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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTJ.

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This is a discussion on The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTJ. within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Don't really understand the awards for number of posts thing on this board. But whatever thing....

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    Don't really understand the awards for number of posts thing on this board. But whatever thing.
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    This is going to happen. I’ve talked to two of the three SIL’s to see if they would be keen for a weekend beach getaway in November and they are. That makes it possible to share an Airbnb which would greatly reduce the cost of the trip and I get to run my half marathon and get my first medal.

    Still have to pitch it to SO but this greatly improves the chances of winning him over. (Which is a little sad to have to worry about but I guess that’s just a thing when you don’t generate your own disposable income.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brightflashes View Post
    Don't really understand the awards for number of posts thing on this board. But whatever thing.
    me neither. i really don't get the 'post count as achievement' thing. to me it's a slightly embarrassing reality check about how i'm apparently nowhere near the strong silent taciturn type that i'd like to be.

    saw your post though. doesn't mean i don't appreciate the box check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
    I should probably put myself out there more to help people, but I lack conviction. We're too used to people having to sort their own problems, and that is sad, though.
    well, in fairness to you i bite people who come near me with that 'are you okay' and the handsiness thing.

    not literally bite of course, eww. but i'm primal. i have in fact hit people who dared to touch me when i'm in distress. so i hesitate too, because when i see someone in trouble my own instantaneous prime directive is not to 'help'. my FIRST thought is about where their own do-not-cross line might be.
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    One more day at work with the grumpy old lady boss whom is a client of ours. Then I'm not responsible for that douche anymore.
    It's one of those rare instances where I had an instinctive disgust response towards someone. Just can't stand her.

    Though to be fair, had I gotten better instructions from my coworker on my obligations, perhaps things would've been smoother.
    But I have my doubts about that.
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    Raining today, so time to button up my trenchcoat. It's a pretty comfortable one, which I bought for just $100. Meaning I can even throw it in the washing machine.

    My former boss had one of those fancy Burberry ones. He'd wear it with the collar up so you could see the Burberry colors clearly. This puzzled me, as he wasn't exactly a snob. Somehow there just seems to be a Burberry clique.

    My trench on the other hand is so, um, seasoned that there are still stains from leaky icecreams on it
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    me and my colleague have a new inside joke. it's all thanks to rich hall.

    she's from latin america so i told her about this phrase 'you go to hell, i'm going to texas' that he used as the title for one of his documentaries. now 'let's go to texas' is work-friendly code between the two of us for 'fuck the dev and the product owner on this whole fucking project, fuck it. fuck both of them from a height.'
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    Are all the good metal bands from Sweden?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Napoleptic View Post
    Are all the good metal bands from Sweden?
    No. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asity View Post
    No. :)
    Come on, give up the rest of the info!


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