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What INTJ stereotypes do you not fit/contradict?

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This is a discussion on What INTJ stereotypes do you not fit/contradict? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I've never fit into the stereotype of 'hates hugs and affection.' However, when I hug those I care about they ...

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    I've never fit into the stereotype of 'hates hugs and affection.' However, when I hug those I care about they often act sort of surprised, so maybe I come off that way somehow...

    Quote Originally Posted by Catwalk View Post
    You are perhaps bored.
    Yep, when bored, for me. Which really confuses people when they think I'm being serious or have some emotional investment into a debate.
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    WRT debate, for me it's highly situational.

    If I think it will be fun, sure. (I do treat thinking less like a game than many of the XNTPs I know seem to, but "debate" as an entertaining mode of communication works well between myself and some of my friends/acquaintances.)

    If I think the debate will be educational for one or both parties, or maybe for "audience members," sure.

    But most of the time neither of those things is actually true, as far as I can perceive, and I'm acutely aware that getting pulled into debates often turns out to be misuse of my time/energy. I do sometimes feel a push/pull between what could be interpreted as two different expressions of Te: part of me wants to correct people where I think they're getting something wrong and defend my perspectives, part of me polices my own resource usage and wants not to get sidetracked by someone else's bullshit.

    Other than that: I am exceedingly human. All of the things that INTJs per the robotic stereotype never experience or feel or do - like caring about what others think of them, or crying, etc. etc. - I experience, feel and do at least every once in a while. And I'm self-aware enough and honest enough to freely admit to it.

    Stereotypes that apply to INTJ that are based on scoring J on the Myers-Briggs J/P dichotomy are very hit or miss with me. I fit the INTJ cognitive functions profile rather well, but J/P is the dichotomy I score closest to 50% on. If it involves organizing my physical environment outside of pursuit of some highly specific goal, assume I suck at it.

    I enjoy many activities that people would associate with the stereotypical Se-dom. Night clubs, substances, etc. They get me out of my head, which fills my head with all sorts of new things to analyze to death, in the long run. I just can't do too much of them at once without throwing myself way off-kilter, so that stuff is in my "rare treat" bin.

    Some other aspects of the INTJ stereotype probably seem like they fit me from the outside but make no sense to me from an insider's perspective. e.g. I'm aware that I can come across as intellectually strident when I'm in articulation mode, so I get that I might seem "confident" some of the time from some perspectives. But confidence as an across the board personality trait is something I consider suspect - in a way, a form of bias - and would not want to have as a rule, nor is it something I find particularly admirable or useful in others. As far as I'm concerned level of confidence in anything (including in me) should be somewhat context-dependent and based on a rolling evaluation. I do trust my own mind, but mostly because I have more control over my own reasoning processes than I have over anyone else's.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    How many INTJs would say they're more Leonard than Sheldon?
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    How come there are more organized and complete bullet point lists on this same topic in the INFP forum than in the INTJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirt View Post
    How come there are more organized and complete bullet point lists on this same topic in the INFP forum than in the INTJ?
    We are actually incredibly good at mental organization. Categories, sub-categories, addendums, flow-charts, lists....
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    Here's your bullet points, ya filthy animal:

    • I would not really consider myself a meticulous person in general. I comfortably live in controlled chaos - my impeccable organization is localized within my mind.
    • I don't at all look like any stereotype of an INTJ (which we all know is absolute garbage info for the perpetuated by the willingly uneducated/misinformed). Right now, I'm rocking long, black nails, snow white hair, and a comfortable double-digit percentage of my skin is tattooed. I still dress in that 1990s Riot Grrl grunge style. If something needs to be ironed or de-cat haired, oh well. Ain't happenin'. Conversely, my INTP is like the King of Ironing.
    • I don't have difficulty relating to or understanding other people - in fact, I am often told that I come off as charming and a "people person" when, truthfully, I am just trying to get through the social situation in a painless and uncomplicated way. I "get" people - it simply does not fulfill me to meet new people and make new friends.
    • I don't proofread or punctuate my texts unless the message would be confusing without punctuation.
    • I am a super schmoopy and affectionate person. I am ok with strangers hugging/touching me if it's not a creepy "press your breasts against me" kinda deal.
    • I have no interest in taking over the world (the stupidest stereotype and personally, my least favorite). It's waaaay too much responsibility:
      a. I don't actually enjoy being in charge. I am much happier being second-in-command (i.e. pass on the time-consuming and/or messy stuff); however, I keep ending up in leadership positions somehow. My preference is to work alone and be bothered/interrupted scarcely. I don't think that is compatible with taking over the world.
      b. I don't particularly have any interest in dictating to people how their lives should be lead.

    RE: debate

    I don't debate much but I don't shrink from it either. It's my ace card. I only play it when absolutely necessary because, boy, some people get a severe case of the butt hurts when they get stampeded and then that's a whole new element that I may have to/hypothetically should attend to. Therefore, I would say I don't debate much because either no one engages me or because it's not worth the fallout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirt View Post
    How come there are more organized and complete bullet point lists on this same topic in the INFP forum than in the INTJ?
    Probably because the responses here have been short and to the point. Ask a question with longer answers required and we'll probably organize it.
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    I can be quite chatty. I'm open with my emotions (once I'm comfortable with someone) and I'm empathetic.
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    Extroverted. In command. Not a shy bone in my body.
    Able to take charge socially and professionally, and in a fair and likeable, cooperative and organized manner.
    Able to lead to excellence, self and others, groups and businesses.
    . . . . . .
    but, after more than 50 years. . . . . I'm done, finished, kaput, zip, nada . . . . . . . Whew~!~
    . . . . . .
    now throwing away my super suit armor. . . . .
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    I perpetually see myself as not anything like the stereotypes and then people point out that I am playing out the INTJ stereotypes.

    I don't want to take over the world. That sounds dumb. I have a bit of a "mystic" streak associated with Ni that I think most INTJs either don't have or don't admit to having. Like lilysocks, I prefer fiction to non, but I don't read fiction exclusively. Deffo not a neat and tidy sort of person, but I do keep things manageable and I know where everything is - unless someone else moved it.

    I'm sensitive and I mean in all areas like: sensory stimulus, certain words, certain subjects (like suicide), etc.

    I'd say I don't dress like one because I don't wear exclusively black, grey, and white, but then, I have bought the exact same dress in at least 6 different prints and I have who knows how many peplum tops. If I find jeans I like, I buy them in multiple colours. I do prefer utility, but not on a grey scale alone.

    Horrible at spelling.
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