ever since I can remember.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I went to school for, and am (slowly) working to get an actual job in, an art-related field. For me, I pursued 3D modeling, with an emphasis on organic models. I'm a pretty darn good sculptor when I put in any effort at all, and a decent one with little to no real "effort."

    I'm currently working in corporate real estate. I have ZERO passion or interest in my job outside of the fact that I work for a decent company, my work style with my ADD isn't a problem, and it pays for my racing. So, I have no complaints persay other than when other people are all motivated about what they want to do with their careers - well, honestly, I don't want to be doing this. BUT, my racing is more important than a job I have passion for, so until I can find the right combination of income and work, I'll stick with my company.
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