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Excerpts from everyday conversation

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This is a discussion on Excerpts from everyday conversation within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Me: Ohmygosh. Sister: What? Me: I just realized something. Sister: Yeaaahh...? Me: I just realized (INFP) knows me better than ...

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    Me: Ohmygosh.
    Sister: What?
    Me: I just realized something.
    Sister: Yeaaahh...?
    Me: I just realized (INFP) knows me better than (my best friend) does.
    Sister: ...?
    Me: No, like, (INFP) knows me really well on an emotional level... but I still like (my best friend) better. Even though she doesn't know anything about my feelings.
    Sister: Okay...?
    Me: No, it's just that logically, since (INFP) knows me on a more personal level, she /should/ be my best friend. But she's not. (My best friend) is. I guess that just shows that in the end I prefer the one who knows my thoughts to the one who knows my feelings. Wow.
    Sister: Okay why are you telling me this?
    Me: Because I just figured it out and you're in my room go away

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    ISTP: How's your indoor tomato plant doing lately?
    ISTP: Well... Can't you just...
    ISTP: Hmm... Apparently, your idea of growing tomatoes indoors was a little...
    Me: WHAT?
    ISTP: Nothing... I'm just trying to say...
    Me: By the way, they feed on plant roots and fungi.
    ISTP: So, will you use that knowledge as a part of your plan to get rid of them?
    Me: No... I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.
    ESFJ: Hey! Did you notice those bugs? They are everywhere.
    Me: No.
    ESFJ: Are you serious? I mean it... They are everywhere and I hate them!
    Me: You are wrong... They can't be omnipresent.
    ESFJ: Omnipresent? What the hell are you talking about?
    Me: Let me tell you something interesting about omnipresence... Did you ever heard "orbitals"?
    ESFJ: Is it some kind of bug?
    Me: No! You have to focus... Now, you will clear your mind and listen to me very carefully.
    ESFJ: Tiny flies?
    Me: Electrons... You will remember nothing but subatomic particles after I snap my fingers.
    ESFJ: I know atoms... And... Planets have orbits... But...
    Me: Nice... Just like that... Everything will be okay.

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    couple days ago . . .

    artsie: *co-writer* *co-writer's meddling presumptuous girlfriend*
    me: saw both of them before the show, you know.
    artsie: DID you?
    me: well, you know what <dorian gray's> like. out in front of the house going 'I Wrote This, You Know' to a wide audience and using that body-language that implies 'I Own This Theatre Too'. course i saw him.
    artsie: sorry. wish i'd known you were coming, i could have warned you.
    me: meh, i know he's a prick; it wasn't any surprise. i finessed him just fine. even refrained from making a santa claus joke about his belly.
    artsie: that was classy of you.
    me: *beam* yeah, wasn't it? saw <pointy-nosed girlfriend of dorian gray> in the aisle when i went for a seat.
    artsie: DID you? did she frost you right out?
    me: to be honest, i didn't give her a chance. you know i never knew what to say to her, and i knew it was all some kind of war zone. so the moment i saw her i just went all Girlie on her. <squeals> "dahling! so good to seeeeeeeee you."
    artsie: O_O you HUGGED her?
    me: well, you know how theatre types do. i didn't want to get caught up in them, so i just did like they did so as to slide on by.
    artsie: <reflects>. <suddenly> kssrnnrk.
    me: what? please don't think i went all over the top on her. i just, y'know, hugged her before she could move.
    artsie: <fizz> <splutter> ssrnrrk.
    me: some kind of 'oh look at yoooou, growing your hair,' kind of thing, you know like she does. and then we were done.
    artsie: <chunter chortle snort . . . full on laughter>
    me: what?
    artsie: she hasn't spoken a word to me for three months.
    me: oh.
    artsie: <more chortling and fizzing>
    me: i thought she was looking a little poleaxed.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    *after several months, i decided to buy some furniture and decorate my room.took some mental preparation to 'settle down' notion. one of the reason not to make my room in INTP's house more human is because he never really pays attention to how things look like.dude's a sloth*

