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The INTJ dream

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This is a discussion on The INTJ dream within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I found this thread in the ISFP forum and really enjoyed it. It probably resonates with my right now because ...

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    The INTJ dream

    I found this thread in the ISFP forum and really enjoyed it. It probably resonates with my right now because this is something that's been on my mind a lot lately.

    I would like to propose the same question in the INTJ forum (of course, all types welcome):

    What is your dream? It can be something attainable, goals you're actively working towards, or lean more towards fantasy.

    For me:

    Married to a kind, intelligent man who loves cleaning in a nonjudgmental way. Maybe one more child.

    A nice 1,800-2,200ish sf house with a lot of space between neighbors but a populated town/small city within 30 minutes. Roomy, modern kitchen, a library with one of those rolling ladders, comfy movie watching setup, lots of windows. Water view (probably a lake). Catio. Guest area is either a basement or detached from the main house.

    Self-employed maybe running a bakery or doing something artistic or something like computer repair. One nice vacation a year (i.e. need a passport) and a lot of weekend trips. Decent amount of play money after having amply saved. Excellent health insurance.

    Time and energy to devote to playing hockey again, reading, leisure baking, calligraphy.

    Just a lot of freedom/lack of burden in every sense.
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    Im not saying which is right or wrong, dont get me wrong. Im only saying i look at it vastly different. I consider all you listed as the icing on the cake that i cant really be bothered thinking about.

    My dream is self improvement and doing well in my chosen profession. Build a strong investment portfolio of shares and property. Do that well enough and the rest is simply a byproduct.

    I dont know about other INTJs but holidays seem like work to me. I never understood why i needed a few days of doing nothing after a holiday until i understood how we operate. Id jokingly say i need a holiday to recover from a holiday.

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    Skill training -> finally stepping into the official title of my profession -> starting luxury bar soap and fragrance line that I create, rather than buying stock fragrances from someone else.

    To be honest, I can do all of this now, but I'm delaying what I want in order to go the pedigree route.

    As for life, I kinda want a relationship, but don't want to put in any work, so that's still undecided. I definitely want a friend-family group, though. Not non-judgmental, but comfortable, like a soul family. It's been over a decade since I've felt in-step with my environment and the people around me, so this is something I need to change for a healthier social life.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I just want to restore my life back to what it was in my early 20s, except that I'd like to be allowed to make at least $12 an hour instead of being expected to live off $7.75-11.35 an hour like I did all throughout my 30s. I'd like to be allowed to afford a decent bachelor pad so I can move out of my INFP BFF's nerd cave basement, preferably one comparable to what I had in my early 20s. By that, I mean at least one closet, a thermostat, and a bathtub. My last apartment didn't have any of those. It had a chintzy shower that looked like it had been stripped out of an RV and sliced in there slapdash style. My neighbor controlled the thermostat for their place and mine combined. And instead of an actual closet, it just had a small alcove. It had been converted into an apartment, though. The building was an actual house at one point and had been built in 1865. At some point, it had been converted into what I call a "double duplex" (four apartments arranged 2x2).

    Not to get off on a tangent there. I'm supposed to be imaging a better future, not dwelling on the futile past. I'd kinda like to get into investing, but the underlying goal would be the same - to restore my life back to what it was in my early 20s. The most important part is that my monthly rent remain constant instead of getting hiked up from $500 a month to $700 a month like last time (which was why I had to move out of my old place). So basically, the conditions that need to be brought about are as follows - wages no longer remain stagnant, rent (and overall cost of living) remain constant, and taxes are fair. So in other words, no more stagflation. So in other words, a pipe dream.
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    Ultimate dream would be to have lottery-like money where I could afford all my time to be my own to pursue things I want to pursue for my own interest and learning: traveling, hobbies, taking classes, etc.

    I was working in the public school system with my 9-10 months worth of work spread over 12 months of paychecks. Basically, in the summers I’ve been able to do whatever I want within my means and still get my regular pay. Those summers have been the best. I wish it was like that all the time and with more money so I could do all the things. :p

    Total pipe dream fantasy though sometimes I do consider if I could get to a point where I live super frugally for a few years and have enough in savings that I could not work for a year or something like that. But I do like spending my money on things that make my life pleasant now too..so. Meh. Lol
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    To not be an INTJ. I've recently taken up doing dangerous sports in the hope I accidentally get a significant knock to the head. Maybe I can wake up in a hospital as a different MBTI type. One can only dream...

    You probably think I'm joking. I'm not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitus View Post
    To not be an INTJ. I've recently taken up doing dangerous sports in the hope I accidentally get a significant knock to the head. Maybe I can wake up in a hospital as a different MBTI type. One can only dream...

    You probably think I'm joking. I'm not
    Yeah, but you'd be someone else with a hefty hospital bill (if you're American).

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I think you mean what would I realistically love my life to be like, but that isn't very interesting. I want to do something worthwhile, have people around who value and accept me, have someone to love, have some fun. There are lots of options on the specifics, but they don't matter much.

    But my daydreams, where I am unconstrained by common sense or conscience, are more interesting and say more about my INTJness.

    After a tough day, I often indulge in one of my favorite daydreams, in which the population of the world has developed some very fast acting, non-painful but deadly disease, and all dies. Everyone except me, because I am immune for some reason.

    That leaves me, alone, along with a whole lot of cats and dogs. I free as many of them as possible, and now have a posse of furry critters around. I have to solve the problems of survival, but of course there is lots of canned and dried food and virtually unlimited resources, so it isn't that hard.

    Where will I live? How will I grow fresh food? What is a good source of clean water? Shall I forage? What about transportation - I don't know how to fix a car, but I could learn. But maybe a bicycle is more practical. Or perhaps a horse.

    Where will I keep all of the books I collect? This is vital - I need good stuff to read. And what if some new intelligent species evolves - could I find a safe place to keep a repository of human knowledge to leave as our legacy? Maybe I need to create some kind of Rosetta stone to clue them into how we used written language.

    The idea of unlimited unstructured time, with practical problems to solve, and no one around to interrupt it or tell me what to do or where to go, is deeply appealing. It is fun to think about what problems would arise and how to solve them.
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    To achieve the ultimate meaning in my life. I have tangible goals in terms of career, relationships, money etc. but that's the one I consider the most important. I only have a vague sense of what that entails as of right now, but as I grow and experience more, things become clearer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Girl View Post
    That leaves me, alone, along with a whole lot of cats and dogs.
    i had a daydream like that at one time, except it was just me, locked in, alone, with ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE at the grocery store.

    what can i say? i was four. your daydream description interested me because i assume you've read oryx and crake. if not, maybe don't unless your ability to keep your own dreams separate from stuff you read is much stronger than mine.

    i'm not really sure what mine is. this woman i knew in south africa always said she had marked out this 18th-century milking barn on the top of one of the kopjes on her and her husband's farm. it wasn't in use, and she was quite serious. said 'when pieter dies, here's where i've decided i'm going to live. i'll hang a flag from the front door and everybody will know they can come up and visit if they look up and see it flying. and if it's down they'll get shot.' i felt like: instant relate.
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