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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; @ Promethea I'm pretty sure I summoned you correctly (demon or not), seeing as you did appear and all Please ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists


    I'm pretty sure I summoned you correctly (demon or not), seeing as you did appear and all

    Please sticky this thread. That is all
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    It's been stickied, yo'. Excellente.

    These two things happened, not really conversations, but I thought they were amusing.

    While waiting in line for the restroom at the coffee shop, I noticed that three adults came out of the restroom within a five minute interval. Nobody went in. Each time I tried the door, after one had left, it was locked. It makes one... speculate.

    Then, after I left the coffee-shop to use the restroom at the bagel shop next door (because I reached a conclusion), as I was walking in, I happened to pass a table full of Ethnic Studies grad students.

    The largest one was pounding the formica and shouting, "...AND FROM PRIVILEGE COMES IDEOLOGY!"

    So, apparently the revolution runs on yeasted bread circles. In fact, I get a little jealous of those guys, because they get to decide the fate of the world over breakfast (or at least play at it), whereas a similar conversation among my peers would be:

    INTJ: So... Egypt.
    Peer1: Yeah.
    Peer2: Fuck.
    INTJ: Think they're going to get a stable democracy out of it?
    Peer1: Maybe.
    Peer2: Probably, eventually.
    INTJ: In the next five years?
    Peer1: Nope
    Peer2: Probably not.
    INTJ/Peer1/Peer2: Fuck.
    INTJ: Want to get a drink?
    Peer1: Yup.
    Peer2: Seems best.

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    Unknown Personality

    About a month ago after a lecture me and ISTJ went in a Biology event. This is just a brief example of what kind of conversation we had for a week. Beware.

    INTJ: Very interesting that stuff about the pineal gland.
    ISTJ: Yeah, and that girl in the end, you should have talked more with her.
    INTJ: What exactly?
    ISTJ: About the event, if she's liking, what courses she's doing... that kind of stuff.
    INTJ: Like hell I would even remember that.
    ESTP comes in and says: You should have told her she was stimulating your "penial gland".
    INTJ and ISTJ: *maniac laugh*
    ISTJ: Tell her that if you see her again.
    INTJ: Fucking hell... "Hey, sweetie, since yesterday you have been stimulating my penial gland."
    ISTJ and ESTP: *maniac laugh*
    INTJ: If that gets me laid, I'll pay you both a grand.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Promethea View Post
    Am I being summoned as a mod -- if so, this method confuses me greatly.

    If I'm being summoned as a demon; you used the wrong incantation.

    If you are trying to contact me to investigate an x-file, a PM will suffice, but if its merely to report a post/visitor message/PM, then click the report button or send me a link to it, via PM.

    I hope that helps, but I am really skeptical given the strange nature of these two posts.

    Pic related: I want to believe this helped.
    If I use the correct incantation can I summon you to my kitchen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by neveragain View Post
    If I use the correct incantation can I summon you to my kitchen?
    heh. what could send a good INTJ crazier than having a stranger swoop in and make their kitchen sticky?
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    Conversing with my ESFP mother regarding a potential employment opportunity she heard about from a friend:

    Me: Graveyard shift? (i.e., the hours when I'm actually awake...)
    She: No, it's during the day.
    Me: Where is it?
    She: It's at the mall. I think it's in a clothing store.
    Me: So it's during the day...when people will be there...at the mall...so there will be lots of them...meaning I'll have to speak to them...Don't think so.
    She: You really have to get over that.
    Me: What, my personality?

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    *talking about my birth*

    Mom: Ah... You scared everybody.
    Me: How?
    Mom: You didn't cry after the delivery. You know, when the doctor spanked you.
    Me: That's interesting.
    Mom: Then, some nurses were talking about how weird you are.
    Me: Weird?
    Mom: You were still insisting about not crying and also never smiled on the following day.
    Me: Hmm...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    *ESFJ coworker hears that I don't plan on coming to her after work hangout/movie night. She corners me in the break room as i'm getting ready to leave.*

    ESFJ: Why don't you want to come over?
    Me: *mumbling* Ah, I just don't really feel like it, you know.
    ESFJ: *sighing* Okaaay.
    Me: *thinking the conversation is over, turns around and grabs stuff, turns back around to leave, only to find her staring at him intensely with a huge grin on her face.
    Me: *surprised laughter*What!?

    ESFJ: *still grinning, but somewhat annoyed at my chuckling* Why don't you want to come over!? Do you not LIKE me!?
    Me: No, no!
    Me: No, I don't NOT like you. I just don't feel like hanging out.
    ESFJ: I'm so disappointed! *walks away*
    Me: *to self* ...the fuck!?
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    Friday afternoon at the office. Executive assistant / social club organizing person walks in

    EA: hi all! Got ballots here for everybody to fill out.. we're starting to organize this year's Christmas Party.
    Me: *takes ballot.. skims over topics* sooo... theme. We're doing theme.
    EA: Yes it'll be FUN
    *Extraverted colleages go \o/ and start discussing outfits*
    me: So.. I have to pick between Zombies, Disney, Fantasy, Christmas characters or the first letter of my name.... How do I even dress up like a <first letter of my name>
    EA *does not pick up on my distress of actually having to participate in this and laughs it off* Oh I'm sure you'll come up with something
    me: *blinks* mmmyeahno.

    oh god I need to start working on my excuse not to go.

    Or find a new job.
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    LOL! oh, such sympathy.

    me, to an email friend, sometime last year:

    in my inbox:

    "EVERYONE to wear a costume on Wednesday October 31st because it’s

    always have the same old reflex. just want to copy it, hit 'reply to
    all' and send it back with a two-word response.

    "bite me"
    her, in reply:

    Employers' anxiety shows during times like this. They need reassurance we like our jobs and won't leave. How they get that from these types of things is beyond me.
    At my job it's a pumpkin eating contest. Or pumpkin carving. I didn't read the email too closely obviously.
    which should make it obvious why even intj folks have friends.
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