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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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    Us and the squad together out eating lunch after church one day:

    ESFP: So INTP, when are we meeting your gf? :3
    INTP: Idk, we still haven't told her parents that we're dating.
    INFJ: But why not?
    INTP: Well her dad is kinda a strong personality and doesn't want his daughter dating anyone and so I don't know how I'm gonna approach him yet..
    INTJ bro: *looks up from taking a photo of his hibachi* Okay see what you do. You roll up to her crib. You go inside the house. You take an arm around her. You look at her dad. And you say *beats his chest* Soy papi, now.
    ISFJ who-hates-the-daddy-kink: *from alll the day down the table who was in another conversation* WHAT DID HE JUST SAY.


    aLSO. Not directly INTJ but involves INTJ.

    After some time in the group chat I keep seeing minor conflict concerning nicknames? Idk. So I try to clarify this irl.

    Me: *to ESFP* so what's this new beef you have with my brother again?
    ESFP: he doesn't like nicknames yet he uses them on certain people and not on others.
    Me: Wait I thought you didn't like nicknames
    ESFP: No, I do. It's him who doesn't like them.
    Me: Oh, so INFJ is okay with her nickname.
    ESFP: Yes. (and he won't call her by it)
    Me: And ENFP is okay with his nickname.
    ESFP: No, he doesn't like it and said so. Your brother still calls him that.
    Me: And INTP is okay with his nickname.
    ESFP: He doesn't care, and the name your brother uses he's okay with.
    Me: ...so...what's the problem again...?
    ESFP: It's that he claims he doesn't like nicknames. Yet he calls ENFP by that nickname he doesn't like. And even tho I've expressed how I want to be called by my nickname he is the only person who outright refuses to call me so.
    Me: Hm..have you asked him?
    ESFP: He says he won't call me (nickname) bc he doesn't like them but that's not even a valid reason if he's willing to call ENFP and INTP by their nicknames!
    Me: Hmm...
    Me: Hey bro, why won't you call ESFP (nickname)?
    INTJ: I just don't like it. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
    Me: *walking back to ESFP* He says he doesn't--
    ENFP: Give it up ESFP, he clearly does it just to mess with us.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Staff Meeting:

    Very blunt ISTJ: "We are changing the meeting room policy back to what it was before."

    I carefully do not say anything.

    ISTJ: "Green Girl is making that face because she is trying really hard not to say 'I told you so' right now."

    I burst out laughing. I want him to come to every meeting.

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    brightflashes: Who says they're "happily married" when they're actually happily married? lol

    INTP: Hey! I'm happily married!

    brightflashes: um ... INTP?

    INTP ... Oh wait, we're not married.

    brightflashes: exactly!
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    Family reunion.

    Aunt: How old is your mom?
    Squirt: 71.
    Aunt: Wow, I didn't realize she was so much older than your father. Huh...
    Squirt: -contemplates cougar joke, decides against it-
    Aunt: And you're an only child, right?
    Squirt: No, I have two siblings. They are much older, though.
    Aunt: Oh, that is kind of like how it was with your great aunt. I guess you're sort of like her.
    Uncle: -vociferously- Squirt is nothing like Great Aunt. [Great Aunt had falling out with family...]
    Grandpa's wife: Yeah, Squirt is way prettier than Great Aunt, come on.

    -long and painful silence-

    Grandpa's wife: That came out sounding more harsh than I intended...
    -uncle shuffles away cantankerously, aunt goes back to the stove-
    Grandpa's wife:

    Quote Originally Posted by mOchO View Post
    Haven't posted here for a while. Today I was getting my 4yo daughter to bed and the following conversation took place:

    She: why the pizza takes so long to cook? (We made pizza last weekend, the base on Saturday and finished on Sunday)

    Me: because we need to wait for the base to get ready.

    She: but why do we need to wait?

    Me: because if we don't it stays very hard and it's very hard to chew.

    She: but why does it stay hard?

    Me: because when we prepare it we put little bugs in there and then they grow and eat the flour. When they do this they fart a lot. That's why the flour grows and stays fluffy. It is full of fart gas 😜

    She laughed: oh there so much I don't know about so many things...

