[INTJ] INTJ Happiness Threshold:What Makes You Happy???

INTJ Happiness Threshold:What Makes You Happy???

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This is a discussion on INTJ Happiness Threshold:What Makes You Happy??? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; hI AND WELCOME! Whats Up! As The INTJ. Whether Guy/Gal(G) What makes you Happy? Psychologists have found that we’re terrible ...

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    INTJ Happiness Threshold:What Makes You Happy???

    hI AND WELCOME! Whats Up! As The INTJ. Whether Guy/Gal(G) What makes you Happy?Psychologists have found that we’re terrible at perceiving our own happiness and estimating what will or will not make us happy. People who had won the lottery weren’t any happier than people who had become paralyzed or people who were neither lottery winners nor paraplegics. A UN study found that above a middle-class income, money has no direct correlation to happiness. Rich people report being just as happy as they were when they were average and vice versa.You can be rich, famous, have everything you ever wanted, but if you feel like you had no control of it, like you didn’t deserve it or earn it, you will be miserable. Ever wonder why so many celebrities and millionaires become addicts or even kill themselves? There you go. Research suggests that about 50% of our baseline happiness is genetically inherited. This would also explain the heritability of depression, addiction and negative personality traits such as neuroticism and lack of agreeableness.

    If dad was a miserable dick, unfortunately that means you’re pre-disposed to be a miserable dick. But the good news is that there’s still 50% of our baseline happiness we have control over.

    When most people seek happiness, they are actually seeking Pleasure: Food,SEX,TV Friends Parties Etc. But Happiness does not equal Pleasure(Happiness=/=Pleasure). Pleasure is a false god. Research shows that people who focus their energy on materialistic and superficial pleasures end up more anxious, more emotionally unstable and less happy in the long run. See Source for full info:Mark Manson In his book"THE

    Based on this website https://www.the16types.info

    This is what makes you Happy???

    • solitude
    • isolation
    • autonomy
    • detachment
    • being alone
    • mobility
    • independence
    • solitary pursuits
    • making decisions by oneself
    • carrying out solo activities
    • not getting involved
    • freedom of action
    • keeping one's distance
    • sexual pleasure
    • knowledge
    • competency
    • privacy
    • leisure

    What you Hate

    • intimacy
    • being involved in a group
    • other people (because they are intrusive)
    • closeness
    • close relationships
    • being encumbered by other people
    • being encumbered by employment
    • actions by others that represent encroachment
    • close encounters
    • having to share decision making
    • showing feelings
    • sexual experiences with others
    • social responsibilities

    Gilbert’s research showed that whatever major life events happen to you — you buy a new sports car, you get fired from your job, your spouse cheats on you and leaves you, you win a paid vacation to Tahiti, whatever — your happiness will naturally return to an original baseline level after a period of time. Your mind will naturally do this by convincing itself certain experiences weren’t as great or as bad as they actually were. Tahiti was nice but the water could have been warmer and we didn’t have an air conditioner. Losing the job sucked but at least it gave me more time to be with the kids. Yeah, she cheated on me, but we went to marriage counseling and now we’re closer than ever; it’s the wake up call we needed.

    What makes you happy the most: solitude


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    I have a hard time believing any healthy person "hates" intimacy, regardless of type.

    But to answer the question: Sure, solitude is a tool I use to bring about much of my happiness. It is not the sole cause nor the only tool, but certainly a means to achieve happiness. However, I complement it with healthy doses of interaction with the world around me. And those interactions can be quite beautiful and fulfilling.

    Of the list mentioned, I'd have to say knowledge and competence make me most happy.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I don't like the word "happy"; I think happy, happiness, "pursuit of happiness", etc is extremely overrated and has been hampering humanity - at least Murahkan Society - at least since the so-called "founding fathers' of the US of Murahka printed the damn word in The Declaration of Independence referring to its pursuit as a "Creator endowed self evident truth" - this alone makes "happiness" a crock of shit.

    <<<<<<-------------------take it frum a koon!

    In my life I've pretty much been everywhere and done everything and at this point in my life I'm content with a decent nights sleep and living my life relatively pain free and in essentially complete solitude.
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    I am happy. When you are.


    Sent sans PC
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    OK.. maybe I should reconsider a few ideas. after all sitting on the throne; browsing ones favorite book , magazine, kindle read, etc and of course embibing in ones fav alcoholic drink all while taking a nice healthy crap has to be thee epitome of carnal pleasure, Right?

    <<<<<<<-------------------------take it frum a koon!

    Happiness?; hell there's always room for improvement: https://taskandpurpose.com/opinion/w...-the-right-way
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    Accomplishing a goal. Yes, I return to the baseline level of happiness (kind of neutral in my case), but nothing revs up my happiness level like reaching for the stars and catching one.
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    I don't hate intimacy.

    For me, happiness is continuous learning, a good friend that understands, natural beauty, good music, fair treatment, autonomy and leisure.

    I do derive pleasure from accomplishing things, but the glow from that doesn't last long because I'm thinking of the next steps immediately upon completion - if not before it's done - so I wouldn't call it happiness.
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    The bottom half sound(s) like a disorder.
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    jeez that's a noisy op. also, the link is to 'a forum about socionics' . . . i'm not sure they're quite the same thing.

    i don't have an issue with the letter of [much of] the stuff in either list. what i have an issue with is the attempt to harness either list into the framework of 'happiness'. it's non-sequitur. these mostly aren't things that make me either happy or unhappy. where they're applicable, they're just applicable because they're elements of how i process. it would be a pretty drab and sad life if my only definitions of happiness were based on an absence of factors that generate friction for me.

    and i agree with everyone who says 'intimacy' isn't a 'hate' and presenting it as one of ours is so simplistic it's borderline offensive. not that anyone's said exactly that in exactly those words, of course.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by lilysocks View Post
    I agree. It means different things for different people and I dislike how many people lump it into one or two categories (and sometimes lump those two together).
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