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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Haha just now Friend: oh are you being antisocial now? (I was sitting in the dining room using my iPad) ...

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    Haha just now

    Friend: oh are you being antisocial now? (I was sitting in the dining room using my iPad)
    Me: no..I went into the dining room to get my wallet to buy the movie tickets and then--
    Sister: -- then she got distracted! Story of my life with her!
    Me: *sheepish grin* (I happened to be googling something and posting here)
    Me: *talking about how much I have socialized this week because I don't have a job at the moment but when I work I can't socialize with people as often after work or weekends because my alone time is more limited and therefore more precious*
    Friend(introvert): yeah..I'm like "I have friends I text."
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    We're both lying on our stomachs in bed. Half asleep.

    Artsie: There's one jelly bean left. You want it?
    Me: Mmph. No, I brushed my teeth.
    Artsie: It thinks it's safe. Thinks it escaped and we haven't seen it.
    Me: Well, stop poking it, darlin'. You'll just scare the poor thing.
    (He suddenly does a staggeringly effective impersonation of a leopard seal surging halfway onto an ice floe, seizing some luckless penguin in its deadly jaws, and sinking back satisfied into the sea. There was this somehow indescribably cataclysmic-sounding gobbling noise to go with it, then peaceful silence)
    Artsie, pleased with himself: I ate it.
    Me: stunned silence
    Artsie: Bones and all.

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    Kid, as I phone him from work: By the way, where's the popcorn lid?

    [long convoluted explanation in which I walk him through, step by literal step, the process of finding the lid to the pot for making popcorn]

    I get home at the end of the day, and the kitchen is strewn with popcorn. I think there was even some in the upside-down thingy that shades the ceiling light. I clear that stuff at least to prevent a fire, glance in the sink where the burned-bottom pot is sitting (sans lid) and summon the kid for cleanup.

    Me: Wasn't the lid in the cupboard?
    Him: Blank wide-eyed look. Yeah.
    Me: Well then, why didn't you . . .
    Him: Even blanker look that says 'Huh? Why is she asking me this?'
    Me: Start again. Didn't you find it?
    Him: Yeah. It's right there.
    Me: Well, but then . . .
    Kid: Puts on a patient expression, waits for the dunce to catch up.
    Me: D'oh.

    It was years and years ago, but it's burned into my brain.

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    ISTJ husband and me walking home from the train station.
    ISTJ: Bla bla bla about his day at work
    Me: Hum. .... Yeah.
    ISTJ: Bla bla bla
    Me: Hm
    Me: No. You just started talking. I've told you to attract my attention first. Try something like 'Wife, can I talk to you now?'
    ISTJ: Ok. Wife, can I tell you something now?
    Me: Yeah.
    ISTJ: bla bla bla, the computer, bla bla bla this colleague, bla bla bla
    Me: ............ the poor fish!!!
    ISTJ gives up in exasperation

    (To this day, I have no idea what fish I was thinking of)


    ENTJ colleague who I haven't got much to do with sees me on the corridor:
    Me: uyi
    ENTJ: Haven't seen you in a while.
    Me: hm (desperately trying to think of something to say, because there is no reason why we should have seen each other, we smoke together sometimes, but it is her who hasn't gone out for a smoke in a while)
    ENTJ: Busy working, eh?
    Me: Hm.

    ENTJ colleague and me smoking. (I work with kids in Year 12, she works with a group of kids with ASD)

    ENTJ: It must be great to work in the 6th form. I only do dumb stuff because mine all work at lower levels. I used to teach IT A-level [A-levels are exams that kids in the UK take in Year 12 and 13 if they want to go to uni]
    Me: Well.. at least you get to boss your kids around.
    ENTJ *puzzled*: Firm boundaries, tough love is what I call it, dear! Yeah, but you are right...... I do boss them around.
    ENTJ colleague and me smoking again at break.
    ENTJ: Hello luv, how has your day been?
    Me (uh? it's only been two hours, what should I say?): Yeah, fine.
    ENTJ: I've had a rough morning. PUPIL X has got a phobia of the canteen. I've got to go in and make him go there now.
    Me: It can't be as bad as the phobia he'll have of you when you go to kick his bum.
    ENTJ: Exactly :) :) :)
    ENTJ talking to a pupil: If you need anything, you can always find me in the base, abusing my children, shouting at them.
    Me: LOL LOL
    ENTJ gives me puzzled looks
    Me (well, she said so herself, so I'm allowed to laugh aren't I? I mean, it's TRUE)
    ENTJ goes on talking to pupil: Or you can find me eating, that's another thing I do all the time.
    Me (Isn't she supposed to be on a diet and also she's got this weird competition with my MALE ENTP boss, where she disses him for being a fatty when she isn't much of a looker herself?)

    ENTP boss has a random picture of sheep which he randomly put up in our classroom to impress visiting parents. It's a rather bleak, snowy landscape and has got nothing to do whatsoever with our work. Basically, the whole picture is just grey and white and the sheep aren't cute either, they're more of a 'rare breeds' variety with horns and all.

    INTP boss hisses about random picture and plots how to get rid of it. Writes a note to the caretaker.
    "Dear Dave, can you please hang this picture in ENTP's cubbyhole?"
    INTP blushes: Ooh... what is the caretakers name? I think it's Dave... but I just call all blokes Dave.
    Me: Yeah, I think he's old enough to be a Dave. I don't think he's a Callum. (trying to confuse her) But, Miss...... what if he isn't called Dave?"
    INTP (doesn't go for the bait): I think it's Dave.