    Haha! Kids are curious. They're curiosity should be satisfied in an entertaining manner. 2 weeks ago she got nits on her hair and she didn't want to let us get them out. The microscope solved the issue. Once she saw them, she behaved 😊
    All the toddlers/snotnose kids I know tell me how everything works, and protest rudely when I try to correct their misguided notions of reality.

    Met plenty of adults like that, too.

    Fun explanation of fermentation by the way.
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    Not a recent conversation, but one I think about at times:

    What it's like to work at Google on a typical day:
    INTJ: Eyyyy! It's [my name]! *gives the guns*
    Me: *gives the guns back* Eyyy! What's up bro?
    INTJ: Not much man. Not much, having a BBQ this weekend, you game?
    Me: Hm... no I can't. I'm heading back to LA, even though I'd love to.
    INTJ: Eyyy, back to el eyyyyy!
    Me: Eyyyy!!!
    INTJ: Eyyy!!!
    ENFJ: *rolling her eyes* I have some place I need to be.
    ESTJ: ... I guess I'll come with.
    INTP: *quietly observing our behavior leaves with ENFJ and ESTJ* ...boys.
    ESFP: *slams her stack of papers on the desk* Are you two quite done, yet?
    *INTJ and I look at each other then start smiling at the same time*
    INTJ and me: No... eyyyyy! *gives her the guns*
    ESFP: *rolls her eyes again* I might just poison the meat for your BBQ, honey.
    INTJ: Eyyy... *makes sad panda face*
    Me: You sure know how to pick 'em, INTJ.
    ESFP: Well, before you leave, I need you to review all of this and pick out any of the good submissions.
    Me: ...okay.
    ESFP: Okay, have it to me by the end of the day. *leaves as ESFP puts on her Rayban aviators* Besides, we all know I meme the best out of all of us. *snaps her fingers, flips her blonde hair then leaves*
    INTJ: ...
    Me: Damnit. Well she's right but did she have to say it like that?

    Uhh... so yeah.
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    On a road trip several years ago with an INTP female friend I had met again after a 15 years hiatus:

    INTP: So what are your hobbies? What do you like to do with all of your spare time?
    Me: Oh, you know. Cook, clean, read, play video games.
    INTP: You forgot to mention internet.
    Me: Oh, well yeah, I mess around on the internet too.
    INTP: Heh. Boys. So, PC or console?
    Me: PC, but I have a Playstation too.
    INTP: Hm... so you're the type of person to own a console. Interesting.
    Me: Um, why is that interesting?
    INTP: It just never made sense to me that someone would spend money on something so specific, when a PC can do so much more.
    Me: Oh, well you can do a lot with modern consoles.
    INTP: Can you create programs, can you code in PHP? Python? C++? C#, even? Can you create spreadsheets? Can you create GAMES?
    Me: Well, no but most people don't do that kind of stuff on their PC anyway.
    INTP: Feh. Well I do. I love my PC.
    Me: Okay, well then PC or Mac?
    INTP: *looks over to stare at me wide-eyed* Gad zooks! I could buy a Mac, AND LEARN EVEN MORE!
    Me: *terrified that INTP is beginning to drive off the road* Uhh! INTP, please keep your eyes on the road!
    INTP: *looks ahead again* Hm? Oh. We're fine. *taps me on the shoulder* What could I even drive into? We're in the desert!
    INTJ: ... you were heading into a light post.
    INTP: Darn. I was hoping you wouldn't say that.
    INTJ: Well, this is your car but next time how about I drive?
    INTP: Okay, but you'd better not ding 'er up!
    INTJ: ... really?
    INTP: Just joking with you. Lighten up!
    INTJ: Okay, okay, fine. I promise not to ding 'er up. Why is your car a her and not a him?
    INTP: A car be a him? Boy are you weird!
    INTJ: Okay... well I mean just makes sense to me that you would want your car to be a him.
    INTP: *Says in a country western accent* You into some weird car fetish, boah?
    INTJ: Hahah, okay fair point.
    INTP: *Continues talking in a country western accent* Well my grand pappy named all 'a her cars Sheryl and mah pappy also named all of his cars after girls. Me, I just call my car her. Always have, always will.
    INTJ: Okay. I guess I'll name my car Betsy.
    INTP: *looks over cock-eyed* Betsy!? *chuckling and shaking her head slightly*
    INTJ: You know, you don't make much sense to me.
    INTP: Well we've only just met, boah.
    INTJ: I'm not a boy anymore, ma'am.
    INTP: Well you are to me, boah!
    INTJ: ...k. :p
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    INFP = hired help

    brightflashes: I'm confused about what needs to be done for [client] and I need to know if I paid [employee]. When you have a couple of minutes, let's chat.

