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Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does

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    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does

    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does


    The work will encapsulate shaped text, verse, and a total count of twenty thousand words.

    The work will encapsulate the elements of Songs From The Black Moon, from the desired works of Charles Baudelaire, and from the elements of The Abyss Laughs which are most appealing to me. The work will include concepts of The Scrap In Scarlet, as well as various pieces from The King In Yellow story titles.

    The work will include disparate elements from the Sideshow And Other Stories, as well as the general Ligotti mythos. The novel will tell the telling of A.R. LaBaere as it struggles to conquer the world of its fiction, and as I prepare to compose The Abyss Laughs.

    The work will largely contain a dialectical upon labyrinths

    A.R. LaBaere’s Labyrinth

    A.R. LaBaere’s Sequel To Rene Descartes Does Not Exist

    A.R. LaBaere

    Hydrati Fraud

    The work will contain networks of allusion to The Abyss Laughs

    The work will contain the outline of a staircase

    The book will contain a text which is shaped as the Cretan labyrinth

    The work will contain a pursuing absence, a rustle, a reaching void and whim which pursues A.R. LaBaere. The work will contain an element of excellence within its editing, and packaging.

    The work will contain the elements of secretive conspiracy, clandestine symbolism, and references which are hidden within The Abyss Laughs

    The work may include allusions to the two letter-writers. The work will include elements of a work which is hidden within that work. Elements of gothic horror and decadence may also be present. The work will be surfeit with elements of ornate and elemental dread.

    Dry My Tears, The Yellow King Said

    The Labyrinth

    A.R. LaBaere’s Labyrinth

    The Erumpent Labyrinth

    The Nullified Void

    Word Tsalal

    A.R. LaBaere’s Apocalypse Trilogy



    The work will incorporate Petkwo and The House of Weir

    The work will allude to Ulalume

    The work will allude to the four chapters of The King In Yellow

    The work will allude to the elements of the work which include the overall presence of The King In Yellow, and the elements of decadence which emanate from that work.

    The tale will comprise of several aspects of the conclusion to Rene Descartes Does Not Exist. The work will include elements of literature which include the feullimort hues of foliage and of other elements of fiction which include the present theme of death and of loss.

    The work will include elements of fear, of fright, and of doom including the hints of The Scrap In Scarlet.

    A.R. LaBaere’s Metaphysica Morbid

    A.R. LaBaere’s ’Pataphysics

    A.R. LaBaere’s Erumpent Labyrinth
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    The work will include details of A.R. LaBaere’s existence including its condition after completing Rene Descartes Does Not Exist.

    The work will open with the title page, which shall read, The Abyss Laughs, which will be followed by A.R. LaBaere, and by a subtitle page, which will possibly be The Scrap In Scarlet.

    The work will hold a total amount of words which is precisely twenty thousand words.

    The work will hold a total of four sections, which will be somewhat modeled upon the four tales of The King In Yellow.

    A.R. LaBaere may visit the observatory of Petkwo.

    A.R. LaBaere may visit the tomb of Ulalume.

    A.R. LaBaere may therein create several layers of metafiction

    Should my reading of the House of Leaves screenplays occur within the near-future, I will incorporate those elements into Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does. I will continue to incorporate elements of those works into the overall themes of Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does. I will incorporate elements of Harrow 55 into the work, as well as Hydrati Fraud and similar constructs. I will continuously create parallels between these works.

    The work will incorporate elements of complex pasts and futures. The work should contain complex and ornate aspects of an unknowable and unbreakable force. Every unknown form would become there a wilting of unknown force and form and unmistakable forces of crashing and of lingering lost lore... Forerimming nothing could come, and unmistakable agonies of loss could come no longer. Everything was crashing there into those lost forms, into those other futures. It was there lying over the lies and the lingering forms of everything which could not be known, that singlemost force, that littering torture of promulgating lines and leerings which tortured those lives alone... There would lie those lines and those littering forms of an inevitable sky, wherein would become a crushing of such littering tortures... Within everything of Transisterian mismajesty would bring forth odd forms...

    The work should include fragments and collages of mystery and of unknown force and fire... The work shall include elements of mystery and of unknown form and of aching forms which did not contain sensation.