    INTP: That blooming picture. The other day ENTP sat there like this (she sits on a table and looks at her nose): 'Oh Miss, so much inspiration can be found in the Yorkshire Dales!'
    ISFJ *totally serious*: He did NOT!
    Me thinks : Yes bitch, he DID. Honestly, that's the kind of thing he does. I didn't even see it but it's exactly the kind of thing he does, how can you not know this when you've known him for a year longer than I have? ...... Ah, so this is her secret. She likes everyone because she just ignores everything about them that she doesn't like.

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    INTP guy friend: My inlaws visited for three weeks [neutral voice, poker face], so I was banned to the cellar where our spiders live [fond, if somewhat weird tone]
    Me thinks: He speaks more fondly of his spiders than his inlaws? ♥♥♥best friends???? INTP+Me, his spiders + my woodlouse. ♥♥♥
    Give him a surprised look
    INTP (rapidly puts on socially acceptable face again): Well, they [the inlaws] are quite old. They can't sleep in the cellar.
    Me thinks: Never mind about the inlaws, I wanted to know what kind of spiders you've got.

    INTP boss (lady) has a little sister. I never knew that they were sisters because:
    a) they are both married and thus have different last names
    b) nobody tells me anything
    c) they talk very respectfully to each other and sit meters apart and don't go "ooochygooochywooooogy my sweetie baby sister" like other sisters do.
    d) they do look very similar, but I don't notice these things at all.

    So I made up the story that they are both INTPs and they are friends and they met each other because they accidentally stood in the same corner one day.
    After I worked there for 2 whole years, INTP boss was planning her parents' wedding anniversary and suddenly EVERYONE was mentioning her "little baby sister". It suddenly dawned on me that the other 'Miss' is the sister. .... I just kept a poker face and didn't get involved, just listened to the INTP list her family members "Me and SISTER and two brothers................................[remembers that people say their siblings names]: Joe and Jack." (not their real names).
    Of course, I felt an urge to tell her the story I had made up but controlled it. DON'T TELL HER , DON'T TELL HER, DON'T TELL HER.

    One day I was ranting to her about how ISFJs bother me to socialise.
    INTP: I don't socialise with anyone except ENFJ and INTP-2, my sister.
    Me (oooh, why is she stressing 'my sister'?.... arrgh.. she knows my dark secret... DON'T TELL HER DON'T TELL HER DON'T): You know what? I never knew she was your sister! I made up this story about how you two happened to stand in the same corner one day and that's how you got to know each other!
    INTP (turns bright red and looks at her nose): Ts Ts Ts [INTP laugh], how weird!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    (guy) esfp friend: Do you think I look fat?
    intj: very
    intp: *confused expression*

    I'm not too sure what to make of that
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by kikidmonkey View Post
    and that's pretty much how all my conversations go if i dont hate you.

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    Note: I am a fully believing Christian so my comment in the following convo meant in a funny way, not antagonistic.

    Guy leading small prayer night: well, let's get to praying. I don't know anyone who doesn't get great things out of it!
    Me: *dry voice* well I know I sure don't!
    Girl who has just met me: what???
    Me: oh, I'm joking
    Guy to new girl: yeah......she's like that. (referencing me)

    He actually really gets my humor but I was amused that I was described as "like that" whatever that means haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaTuxRacer View Post
    Not necessary, nobody can hate you... Dat avatar and signature!

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    Saga of the sheep picture continued (see post #124)
    ENTJ drops by our classroom/office to talk to ENTP boss.
    INTP boss is still grumbling about the picture.
    Someone (don't remember who, probably INTP) asks ENTJ: What do you think of when you look at this picture?
    ENTJ: Me, children, trip. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho I'm deep.
    other people: ??? ignore
    Me thinks: You're not deep, you're bossy. I'm deep. You're doing this all wrong, because if that's you with your kids on a school trip, it means you are an ueber-sheep. Well, maybe you are ....

    Saga of the INTP sisters continued (see post #125)
    Little INTP sister to big INTP sister: This kid said to me 'Miss, you know what? You look like that other TA!' I said 'Yeah, that's because she's my sister'. hiss hiss hiss
    Me: glance from one to the other, keep my mouth shut and look for excuses why I didn't notice they are sisters..... well, for one thing, the big one has a pointier nose, and for another thing.... FAIL
    Little INTP sister:Then he said 'She's well nasty!'
    Me: Laugh about big INTP sister
    Big INTP sister flashes her eyes, turns red and seems proud of her nastiness.


    Big INTP sister's birthday. I see her in the staff room and decide I should congratulate her.
    Me: *sneaking up* I never say happy birthday to anyone. Does she know? What will she think if I say happy birthday to her?
    INTP: Hello, FlaviaGemina.
    Me: By the way, happy birthday, Miss.
    INTP: 47.
    Me: Are you doing anything nice?
    INTP: I'm going to a restaurant. With my family. Eight people.
    Me: Why does she tell me that it's 8 people? Hang on.. .she's counted how many people there are in her family? ♥
    Oh, that sounds nice!
    INTP: It saves me cooking.
    Me: Nah, you shouldn't be cooking on your own birthday!

    I go home and tell ISTJ husband about it.
    Me: And then she said "8 people"! Hehehe
    ISTJ: How strange.
    Me: No, it's an INTP thing.

    A few months later.
    Me to INTP: Miss, you know what that computer did the other day? It ate up three lessons plans ....... nine pages.
    Help, I'm turning into one of their species!
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