    INFP: I can't voice chat. You don't owe anyone anything because you paid early, with [client], she ordered a rush and I put it in business spreadsheet and the payment in other business spreadsheet, but you handle the rushes, so you just need to email [client].

    brightflashes: I didn't ask to voice chat!!!!!!! Why do you keep projecting your desires onto me? I don't want to voice chat.

    INFP: Oh. I assumed voice because I had missed a call from you haha

    brightflashes: Oh.

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    INTP friend and I reach our second destination:

    ESTP: Howdy pardners! Consider me your oh-fish-shal welcome party to right here in Primm!
    *INTP and I glance at one another*
    INTP: He's definitely going in the game?
    Me: *smiles* Yes.
    INTP: *raises an eyebrow* What's your name there, pardner?
    ESTP: Name's [ESTP's name] but you can call me J.R. for short, missy.
    INTP: Okay, [ESTP]. What can you tell me about Primm?
    ESTP: Only that it's the rootinest, tootinest gamblin' town in all of South Clark County, ma'am!
    *INTP begins to question ESTP about what the city is known for and what the attractions are*
    INTP: Well, the destination looks unique. What do you think [INTJ's name]?
    Me: I think the modelers are going to have a field day with this place. Goodsprings was nice but super easy. It's your call on this one [INTP's name].
    INTP: *claps* Well, okay pardner, you have your self a deal. Lets shake on it!
    ESTP: You won't be disappointed! [INTP]! I guar-an-tee it!
    INTP: Mmm, well you can't guarantee that, but I like your enthusiasm.
    Me: You sound just like [ISFJ's name] when you say that [INTP].
    INTP: *grins* I know, I get the saying from him.
    ESTP: Well, I reckon we should get out of this heat. Drinks are on me! I'm guessing [ISFJ] will be comin' 'round right near quick?
    INTP: Yes.
    INTJ: Oh, yes. It's really hot and dry out here.
    *Few hours later*
    ISFJ: Okay, I got your texts. So this is the place?
    INTP: Yes, [ESTP] here has been entertaining us until you arrived.
    ESTP: Howdy pardner and welcome to Primm! The rootinest, tootinest gamblin town right here in South Clark County!
    ISFJ: Pleased to meet you [ESTP]. Well this place certainly looks unique. Okay, I'll call over the crew and modeling team.
    ESTP: Is there an echo 'round here?!
    ISFJ: What?
    ESTP: Nothing, pardner. I guar-an-tee you will love Primm!
    ISFJ: Well you can't guarantee that, but I like your enthusiasm.
    ESTP: There's that echo again!
    ISFJ: What in the name of Cthulhu are you talking about?
    ESTP: *smiles* Nothing, pardner!
    INTP: *Laughs* INTJ and I also decided that he should go in the game.
    Me: *Agreeably* Yeah, I'm guessing you know who too.
    ISFJ: Oh... I know just the character who could use his personality. Yes Man?
    Me: Bingo.
    INTP: ... Yes.
    ISFJ: *Laughs* Yes, I think he's a perfect match!
    ESTP: I'm a who or what now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoobyscoob View Post
    Not a recent conversation, but one I think about at times:

    What it's like to work at Google on a typical day:
    So you are a bunch of Fonzies over there?

    In middle school, we called boys that talked with lots of hands signs and bravado "wannabe playas" that "think they so fine."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirt View Post
    So you are a bunch of Fonzies over there?

    In middle school, we called boys that talked with lots of hands signs and bravado "wannabe playas" that "think they so fine."
    We were just goofing around. :p The INTJ in that conversation was recently promoted to senior manager so he was in a good mood, while I was contracting as the ESFPs hire. The INTJ and ESFP had also recently become engaged and she pretty much never holds back how she feels about anything. The ENFJ was constantly annoyed by everything as she tends to be and her ESTJ daughter didn't know what to make of the situation or the INTJs so just followed her mother. The INTP... no one knows how she felt as no one ever really knows with an INTP.

    But yeah, INTJs and Fe are a bad concoction for sure.
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