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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Humoriarty Mmmm functional! Would never know, never had a female with me on it. =)...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Humoriarty View Post
    Mmmm functional!
    Would never know, never had a female with me on it. =)

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    Unknown Personality

    One of my most recent Facebook status updates:

    I feel like those anti-bullying posts would be a lot more effective if they used proper grammar and spelling...

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    "I think if it came down to it, I could beat your dog in a straight fight."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lughna View Post
    ISFJ: But she won't want to live there now that someone's broken in. Especially because she's elderly and alone.
    Reminds me of James Gregory: "My uncle heard that most car accidents happen within a mile of your house. So that dumbass moved".

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    ISFJ: You don't think it's a problem that someone drinks every day?
    Me: No
    ISFJ: Even though they're an alcoholic?
    Me: That's not what an alcoholic is.
    ISFJ: Drinking every day means they're an alcoholic.
    Me: No it doesn't...
    ISFJ: Yes it is...
    Me: Someone can drink a couple beers a night and still function in every aspect of their life.
    Me: Alcoholism is when you can't stop drinking and it affects your work/personal life.
    ISFJ: That's what I'm saying.
    Me: ...
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Cork View Post
    Me: No it doesn't...
    ISFJ: Yes it is...
    This right here. The ISFJ I'm close to is always at it; making obvious mistakes in a response ['yes it is' instead of 'yes it does'] that let you know they aren't fully listening. They seem to have trouble updating their words/thoughts once they've started.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Reading these ISFJ discussions are just to funny.

    Why they so stupid, lol.
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    Here's another one.

    ISFJ: I understand that she (ESFP aunt) is different from me, but I think if you go to someone's house you should respect the way they do things. She knows I like to know what their plans are, and that I put a lot of work into making the house nice before they visit.

    INTJ: Well, I'm sort of like her too though. I like having things planned, but half the plans never go to "plan" anyway, so why bother with them?

    ISFJ: Well, I still think she should try to be considerate of the fact that I'm going out of my way to help them. I would do that for someone else if I was going to their home.

    INTJ: Oh really?

    ISFJ: Well, yeah, wouldn't you?

    INTJ: So when you come and visit me for the first time out of school, you're going to let go of your picky rules and restrain yourself from trying to clean my floor to eating standards, even thinking of how my choice of wallpaper doesn't match the cabinetry, and how strange the living room smells?

    ISFJ: Weird look

    INTJ: I think there's more to life than things like that.

    ISFJ: Well, you'll probably change when you get a job in the real world and start making your own money. It's easy for you to be loosey-goosey now because you have a safety net.

    INTJ: I'm not changing who I am.

    ISFJ: weird look of embarrassment and slight offense.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I love how this is turning out in an ISFJ hate club (or whatever PC way you want to put it).

    ISFJ: Did you hear what she said about my scarf? That she wouldn't wear those colours? I never even suggested I was giving it to her! [this scarf is in the process of being knit]

    Me: Yeah, she just said she can't wear that colour, because it doesn't suit her, but that it will look nice on you.

    ISFJ: Why would she even say that? I would never dream of saying that to someone. I didn't even offer to give it to her.

    Me: It wasn't an insult. She just made an observation and then complimented you; she said it would look nice on you.

    ISFJ: I don't know why she would say that about not liking that colour. I would never dream of saying that to someone. She's so direct. You would never say that to someone.

    Me: Eh, you know I would.

    ISFJ: It was just so unnecessary. Why would she tell me that?

    Me: *turns up music*
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    This conversation happens at least 3 days a week at work. We have a computer database that schedules jobs for us. It tells us everything we need to know like what equipment to work on, what work to do and where the equipment is located. I have no idea what this guy's MBTI is - he's just stupid.

    Co-worker [after staring at the job database for 20 minutes]: What work needs to be done today?

    Me: We need to do the maintenance on the A's, B's and C's on the 3rd floor today.

    CW: The A's? Okay, what do we need to do with them?

    Me: We're doing the regular maintenance on the A's, B's and C's.

    CW: What about the C's? Are those repairs?

    Me: We're doing the regular maintenance on the A's, B's and C's.

    CW: Okay. Those are on the 2nd floor right?

    Me: No. They're on the 3rd floor.

    CW: So we're doing maintenance on the A's and B's on the 4th floor. What about the C's?

    Me: We're doing the regular maintenance on the A's, B's and C's on the 3rd floor today.

    CW: Okay. So we need to repair the Z's on the 5th floor. Got it.

    Me: O_o
    Me [knows that we have no Z's at this work site and there is no 5th floor]: Sure. Have fun.
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