    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does will create a miniature bridge between Rene Descartes Does Not Exist and The Abyss Laughs. I will continue to create nested works which include elements of a continuing world of metafiction which is similar to elements of the sequel to House Of Leaves and which incorporates increasingly dense layers of metafiction. The work should include creative references to the style of Baudelaire and Poe, as well as creative references to the style of Rasu Yong-Tugen, Baroness de Tristeombre. The work should create foreshadowings to the events of The Abyss Laughs, and should draw upon the completed portions of that work. The piece should contain the elements of the work which best exemplify the resonations, spirals, and echoes of Rene Descartes Does Not Exist. I will incorporate the echoes of the missive-wrights of Rene Descartes Does Not Exist, as well as the untold tale of A.R. LaBaere as it was presented within that work. I will also incorporate elements of The Abyss Laughs into the concluding passages of Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does. As the work will conclude, A.R. LaBaere will be preparing to pen The Abyss Laughs. A.R. LaBaere will begin the work with the completion of Rene Descartes Does Not Exist. The work will include the secrets of the ambiguous The Abyss Laughs mythology and the clandestine elements of the ambiguous and the unknowable reaches of the world’s most noxious mysteries. The abyss of the work should emanate from the various forces of its minute implications, depths, and other elements to which are alluded within the work. The various elements of the work would shimmer with the form of the future and of the ambiguous Outside. That elden world is falling from view and from time immemorial. A.R. LaBaere is struggling upward with the effort to free itself from its egocintonic world of explosive loss and of chaos and of irrevocable forces of ultimate desolation. It is becoming a being of such inevitable and irrevocable atonements and agonies that it must burst with that revelation. A.R. LaBaere must there become a being of ultimate loss and ephemeral qualities of lost form. A.R. Labaere will flow forth and there create a world of pure form which will be undivided and unkept by any possible future. Within those divergent forms of unseen potential and perfect echoes of unseeing tortures and snares without tearing form, A.R. LaBaere would ascend into the highest pinnacles and sighs and forms which would ascend into the futures of uncast unknown and unseen ambiguity. A.R. LaBaere would become as a perfect height of imagination and of predestinated legend and awe. The world was becoming a clarion call, and so it must be for the next layer of the metafictional A.R. LaBaere. They were falling within the bounds of a purity and a snow and an unknown expanse of overtime and sight and unknown ambiguity. They lingered without the form of envy which would crash upon those two, A.R. and the other, the other and I: those legends of fog and of fruitless dust. There would grow the erstwhile florid forms of another world which were growing from the gourds of a time and a path which grew to all beings, all beings alone. A.R. LaBaere will rise from that desolate place, and be freed upon that other formless and failing time of fault and of descent. They will rise from that mire into the other world of disused forms and of collapse and of the next dismay. A.R. LaBaere will view that future with the puissance of a genuine change and the sensation of an evolution which is away from those other corruptions. They were gathering as the sharpness of the shadows convoluted them. There is a spaceless form; there is a night of muse and of moribund despair within that air. They are gathering themselves there so morbidly. They were gathering about themselves those long nights of the lowliest forms and the tortures and the uncertain symbols which were rising from corruptant ashes. They led themselves from those amicable days of strife and of conflict and of toil and of unbeing, and into the lights of an unprophecied other.

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    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does will contain a vast tract of knowledge and of beings and of forms and of vast expanses of miseried time, and of antideluvian forms and forces and tortures of the blunt otherform. The work will contain forms of a most perfect imperfection, or perhaps it will spiral into the hints of an otherworldly form and festering otherhorror. Those kindred worlds will be of a lifeless form and antibeing. The world will be one which is built by pure forms of a horrific misery and a nonsensical force of ambiguous form and torture. That being will bloom into the spectacle of all possible blooms and focuses as they commune, and as they breathe, and as they so flee. That world is becoming another, more distant goal. The work will contain four expanding levels of metafiction and of Oulipoian constraints. They were slipping within those worlds of unknowable ambiguity and of unbreakable torture, and they were slipping there as though they could know no other path. They were becoming obtruded from those slopes of ambiguity. They were crashing and are crashing and have always been crashing. They were taunting those ruminating forms as would one who was awash within another land of silken chaos and of tortured form. The world was waying itself Weirly from those forms of antediluvian form and being. The worlds were spreading forth mysteries of a purity of unknown forms and antique lorns of loss and of invented loss and lodes and terrific agonies of torture. That world was cresting within itself and was uncreating the loss of everything which lost itself alone, and seeing tortures of loss. Everything was calling and falling into the mornings and the night of terrific forms and nuances of bizarre and unseeing form. That world was tendering itself, and within the lingering tortures of unknowing layers and unseeing forces of an unbearable mystery. Throughout the world, and throughout that other world, a foul wind was blowing upward. Every impossible mystery was growing outward with the prolific formations of unseen loss and unseeable torture. To create the future, to create that other world...

    Within the loss, within the form of everything which fell upwards, lines and leering being and unseeing tortures were growing upwards into the terrific forms of unseeing loss, of unseen lingerings which tortured forward those agonies which reckoned the world with terrific miseries of treacherous form, of such frightful forms of odd agonies and losses... There would stringently keep those forms of shrivelling torture and loss and agonies of loss alone. The world, the world echoing there alone, would emerge into a terrific form of withering loss and unknowable duress and fury...

