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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by lilysocks seeing that rosina was actually written as a role for a contralto, he must have hated ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilysocks View Post
    seeing that rosina was actually written as a role for a contralto, he must have hated them too. he probably only liked countertenors

    (there's practically no such thing as work for countertenors. because there's practically no such thing as countertenors, apparently)
    As someone with a contralto voice range (but lacks operatic vocal training but has an appreciation for opera ) some of the notes in ‘Una voce poco fa’ from the Barber of Seville make me go, “Are you freaking kidding me!?”. I have a theory Rossini must have gotten super drunk while composing and just went along with ever he wrote when he sobered up.
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    Friend I haven't seen in a couple of weeks: Oh yeah, I got dumped again.
    Me: Of course you did.
    Her: What is that supposed to mean?
    Me: Just that you kept talking about it...
    (me in my head: )

    (I think I was being partly sarcastic, partly like 'you talked about it so much it became inevitable in my mind' haha. But I honestly can't say for sure. It just came out. This is why many people including myself have suspected throughout my life I may have an ASD... but then basically decided instead it's just my personality )

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    INFP - The Idealists

    an INTJ & INFP are walking out of a bar.

    INFP- Look there's karaoke here on Saturday nights.

    This is why I married an introvert.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I have been telling my ENFJ husband about the drama at the book club I lead as part of my job at a library. Some members are unhappy with the books we have been reading, and were really unpleasant about it at the last meeting.

    ENFJ: "So what are you going to do? Maybe call the members individually and try to work it out? Or discuss the situation as a group, to try to come to an agreement?"

    Me: "No. I'm going to tell them that I will no longer attend the meetings, help pick the books, read the books, or lead the discussion. They are on their own. I will make the flyers and reserve the room. That's it."

    ENFJ: "Ooooh, cold!"

    Me: "Those book club people didn't know who they were messing with."
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    Fake Friend Encounters of the Third Kind

    Another Fake Friend says: "Wow. I haven't heard from you since forever. You've been hiding from everyone. How have you been?"

    Self Thinking: (you're so full of shit, don't give a shit about anyone, trying to make yourself look good, as usual, disgusting.)

    My INTJ Reply: "Same thing every day. You know me. (yea right) Nothing much going on in my life. Trying to take care of my health and quiet time, big time. It's good for me. (throw a curve ball, that should do it)."

    Another Fake Friend says: "Oh. Wow. (brain fart). . . .Uh. . Well, I'm glad I ran into you. . . . I better get going. Keep in touch. Everyone misses you."

    My INTJ Reply: "Yea yea. Who woulda' known I'd run into you grocery shopping. You take care. I gotta finish getting my stuff. See ya later. Goodbye."

    Self Thinking: (now. . . what aisle was the oatmeal in. . . . . "

    INTJ's do not dwell, do not skip a beat. . . .

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    Me: I'm going downstairs to clean the litterboxes.
    Wife: Can you turn the kitchen and dining room lights off first?
    Me: Too late I'm already downstairs! *Sees cat. Grabs cat and runs back upstairs. Holds cat up like Simba* Hey babe look.
    Wife: *turns to look*
    Me: *Lion King impression* AHHHHHHH ZABENYA!!!!!
    Wife: LOL! Since you're back up here go turn off the lights.
    Me: Too late I'm already downstairs! *Runs back downstairs. Sees cat #2. Grabs cat #2 and runs back upstairs* AHHHHHHH ZABENYOWWWWWWW *cat's claw digs deep into arm, cat gets away*
    Wife: Stop torturing the kitty!
    Me: I'm not torturing the kitty, I was just holding her out like Simba!
    Wife: Whatever, turn off the lights.
    Me: Too late! *runs back downstairs* I'm already back downstairs!
    Wife: Asshole!
    Me: ahahahaa yeah... I am an asshole.
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    My little brother: (ISTJ) "I want to bring you to my high school."
    Me: "Why....?"
    My little brother (ISTJ): "I told my teacher and friends about how you traveled to many places and they want to hear about it."
    Me: *cautiously* "What.....do they want to know?"
    My little brother (ISTJ): "I don't know. Maybe the country history and just where you've been. I told them you were socially awkward too."
    Me: (in my head: #$%^*) "We'll see."

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    i love your little brother . puts you on display AND tries to buffer your fragile bits.
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    Scenario: I just got up from my work station to grab some papers I had just printed all while focusing on whether or not I would be on time to leave work (aka "death stare") with the few remaining things I needed to do for the night and how to structure this load so I could leave on time. I happen to glance past a co-worker with a big ego. He and I have had a few conversations with him always attempting to dominate me and me dispersing this ill-fated attempt in order to maintain neutrality as I am semi-new to this workplace and really don't think him to be a bad guy, just misguided with an average or less than average intelligence.

    Co-worker: "What?"
    Me turning my attention to him: "Huh?"
    Co-worker: "Why are you 'mad-dogging'?"
    Me: focusing even more on what he was referring to, invoking an even more menacing death stare now directed at him.
    Co-worker: "I'm not afraid of you. I can tell you that much."
    Me finally figuring out what he was referring to and now accompanying the stare with a smirk.
    Co-worker: "You don't scare me."
    Me: "Well good. I don't want to scare you. I'm a genuinely nice guy. BUT, when you rightfully deserve to be scared of me, you will be."
    Co-worker pauses, then makes an attempt to laugh it away as I return to my work as though nothing had happened.
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    Me: *uploads new art to DeviantArt while on Google Hangouts with my boyfriend, @SynthinkingMuse * *gets notification of a new watcher* *checks new watcher profile*

    Me: Damn it!

    Boyfriend: what?

    Me: I got another Sonic the hedgehog furry fan as a DeviantArt Watcher, they liked the Sea Otter painting

    Boyfriend: *innocently* maybe they’re touched by what you created

    Me: I don’t want them touching anything I make, especially my Otter painting

    Boyfriend: *busts up laughing* you’re going to post this on PerC aren’t you?

    Me: yep...

    Here’s the Sea Otter painting in reference:

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