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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; *Meanwhile in one of the social media with my friend, he is an ISFP guy.* Me:"Why I feel awkward reading ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    *Meanwhile in one of the social media with my friend, he is an ISFP guy.*

    Me:"Why I feel awkward reading the INTJs lovey-dovey.."
    ISFP:"Are INTJs understand love?"
    Me:"Particulary no."
    ISFP:"Mind me to teach ya?"
    ISFP:"Okay, tell me if you change your mind :3"
    Me:"Such a waste."
    ISFP:"Well, if you change your mind and ask to me, you've point at the right person!"
    ISFP:"Cmon, consider it."
    (le wild) INFP guy:"It's worth a try."
    Me:"I SAID NO."
    ISFP:"okay, dont be mad i was joking #run"

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Actual conversation I had with a representative of our ISP last night:

    Rep: Is this Mr. MacKellar?
    Me: No, this is his wife.
    Rep: Well, Mrs. MacKellar. I am calling about a special offer. Do you have a minute?
    Me: …I suppose.
    Rep: *Does their spiel* So, would you like to take advantage of this special offer?
    Me: It sounds decent, but I will need to speak with my husband first.
    Rep: I understand, but this is a limited time offer. We usually only offer it to brand new customers.
    Me: Then we will make a quick decision, but I need to speak with my husband first.
    Rep: Yes ma’am, but may I remind you it’s only $20 more, faster speed, all HD channels, and a limited time offer.
    Me: Yes…I am aware of all that. You’ve said that several times. I will still need to speak with my husband.
    Rep: You would get Bravo and HBO free for six months. ESPN and ESPN2 as well; and it is only ten dollars a month more after six months.
    Me: *starting to lose my patience* We don’t watch cable, ma’am, and we hate sports. Now, I will speak with my husband about it.
    Rep: Could you speak with him now while we are on the phone together?
    Me: ….ma’am…I will. Speak with. My husband. Thank you. Have a good day.
    Rep: Yes, well this is a limited time offer and you don't need your husband's permissio-
    Me: *cutting her off, vocally irritated* Ma’am. I am going to speak to my husband. Now, if the next words out of your mouth are not to the effect of ‘Thank you, have a good day I am going to end this call.
    Rep: …well, there is no need for that. But, if I can just-
    Me: *Ends call*
    My mother who had been listening to the conversation: What was that?
    Me: The reason I don’t work at a call center.

    Just thought you all would enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacKellar View Post
    Just thought you all would enjoy.
    my favourite part was 'please stop telling me that'. i thought i was the only person who'd discovered that one. i love saying that. it feels actually good.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    INFP: "What's the truth? What is truth? It's a pointless question to ask and yet it's the echo of all my thoughts." [My latest FB status]
    INFP: what

    Me: well
    it means that basically, all my thoughts are based on a desire to find out truth
    About life, about myself, about others, about the right perspective
    it's the echo because
    it's the essence of all the reflections
    I could have used the word shadow, as well

    INFP:why do you think it's pointless?

    Me: because truth is an illusion, everything is relative, truth can never be fully comprehended, therefore we will always be wrong a little bit. It's a human concept. There is no point in this hamster-in-a-roulette thinking
    running and running in my head trying to put the puzzle pieces differently to try and find the right image i'm supposed to end up seeing
    but the puzzle pieces are completely subjective, so it's all about making our own truths

    INFP: You really worry too much about such a trivial thing.

    Me: but yet i act as if the pieces could be taken as is and form the "true, original" picture
    truth is trivial
    is what i said when i said it's pointless to ask myself that
    but i know that and yet that's how i go in my relationship with the world
    I should
    live this life, rather than wonder about it
    than wonder about how i should live it

    INFP: I don't know what to tell you :x

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    Another "reading mind" conversation. This time with my INFP best friend.

    INFP: I think I'm going to...
    Me: ...the badroom but me first.

    INFP: I'm going to charge my card for the subway
    Me: I was about to do that, come on.
    *talking to the guy from the subway*
    INFP: I don't how much money I will put in it...maybe...
    Me: 30$? Me too.
    INFP: What the fuck I was having the number in my head, stop doing that!

    *Going to the subway*
    INFP: Hurry up, it's already there, I think he was...
    Me: Yes, waiting for us, come on!

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by lilysocks View Post
    my favourite part was 'please stop telling me that'. i thought i was the only person who'd discovered that one. i love saying that. it feels actually good.
    I used to be a bit more polite with call center people. Now...I just don't have time to deal with their scripted bull. Especially since every time we have an issue or question and have to call our ISP, they take it upon themselves (probably per policy) to remind us we only have internet (Like we didn't know) and try and bundle it with something else at some sort of special price for 6-12 months.

    Honestly, I already get the promos in the mail and in my junk inbox. Let me contact you and when I say 'bug off' bug. off.
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    my poor poor uber-feely extravert squishy friend. she's like a huge woolly dog. tell her you're freezing to death and she'll tromp you to death and drown you in licks trying to get you warmed up.

    me: um.
    her: ?
    me: there's something i have to tell all my friends.
    her: okay.
    me: i'm cracking up slightly.
    her: !!!
    me: it is NOT a big deal -
    her: how can you say that it's not a big deal! it's a HUGE deal! you're one of my friends! i LOVE you! what's wrong??????
    me: um.
    her: ??
    me: honest, for real. can you just listen to me?
    her: okay. listening.
    me: i'm just struggling. xmas sucks rocks, all my friends all go off and hang out with their families . . .
    her: awwwwwwww. POOR lily.
    me: ... and this year, it just seems like nobody's come back.
    her: . i've been neglecting you too. i'm so sorry. what can i do to help?
    me: nothing. honest. right now, i'm just notifying -
    her: but you're my FRIEND! if you're in trouble i want to help!! what can we do? can i lick you all over your face? wanna go out and sniff bums? drink from my waterbowl? wanna play with my squeaky toy??
    me: wait.
    her: *wide-open listening face*
    me: it isn't that. it is that, and it is a problem. but i just want to let people know. i have had no-one to talk to for a long time and it's getting to where it's bad for me, that's all.
    her: what can i do to help? i'll listen! i'm so sorry i haven't been listening! wanna phone call?
    me: well . . . this is going to sound so confusing. but right now i just want you to leave me alone.
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    artsie: want to meet me at <time>?
    me: sure, but i'd rather it was either your place or mine.
    artsie: oh.
    me: because there will be snot.
    artsie: oh dear.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    This is SO funny! Had me chuckling all morning! So what exactly did you want the poor lady to do? You'd have confused me! Maybe finish with 'so I'd like to play with your squeaky toy next month when I'm feeling outgoing again...'

    But you did great on admitting how you felt up to that end point. Good for you for reaching out and telling someone how you felt. I know. It's totally not easy for me either.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    At work this morning ^.^
    Boss: "Results, come here and look at this plate (Burger with balsamic decorating the plate), you can tell what kind of person you are by this. Normally it's a messy pattern to look good, you've done 3 near perfect circles."
    me: "Well, they are circles..."

    No point doing eggs or ovals imo
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