[INTJ] Do you find stepping out of your comfort zone rewarding?

Do you find stepping out of your comfort zone rewarding?

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This is a discussion on Do you find stepping out of your comfort zone rewarding? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; This is something I have started to appreciate more. I personally enjoy it when it is part of the process ...

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    Do you find stepping out of your comfort zone rewarding?

    This is something I have started to appreciate more. I personally enjoy it when it is part of the process to accomplish an important goal, and pushing my own limits enables me to learn more about the way I work.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Very rewarding. Out of the comfort zone is where I find results, personal growth and feeling alive. Learning that limits lie is invaluable. I try to live there although I still have stay at home, not participating, books and a blanket days.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Depends on the occasion, I usually prefer to do it with someone more familiar, but when I get negative feedback I get reluctant to try it again anytime soon.

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    Depends what it is and whether my "discomfort" is warranted.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    As stated above, it depends. I experience this a lot in my fractal art; I do tend to stick with old favourite techniques and explore them further (which is rewarding), but learning new techniques altogether while stepping out of my comfort zone is different kind of rewarding. It can take longer, sometimes never, to get a hang of it but it keeps my gallery fresh.

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    INTJ - The Scientists


    at the risk of sounding mechanical, i simply find good results rewarding. the means to get to it never seem to mean much to me unless i literally engineer a plan, carry it through, and see it to fruition. but hell how often does that ever happen maybe im getting old n lazy or maybe just plain lazy but stepping out of my comfort anything is just that; uncomfortable. i dont generally care to do anything uncomfortable. im all for trying new things but to me thats just not the same scenario as throwing myself into something i know im not good at or trying something i have a high level of certainty i will not enjoy for sake of 'stepping out'

    the concept alone annoys me.

    keeping it short, if i had to sort of average things out, the times i found good/great success or rewarding experiences that were due to or partially because of me stepping out of comfort zone, it would be a comically low amount of times.
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    It depends on the situation, but most of the time i do not find it rewarding.
    It is called a comfort zone for a reason, and most of the time i step out of it i have a bad experience because i am not prepared for it.

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    Yeah...agreeing with a lot of the others here. Depends on context. If you mean my comfort zone with work/academics/etc., then yes, I love a good challenge and feel rewarded if I succeed. Other ways...like raging when I hate parties or going drinking when I don't drink...not so much.
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    Basically, yes, though I want to at least understand what I'm getting into in the abstract. Getting thrown out of my comfort zone rather than willingly stepping out of it is something that I avoid... mainly because the initial flailing is an embarrassment even though, given a moment to think, I can handle myself pretty well usually. Or at least I prefer to think so.

    Lately one of my favorite exercises in this has been to travel solo to countries where I don't speak much of the language. Very intimidating initially, but once you've regained your equilibrium you learn a lot and get a surge of confidence. You can't expand your mental models infinitely without actually going exploring, so if you want accuracy you have to push yourself to do things you normally wouldn't at least some of the time, and at least in a controlled way with a good exit strategy.
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    This is interesting.

    For my subjective opinion: I find that suffering/struggle builds character.
    (*offtopic*-> The question is, of course: "for better or worse?").

    Provided that you consider "stepping outside of your comfort zone" a challenge, it would stand reason to believe that the outcome should reward in wisdom and experience, regardless of its outcome.
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