    INTP : hey, mighty_mumu! *yelling from upstairs*
    me : wat! *yelled back*
    INTP : 'come up here'
    me : *growled* wat
    INTP : *walked to his room* 'So, how to make my room is more..you know..habitable.this place looks like a dump'
    me : *you dont say?-look* 'Curtain first.then nightstand.and floor lamp or table lamp. and posters'
    INTP : '...hmmmm...but i want to buy that Ibanez guitar..and..'
    me : *walked away*
    INTP : 'okayyyy i'll go buy the curtain. what color? beige? chocolate? to match the wall'
    me : 'black'
    INTP : 'you and your depression and your fascinated by death boyfriend'
    me : 'fuck you and your happiness'

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Text message between INTP (me) and INTJ

    Me: What did you get for Xmas?

    INTJ: I didn't get anything because I didn't get my parents anything so I told them to get me nothing.

    Me: I did a similar trade with my sister. I hate shopping and spending money. But usually with parents it works on at least a 1:2 if not 1:4 ratio so if you spend $40 on a present for them, they might get you something worth $80 or $160 dollars. That's my only justification for participating in Christmas, I usually come out ahead.

    INTJ: I told them I wanted a shotgun knowing they wouldn't be able to to know which one to get me, but they ended up giving me a piece of paper with a picture of a shotgun on it; I'm just never going to ask for it though. I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is a joke if you have no reason to actually celebrate it.

    Me: I admire your honest logic in not asking for the gift. It's nice they thought of you though. Which is why your second point only works in a vacuum or among people who have drawn your same conclusion. Most people appreciate Christmas for the tradition and memories. Maybe someday when you and I are older it will be more relevant but for now I agree with you. And now maybe you know why I think birthdays suck too!

    INTJ: Yep, it's all coming together now....

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    Mom: How do you write Wally? (Our first lenguage is spanish and she doesn't even say hello)
    Me: W-A-L-L-Y
    Mom: W?
    Me... A-L-L-Y...
    Mom: W-A-L-L?

    So annoying but I'm actually laughing right now.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    (Suspected) ESTP Friend: I went to jail last night.
    Me: ... [sighs]
    (Suspected) ESTP Friend: Naw, look, it wasn't my fault. The cops got it twisted. This crazy bi --
    Me: I hope you know I'm not a lawyer.
    (Suspected) ESTP Friend: [cackles] You're a good friend.

    I can only describe that laughter as cackling.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    *at work, making some web banners for a realty; CEO is the mascott*

    me : 'mail sent'
    boss: *few mins later* 'you dont need to cut his head off'
    me : '..............' *what severed head?*
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    In class:

    Me: Hey <someone> can I sit on your chair?

    Someone: Sure.

    Me: *Conversing with the person next to me*

    After 5 minutes

    Someone: Ewww (my name) why are sitting on my chair?

    Me: -_-...

    Someone: I'm going to have to give it good scrub with chemicals to clean it up from your germs. I'm afraid even Clorox won't do the job. Get up get up I don't want you sitting on my chair.

    Me: *Maintains neutral face and get's up* It's fine a good scrub with your face should do the trick. Your chair will be clean in no time.

    *Some class mates laugh*

    Someone: You do realise I was joking.

    Me:... Yes, yes so was I.

    I'm suspecting <someone> is ENTP other than throwing unnecessary remarks we have a funny relationship :P.
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    INFJ: I'm so confused and I really, really hate confusion!
    Me: You can't love or hate it. After all, it's the practical result of consciousness.
    INFJ: I don't know... By the way, you never seem like confused.
    Me: Because I'm enjoying my confusion with caution.
    INFJ: Stop confusing me.
    Me: Fine.
    INFJ: What do you mean with enjoying it?
    Me: Let me give you an example... You want me to stop confusing you. Then, you immediately asked me a question that I can't answer without causing yet another confusion. Don't you think that was also confusing?
    INFJ: Oh! So, you are thinking about the nature of those things, instead of simply looking for your own answers.
    Me: Those things... Are... Already the answers as what they are.
    INFJ: Why are you confusing me like that?
    Me: I'm sorry.
    INFJ: No... It's... I mean... I don't know... But... I'm...
    Me: Confused?
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