[INTJ] INTJ/INTP culture and social hierarchy

INTJ/INTP culture and social hierarchy

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This is a discussion on INTJ/INTP culture and social hierarchy within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Hey guys, since the INTP/ INTJ community fits the definition of a culture i was wondering who we would hold ...

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    INTJ/INTP culture and social hierarchy

    Hey guys, since the INTP/ INTJ community fits the definition of a culture i was wondering who we would hold in high regard since we value logic, competency, and credibility. I understand that this kind of goes against the grain of NT culture due to the fact that we always question "authority figures". However, one iconic feature of a culture is a social hierarchy. In main stream culture the people at the top of the hierarchy are chosen based on who's the most likeable, and more often than not people in main stream culture have demonstrated that they're even willing to over look credibility if the person is charismatic enough. Although competency,credibility, and logic can be considered factors or "icing on the cake", a stronger emphasis is placed on how likeable the person is. I find the idea of social hierarchy in the INTJ/INTP community so fascinating because even though we act as though we're divided through the method that we choose to use to engage in our lives, there are quite a few things that unite us. Based on what I've observed throughout my time on the forums among NTs, credibility is something to be demonstrated and earned through time. No one is so special that their ideas are exempt from questions or debate. The saying "even the wise can be wrong" is something that is truly understood. We place far less of an emphasis on how much we like a person when we determine how competent and credible they are and whether their ideas really meet our criteria. As I mentioned before, it's common knowledge that NTs love "showing The Man who's boss" if a policy is not practical, but I thought it would be something fun to think about as a culture. I also think observing the social differences between the mainstream hierarchy and the INTJ hierarchy would be interesting since for the most part INTJs value authenticity and don't believe in polishing "other people's rose colored glasses" so to speak.What type of person would be at the top of the INTJ/INTP social hierarchy??What types of people do you respect most in your own life?? What do all those people have in common?? How would the person at the top of the hierarchy behave in social situations??
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    ENTJ - The Executives

    INTJ: The most intelligent, pragmatic, empirical, and long sighted. The first three traits can be found in the STJs, Si however prevents them from changing, adapting, innovating, etc. We like individuals that cause transformative changes and find that inspiring.

    INTP: Ti-Ne / Ne-Ti values Epistemology over pragmatism / empiricism. They like logicians and metaphysicians. People that wield sheer logic like a sword. Philosophers that lay claim to ultimate truths.

    Te leans towards science, Ti leans towards philosophy. I think the individuals at the tops of those hierarchies embody the spirits of science and philosophy respectively.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Semi-serious response.

    INTJ community organization:

    1. Mistyped as INTJs

    The meat shields. They flood the internet, diluting the ability to accurately pinpoint real INTJs from experience or encounters with "real life" INTJs. Or they fuel people mistyping their family, friend and co-workers as INTJs. Similar effect.
    Thanks to them, we can work undisturbed by organized typism and crazy anti-INTJ zealots. I wish such a thing were just an imagining, but sadly no.

    2. Newly realized INTJs
    New potential. They learn stuff. A bit keen on proving they are INTJs.
    Priceless because they are the emerging generation and thus are required for continuity.

    3. Seasoned INTJs
    They learn stuff and teach stuff. The mainstay.
    Priceless because a mainstay provides a bulk.

    4. Seasoned and worldly experienced INTJs
    They teach stuff and their word tends to be more dependable and accurate to how things play out in the real world. The veterans.
    Priceless because experience and maturity is useful.

    5. The leading party
    The ubermensch. The people of tomorrow. The next step. We are not judged by our peers, we are judged by people at the time of judgement which is not immediate, which is to say the future and the changes to standards the future brings with time. This has always been the case for everyone. We look to the future.
    Priceless because we don't run out of higher goals to look to and thus aspiration.
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