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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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    Troll Boss/// The cat whisperer

    double post. delete

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    Troll Boss/// The cat whisperer

    Me: Sir, would you like to hear the glad tidings about [autistic pupil, Year 13]?

    ENTP: Oh, do tell. It is very entertaining. :)

    Me: He needs 19 passes for the year 12 work and he's got 3 so far. There are only 5 more weeks left. He needs those 19 passes, otherwise he can't go to college.... And that's only the year 12 work. He hasn't even got started on the Year 13 work yet. He might get a reduced offer if he passes the Year 12 work. But if he can't get a reduced offer, he needs the Year 13 work as well.

    ENTP: Excellent! Fantastic! :)

    Me: Yes, amazing, isn't it?

    ENTP: 3 down, 16 to go.

    Someone is standing in ENTP boss's usual space during the morning briefing.
    ENTP *bounce, bounce* *steps aside*
    ENTP: Broadcasting from this position. :)

    Another briefing. Everyobody was tired
    ENTP: There's nothing today. ........ Erhem. You're all looking a bit blank today? :)
    Colleagues: *ignore*


    This stray cat keeps sneaking around in our garden. I was on the steps in the doorway and the cat was outside. He couldn't see me.

    Cat to himself, in a plaintive tone: Meow!
    Me, plaintively: Meow!
    Cat, low pitch: Meow!
    Me, low pitch: Meow!
    Cat: .....
    Me, high pitch: Meoooow!
    Cat, high pitch: Meoooow!
    I come out from the doorway, cat sees me
    Cat: *runs away*

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    i encounter the intp kid in the kitchen again.

    me: how's classes going? (semester just started a few weeks ago)
    kid: good.
    me: how's the management course?
    kid: ??? good.
    me: what kind of material is there in a course like that?
    kid: huh?
    me, patient: the intro to management one.
    kid: not 'management'. 'mandarin'.
    me: *facepalm*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. J View Post
    And the mods want NT people to stay on topic? How is that remotely possible?
    This made me lol <3 It's so true.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Sitting in my boss's office, discussing my annual performance review.

    Boss: "You did a really great job this year. I think you showed a lot of improvement from last year and showed you can step up and take responsibility."

    Me: "I was kind of curious about something. Last year you gave me a 2.29, and this year you gave me a 2.30. Why did I get essentially the same score if you think I did so much better?"

    Boss: "We'll, I don't want you to get too hung up one the numbers. What's important is that you've done a great job."

    Me: "Um, okay..." (Thinking to myself, 'Then why should I give a fuck about the numbers if they don't matter?')

    <30 seconds of unrelated, banal conversation>

    Boss: "Looking forward to this year, I'd really like to see you shoot for some 3s on your evaluation."

    Me: ??? (I give up. You're an idiot who gives me the same score every year regardless of performance.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoppaX View Post
    Sitting in my boss's office, discussing my annual performance review.

    eeughh. performance reviews are exactly the reason why i'm happy to remain an unbenefitted, unpensioned, un-sick-days-ed and un'insured' freelance for the rest of my natural life. anything's worth it to not have to spend one week every year feeling like i want to scrape myself clean with a huge putty knife.

    like-minded fellow freelance, a few years ago: 'improvement'??? what the fuck is all that? i'm not going to make up some bullshit pretense at believing i ought to do 'better' somehow. i think i'm perfectly fine just the way that i am.
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    Math teacher (ENTJ): Good job, JustAnotherPerson, you did really well on this test!
    Me: Thank you!!
    Me: -reads mark- 36/49
    Me: .......
    Me: that's like... a 70...
    Me: -goes over all mistakes, recounts a hundred times, but nothing is marked incorrectly-
    Me: -cries on the inside, was counting on this test to bring my grade up-

    Today (Friday)

    ESTJ: Hey, JAP, do you still have that test?
    Me: Yes...
    ESTJ: Yeah, it's out of 41, not 49.
    Me: -quickly recalculates-
    Me: Th-that's 90%...
    Me: -joyous sobbing-
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    Me, mum and my sister were talking on skype earlier.

    Sis: *talking about her work*
    Me: *notices mum's spacing out and pulling a funny face*
    Sis: *notices I'm looking away* ... what?
    Me: Oh nothing. Mum's just gone to a better place, that's all.
    *Me and sis crack up for a minute while mum sits there looking confused*
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    Me: I want to kill somebody, but I'm not sure yet whether it will be [autistic pupil] or his teachers. Good thing I'm indecisive.
    INTP boss: "Both of them" is always an option. :)
    Me: Oh, I hadn't thought about that.
    INTP: Just to make sure you do it thoroughly. He he he.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Two INTJs having a conversation.

    1) I always wanted a pet when I was a kid.

    2) Did you ever get one?

    1) No. My mom bought me a cactus instead.

    2) How did that go?

    1) I overwatered it and it died.

    2) Oh.


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