    What world will be found there, which so crests as though isolated, as though without that world as though of nothing? Lights and losses and beings emerged there, within the symbolisms of inevitable form and torture and loss being... There would sit those worlds as though they were alone, as though there would sit that world which crested there. Within those worlds would emerge exploitations, nightmarish voices, and incredulous forces of inevitable loss and terrific torture, and terrific echoes of an unknowable echoing of lingering lore and littering pains. Those delays, those forms, and those tortures of irrevocable echoes of loss were crashing forth a rain of high loss, of disturbed agonies, of loss and of terror, of all heartless forms... What loss was it which gripped forth the tearing forms and the agonies of tortured loss and leaving and lithe form? As with all else, as with all forms, nothing could show forth the echoes of purposeless forth... Searching and searching and searching that form, seating and searching all forms, thoughtless echoes of loss so fell away. Those empty worlds of chaos were falling and were falling into the terrific echoes of horror and loss and of impossible shame... There were nothings and there forth fell conflicts of a ceaseless form and being and echoing reframes of a perfect form amid everything, amid everything which fell... As would everything fall, so too would that other future. Everything there was falling to those worlds, everything was falling from those realms... There would everything await a single realm of torture versioning traversing the worlds and the lost war, and the lost time... Time was echoing forward with the relics of loss and of ridiculing torture of a loss form... There would loss and remaining echoes be, within the shapeless echoes of a lonesome force... There would lie those lingering forms, with force and with echoing lores of a slaking form, of a shuddering loss... As within everything was that cresting echo of a singular loss and single shuddering gestalt and folly of lost forms alone, Sore and seeing and feeling forms of a functionless grief... There and there alone and unhindered and alone lay that other form, that lingering self was lining itself away, and there into which that other world would wallow and fall away... There with the facility was a loss of such pure and shocking form and endless trauma. There faced the world with an echo of all struct as tringent sensations, and of stringent torture and form and loss, and echoing forces of a grand torture, as prolific forces of such ceaseless fringes and forces and tortures along the lives of loss which came alone. Everything there was crashed and was fringed by worlds alone, and everything there will be, shall be, crushed alone, and without results alone, there alone within those racing forms- there would form the finnifugal form- and there to the forms into which everything fleed that frigid lore, into which, galling and falling away... There those forms would lie alone, and would tell no form of end, and would echo no life of any possible form, of any possible netherbeing... There at the end of everything would become a feelingless form and crash and cresting form of no light nor being more, no more... There would again come the context of a terrific form, the crevice of strange object and straining forms of living torture and tearing fears of seeping loss... There the change, there the torturing of everything there would fall away... Demoralizing and deepening the forms of every interwound form, fearing everything away, keeping all seeping forms away...

    The work will keep there the post-seeing forces of finales and mysteries and dramas of a veprecose form and torture and seeping lingering forms of feelingless loss... Amid living forms and beings and feelings, and amid everything which there fell away... There within those roaming forms would be...

    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does will contain perfect elements of classical Cosmicism, and shall furthermore contain the seeds of The Abyss Laughs. Ideas for the work include the elements of Ligottian poetry, elements of Poe’s works, and the Baudelarian ideas of unusual and abstract ideas and colours of controversial battles. The work should incorporate colours, swaths of creation, and various hues of a prolific creation and exotic hue and creative crevices of unknown form. Within everything is an uncreation, a cursed star, and a curdling form of unknown mysteries and madnesses and lost form.

    The work should become the pinnacle of an alien form and exotic colour and unknown being. Within the work, within the creations of the unknowable forms of everything and nothing. That excellency and that creation should achieve the finale of the ways of Rene Descartes Does Not Exist and its rhetoric and dialectical. The work should include other poetical elements. Within lost horizons and within lost signs of all unseeing and unseeing forces of all indistinguishable force, that other world is distinguished. Those shapes must evolve. The future will contain novel elements of an unknown form and no unknown place.

    I feel as old as yonder elm.

    Lapsis lingui
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    Nor Does A.R. LaBaere Nor Does

    The Scrap In Scarlet

    The Knot

    The Labyrinth

    The Centre

    The Minotaur

    I. A Dialectical Upon The Nature Of The Labyrinth

    The Incarnadine Knot

    The Erumpent Labyrinth

    The Ergodic Center

    The Spiral Minotaur

    The Spiral-Ergodic Minotaur

    The Obstreperesque Minotaur

    The Erumpent Labyrinth

    The Ergodic-Incarnadine Knot

    The Spiral Center

    The Obstreperesque Minotaur

    The Scrap In Scarlet

    The Autumnal Fall

    The Scarlet Leaves

    The Feullimort Folds

    The Scarlet Scrap

    The Dialectical Of A Labyrinth

    The Question of Unknown Disease

    The Unknown Quality Of Unambiguous Folly

    The element of unknown forces
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