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INTJ: What Are You Currently Listening To?

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    Quote Originally Posted by contradictionary View Post
    Once in a while why don't we discuss about what we listen?

    I hear today musics and songs and they are becoming more blatant harsh assault to both my hearing and my mind, as if they invaded them with filthy cheap toilet paper written in false notes.

    Not to mention the intendedly ever so loud with much dynamic range compression. Painful to my cochlea.

    Why, world, why?

    I tried to do that a few pages back, but no one engaged with me, either.

    It's because what you have written is absolutely 100% true. Another video you didn't post talks about the fact that most of pop music today comes from just FOUR studios, and of those, most of the new music (not covers) performed by every pop star was written by just TWO men. A Spanish study found that music written in the 1930s and 40s had about a 12th grade vocabulary, in the 1980s, it was down to about an 8th grade vocabulary, now in the 2010s, pop music is written in a 4th grade vocabulary.

    As for the volume, Douglas Adams wrote about that ironically in The Hitchhiker Trilogy, in which he imagined the biggest rock band in the galaxy (Disaster Area) played music so loud, they couldn't be on the same planet as the speakers, but were in a spaceship in orbit above the planet.

    "Disaster Area was a plutonium rock band from the Gagrakacka Mind Zones and was generally regarded as not only the loudest rock band in the Galaxy, but also as being the loudest noise of any kind at all. Regular concert goers judged that the best sound balance was usually to be heard from within large concrete bunkers some thirty-seven miles away from the stage, whilst the musicians themselves played their instruments by remote control from within a heavily insulated spaceship which stayed in orbit around the planet - or more frequently around a completely different planet."

    I'm not a fan of Korean boy groups, but I've gotten into Korean GIRL groups, since a few of their songs have a decidedly 80s vibe to them. Most of it is just bubblegum music, which I don't care for... the biggest hit in Korea in recent years is literally called "Bubble Pop". I could also do without the rap section of every single stinking song coming out of Korea these days, but that's just me. I'm not a fan of BlackPink because they're not musical, and I'm not a fan of Twice even though Sana is drop-dead gorgeous because they only play cutesy bubblegum music, but I am a fan of Mamamoo... they are musical and they are talented and they know how to rock. Could be an age thing... they were in their mid 20s when they debuted and are in their late 20s now while Twice, etc., all debuted in their early 20s or younger. Girl's Day started off cutesy and bubblegum, but for their last season together switched to a sexy rock vibe, and had three great songs that rocked out and had sexy videos. Girl groups Kara and T-Ara are gone, too, but had some great songs.

    This is the song I'm listening to most these days. It has both a rap AND a ballad section, which is a little disconcerting at first, but it switches back to the rock quickly:

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    INTJ - The Scientists

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    and really, only this last scene of the first act.

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