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INTJ Intolerances - Work Specific

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This is a discussion on INTJ Intolerances - Work Specific within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; So I realized something today at work - I really already knew this about myself, but today it just really ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    INTJ Intolerances - Work Specific

    So I realized something today at work - I really already knew this about myself, but today it just really came to light. I like to think I'm pretty tolerant and flexible about a variety of things, and while I hold high standards, I do realize mistakes happen, and generally I can be fairly forgiving.

    Today it just really came to light, however, that when someone else chooses to head in the wrong direction, does not get permission to do so, and is not authorized to do so, and in doing so, ends up making me look bad, I have absolutely no tolerance for it. None.

    For some context, I manage a lease administration group for a large contract client for my company. I am one of two "on-site" people for our group, and the lion's share of the work is handled by a company hub in Tennessee. Because of this, I end up being the one interfacing with the client and, ultimately, the one held responsible for things happening. Biggest issue being, I have zero actual ability or power to force actions on the hub-based team.

    Someone on that team made a decision to try to delay the payment in order to reduce their workload (with no authorization to do so) that delayed a payment (that was sent through as urgent) and the Landlord and Business Unit are all looking for this payment. Since I'm the one in between, and the information I had said it was being processed, finding out otherwise and now the payment is delayed several days from when it could have been made - well, needless to say, I'm irate!

    Now I'm sitting here running around, trying to appear calm and orderly while stamping out all the various little fires all the while knowing that those who already don't like having contractors here are just adding this to their list of things to complain about - and guess who ends up sitting in the trial chair? Yours truly.

    To add fuel to the flames, I go to vent on my FB (I know, stupid, but I needed to vent somewhere) and two people immediately jump on and tell me I shouldn't be posting those kinds of things on social media (I used the word "murder" in my post, but it was CLEARLY a vent about work crap, not something insensitive to what has happened here lately other than using that particular word) and they got all butt hurt that I would use that word - so ended up deleting that post, which just made me all the more p!$$ed off.
    So, in thinking about my reactions to this, and wondering why it got me so upset that I was almost picking up the phone and chewing someone out in a one-way conversation, I realized that it wasn't the scramble, or the mistakes, or even the bad decisions that got me so upset. It was the fact that they are completely and utterly removed from the situation and have no care whatsoever that they make the rest of us look like idiots.

    Fellow INTJs, what are some work-related intolerance you may have? I have clearly defined one that, again, I kind of knew about but hadn't really defined.
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    This is why some people prefer to work alone or in very small teams where things are a bit more natural and less responsible overall while allowing the work to be done without wasting too much if any energy on social things.

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    "Too many cooks in the kitchen" syndrome, basically, is what I find sets me off most currently. If I have work I prefer it to be my work, and everyone else leave it be, let me sink or swim alone. Meetings that involve 5 people of roughly the same job description trying to do the same work just result in everyone tripping over everyone else's feet. It slows everything down, effort gets duplicated, people talk more about work than they actually work, etc. I know "efficiency" is such an INTJ buzzword that this will sound cliche but... the inefficiency of it is insufferable.

    Unfortunately I work in tech and "collaborative" work environments are in vogue right now. I'm rather at odds with the culture.
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    People who act helpless about a situation when it's their own laziness to blame. Similar to you.

    I had a problem with one of our reference labs. Contacted the rep. She fed me some bs and I found out (through a little light investigation).

    Now, I have two styles of incendiary anger:

    1. Fact propelled: I get all of my facts lined up, double check for accuracy (there's no stupider reason to lose an argument than your own carelessness, esp at the hands of emotion), and prepare to unleash my airtight argument in a way that paints them more and more tightly into a corner if they try and continue with their lies/bullshit. This stage still allows room for forgiveness/amends.

    2. Action propelled: fuck you. I gave you your chance and either you think I'm an idiot or you're just a phenomenal idiot and I apologize for not giving you your due credit (sometimes both, I guess?). Now I just do the thing - follow through on whatever alternative action I threatened (I rarely enter a serious argument without an alternative plan at least somewhat in motion. This type of argument is futile if you're not going to yank the carpet out from underneath them). You won't hear from me because I'm too busy putting your stupidity on display for everyone to see.

    So this rep, I start with method 1 and just aggressively put her into a figurative corner until the voice on the other end was silent. I got my way (or so it seemed!) buuuuuttttttt always have that ace up your sleeve. Met with another lab that offered insanely competitive pricing (I'm talking like half price on average). Set up that account, started moving business over. Rep 1 fell through with her promise and I yanked all of our business from that lab. So now she's more than welcome to explain to her boss where our $60k/annual lab account went and why.

    Like you, I'm level-headed (imo) but boy, when someone hits that button I'm like Liam Neeson from Taken but on PCP level of vengeance. It's probably not my best look

    And if I am in your position where I'm in the hot seat and completely powerless AND not responsible, I can probably spit nails. I get so angry. There's no way I could've sat through that and not had to relieve steam somehow.
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    Endless conference calls where everyone talks about the minutiae of their jobs and I have zero input. Happened at my previous work place. Toward the end I'd set the volume real low, and space out while staying on the line just for appearances sake.

    I like to get to my goals rather than understand exactly how everyone operates, 'I don't care how you do it as long as it's done' type of idea.
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    I worked as a Business Analyst, so a lot of my work (outside of individual projects) was performing data analysis that was requested from other employees. The main thing I wouldn't tolerate in the office was people being stupid for no good reason.

    If I create a piece of analysis for you, don't piss around with the document and then come back to me confused when it looks a mess. The number of people who do not possess basic Microsoft skills in a professional environment is bloody shocking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
    I like to get to my goals rather than understand exactly how everyone operates, 'I don't care how you do it as long as it's done' type of idea.
    can't help it. i disapprove of the sentiment so much and i still find myself silently singing guy davis to myself all the time. 'it don't matter how you do it, just as long as you get it done'.
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    Here's one I would hate: Someone asks you to take the minutes of the meeting.

    FUCK NO.

    I always silently snicker when someone is asked unexpectedly. And they go "happy to!" but you see them just dying on the inside.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by lilysocks View Post
    'it don't matter how you do it, just as long as you get it done'.
    ^ This. My previous supervisor was INTJ and he would just be like "please do X", and I'd do X (probably differently than he would have done it, but same result in the end), and everything would be great, end of story. I detest being micromanaged, and he most certainly did not. He told me what he wanted and clarified questions, but otherwise cut me loose to get it done.
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    People who won't leave shit alone and waste time picking at something that does not warrant the time/effort/resources they're expending.

    I have an employee who I'll mention something is a problem and it's evident that it's an issue based on superficial, basic evidence. No investigation needed. I'll ask her to write up a thing on it and instead of just writing up what needs to be done, she wastes her time combing through all this stuff, nitpicking, making spreadsheets that are unnecessary. Like what are you doing?!

    The prior office manager was similar - she would not drop shit. Made unnecessary busywork (similar to what aforementioned employee does) because she just dragged things out forever. Let. It. Go.
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