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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTJ.

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This is a discussion on The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTJ. within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Eylrid New word to me. I'm teaching new words like a boss this week. It doesn't come ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eylrid View Post
    New word to me.
    I'm teaching new words like a boss this week. It doesn't come up in spell check as a word....like many I use. I think the Chrome spell check was made by an 11th grader.
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    Unknown Personality

    On the subject of mysterious injuries possibly being a product of inferior Se:

    INTJs tend to downplay the importance of the body. They often report feeling detached and disconnected from their physicality. This makes INTJs and INFJs the most disposed to out-of-body experiences. In commenting on INTJ philosopher and novelist Jean Paul Sartre’s work, Nausea, Thomas King, in his book Jung’s Four and Some Philosophers, writes: “The Introvert Intuitive is discovering Sensation; his hands are alien to him and his body unfamiliar.”

    Assuming their environment permits it, INTJs can enter a trance-like state in which they remain entirely unaware of their bodies. Unless their body rebels against them, INTJs may go on functioning in a more or less disembodied state for hours on end. For instance, founder of Facebook and INTJ Mark Zuckerberg would reportedly spend upwards of twenty consecutive hours perched in front of his computer. With the exception of INFJs, this would be unheard of for any other type.

    Because of their detachment from their physicality, INTJs may have nightmares about unexpected declines in their health. One INTJ, for instance, recounted to me his recurrent dreams of his teeth falling out. Another reported his fear that he might develop a disease and be unaware or ignorant of the symptoms until it was too late. Some INTJs might forget to eat regularly and appear undernourished, while others may overeat because of lack of attention to how often or how much they are eating. In order to compensate for this mind-body disconnect, INTJs may develop overly strict, even obsessive, regimens of diet and exercise. Like other types, when trying to manage their inferior function, INTJs can easily go to extremes.
    From here. Does this resonate with anyone else?

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    OMG teeth falling out dreams suck so hard

    also, yes I would prefer to be able to ignore my body indefinitely in order to continue doing what I desire, but it keeps interrupting me with matters like "if you don't get up right now you're going to piss yourself". I get the mystery bruises, I walk into shit because I'm not really aware of my own dimensions/limbs, and if I'm not ignoring my physicality and its pleasures and pains I am completely overindulging in them...

    and I'm terrified of the declines that tend to come with age
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    Quote Originally Posted by Action Potential View Post
    On the subject of mysterious injuries possibly being a product of inferior Se:

    From here. Does this resonate with anyone else?
    I've had the teeth falling out dream. It felt so real spitting out teeth and feeling the crunch. Horrid! I've ignored eating when I'm busy, stressed/eustressed too. I feel as if my brain is twenty zillion times stronger as a function than the rest of me and I'm pretty sure that all this ignoring led me to getting the auto-immune disorder, because I ignored stress and just pushed past it all with a view to the end product.

    Now that I have identified with the fact that I have human bound obligations to the rest of me it's better....I'm more forgiving and happier. It was only days where I started to realise that being proactive, nourishing and caring for these things can see results and wonder how I could have just completely disregarded that I am like everyone else. I never practised what I preached at all in regards to dealing with stress and coping. I think it may have been a self esteem thing.
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    Unknown Personality

    An acquaintance of mine called me on online messenger to tell her classes begun today. Fine, but she then proceeded to complain there are almost no "handsome guys" in her new school. And she's got a boyfriend or so it seems...

    I don't have time and patience for that shallow stupid whining. She can go and tell her teenage friends about this crap. Back off.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Parents are in an uproar about M.I.A. giving the finger on national television (Super Bowl), yet none of them are concerned about the Go Daddy commercials that premiere every year? Seriously? And that's not even touching the issue of what's on TV daily.

    People need to think.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWaffle View Post
    Of COURSE the envelope is going to get pushed during the Super Bowl ... 1/3 of all Americans watched it last night. Big wip. Like you said, worse is on television on a daily basis. Anyway, the envelope WILL get pushed, if parents were that worried about "the finger" then maybe they should actually exercise their parental duties and remove their kids from the room for 14 minutes or /gasp!/ change the channel until the game comes back on.
    The fact of the matter, however, is that kids see far worse than "the finger" on a daily basis at school. There's a reason that a lot of schools have metal detectors and police officers present, and it's not because of people flipping other people off. But then again, if the parents would actually PARENT their children, then none of that would be necessary.

    /super derail
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I think I might be in big trouble. I've developed a huge crush on a foreign celebrity and have devised some not so far-fetched methods of meeting her. It turns out my family is much better connected in Asia than I thought. This is not good against my battle with limerence. This isn't like some of the North American and South American celebrity crushes that I've had. Usually they've only been good at one or two things and they never seemed quite as accessible. This one is the whole package: cute, elegant, musical, and even shares my sense of humour. Asides from the whole ridiculousness of the idea, the only thing that seems to be a barrier in my mind is the fact that I only know a dozen phrases in Korean - not enough to comprehend what people are saying but is completely addressable. This is not good. I need to nip this false hope in the ass.

    I do however have reason to that this is me once again subconsciously trying to escape another commitment with someone else. It does not explain why the subject of my limerence has been invading my dreams for the past week or two. I think this means I'm going to have to find a date this weekend.

    God, I hate being an overly introverted loser that doesn’t get out enough.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I've been debating whether to put this in the question thread, but I guess it's relevant here now with talk of phantom bruises.

    Do you side more with the ideas of dualism or monism? On a basic philosophical level, do you believe the mind to be a separate entity from the physical (the body), or is it otherwise?
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