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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Mom/teacher feely-type coworker, ISFJ if I had to guess: We’re almost done for the year! Yess! Have you heard anything, ...

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    Mom/teacher feely-type coworker, ISFJ if I had to guess: We’re almost done for the year! Yess! Have you heard anything, are you moving to England? (I heard more like “do you know if you’re moving to England?” but upon hindsight, she probably asked it like what I wrote there)
    Me: nahh :/
    Her: oh!!! I’m so sorry!! (Sounds like I told her some relative died)
    Me: *confused by empathetic heart-felt sadness reaction* wait— what did you ask me?
    Her: *look of confusion/stun* uh..England? Are you going?
    Me: oh, ok. That’s what I thought! Sorry, I wasn’t sure. Yeah it’s a process, it’s not totally out. I know it will just be a wait to find the right job to sponsor me.
    Her: are you ok?? It’s so hard!
    Me: oh. Yeah. I’m fine. I mean, I really hope I get something soon but I knew it would be a wait and see.
    Her: ok! Well I will be fingers crossed!
    Me: thanks!

    And this is how I get into confusing conversations with people sometimes. Reactions that don’t match what I think I am saying but...apparently..do? Lol I just liked that I managed to throw her off too by my confusion hahaha compounded confusion! Woo!
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    Conversation I had with my 7 year old while we were reading together last night:

    INxJ: “What does empathy mean?”
    Me: “It’s when you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to understand what they’re feeling.”
    INxJ: *blinking*
    Me: “Well, remember when I cried after your Mother’s Day performance? You came up to me, wiped the tears off my face and wrapped your arms around my neck?”
    INxJ: “Yeah, but I don’t think I was feeling what you were feeling though. I just felt bad for you...”
    *both chortling*
    Me: “Ah, my mistake! I guess that’s a better example for sympathy then, kid.”
    *chortling intensifies*

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    Wife: Did you close the garage door?

    Me: (looking up from laptop) What?

    Wife: (louder with feeling) I said, did you close the garage door!?

    Me: I'm right here. Why do you have to yell?
    . . . . . .
    . . . . . . (wife walking away to check it herself). . . . .
    . . . . . .
    Wife: (yelling from downstairs) That's all right. I closed it earlier . . . . (something inaudible). . . . .

    I don't know how common this is amongst retired couples. . . .
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    INTJ: Dementia is just a myth young people created to disrespect their elders.
    ENFP: ...
    ENFP: Disrespect is just a myth elders created to psychologically manipulate minors into thinking they don't have dementia.

    INTJ: You have a point...
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    This is not an excerpt but a story. A few months ago my intj brother was staying with me before he flew out for his new job (he's my older bro) and he came up with an idea that we should photoshop pictures of our younger brother's dead dog on stage with the old pastor of the church my mom attended when we were young.

    I don't know how he came up with this idea but we both found it hilarious. I was like "He is never going to be stupid enough to think that Billy Joe (our brothers little pug that ran away like 10 years ago) was taken by Pastor Rick". Lmao. Any ways we spent like 30 minutes photoshopping the picture and it looked real. We had the dog on stage with Pastor Rick as he preached. My brother told me to call our younger brother and put it on speaker so we could text him the pic and break the "bad news" that we found out what happened to his dog. As soon as our brother picked up the phone neither one of us could talk because we were crying laughing...haha it was so stupid and hilarious.
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    Waiter: *cleans table, spills something*
    Me: "Oh my." *looks guilty*
    Waiter: *Desperately tries to contain the spillage*
    Me: "Did I overdo it with the sauce?"
    Waiter: *grins* "There's no such thing."

    Aww, English politeness...
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    (True Recent Event)

    Car Salesman: Can I help you folks?

    INTJ with INFJ (spouse): We would like to look at the inside of this Honda Passport Elite and then test drive it. But it is locked.

    Car Salesman: We were looking for the keys earlier but can't find them. One of the other salesman could've taken the keys home with him. It's the only Honda Pilot Elite here, though. Can I show you another model?'

    INTJ: I guess there's no point in going any further if you don't have the key. Can you get us a brochure for the Honda Passport Elite?

    Car Salesman: You know, I think I'll get one of the guys to help me look for that key one more time. Can you hold on?

    INTJ: I don't see the point in that since you said the keys are not here.

    Car Salesman: (pause) (sigh) . (pleading). . . can you please hold on a few minutes and we'll look for those keys one more time?. . . .

    Car Salesman #2 approaches: How can I help you folks today?

    INTJ to INFJ (spouse): ready to go? I'm hungry. . . . .

    INTJ's do not like to waste time on matters that go nowhere. . . . . .. .. . .
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    my squishy programmer (and fellow middle-aged techie) friend.

    me: some days i think the main reason i come to work is because work has people i can make jokes to.
    her : hah
    me: sometimes i catch myself actually thinking they should keep me around for no other reason than that. because i'm funny. i am, but it ain't really a market skill in its own right
    her: people love it that i'm funny.
    me: so do i. but you contribute too.
    *time passes*
    me: i just had to send a sheepish email to a developer i've been chicken-littling at, and say 'um, so. i was looking in the dev database'
    her: HAH
    me: he said 'well, at least we now know that we have one.
    her: see? you do contribute.

    also, i've been opera-obsessed. so i found this conversation in the youtube comments for a monster of a rossini aria called il piu lieto:

    a: rossini must have really hated tenors
    b: rossini must have hated everyone. he must have loathed baritones since he wrote the role of figaro, he despised tenors (as seen here), mezzos were definitely his favourite victims (adina, rosina, angelina, etc.), sopranos also suffer him from time to time. hell, even the role of basilio (bass) is unnecessarily hard. and seeing that rosina was actually written as a role for a contralto, he must have hated them too. he probably only liked countertenors

    (there's practically no such thing as work for countertenors. because there's practically no such thing as countertenors, apparently)
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    ISFP: Can you help me?
    INTJ: Sure, what is it?
    ISFP: I have something stuck in the side of my face.
    INTJ: … what?
    ISFP: It's been bothering me... I think it's a stitch from a procedure I had years ago...
    INTJ: Are you sure? It could be a splinter...
    ISFP: Can you check and see?
    INTJ: -inspects- Huh. I do see something there.
    ISFP: Can you pull it out?
    INTJ: -gets tweezers- Yeah, I got it... -tugs-

    -5 mm long string that looks like dental floss comes out of her face-

    ISFP: Did you get it?
    INTJ: Yes...… it..... how long ago was this procedure?
    ISFP: Oh, a long time ago, I don't know. It's been bothering me for a while. It feels much better now, thanks!

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    ENTJ coworker: *starts singing “Baby shark”*

    Me: *death glares at him with a crochet hook in hand while working on a new project on break*

    ENTJ: don’t give me that look, you can’t do crap with that thing

    Me: the ancient Egyptians used hooks to remove the brain of a mummy by shoving it up the nose...

    ENTJ: 0_O

    Me: *smirks*

    ENTJ: you’re evil

    Me: I take that as a compliment
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