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This is a discussion on INTP Career Choices within the INTP Articles forums, part of the INTP Forum - The Thinkers category; I'm I.T (low-mid level) with a degree. I've done alot of call center work which now I understand why I ...

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    I'm I.T (low-mid level) with a degree. I've done alot of call center work which now I understand why I HATED those jobs. I know one of the things I really like are reading and writing. I like spending time researching information and then to a lesser extent writing about it. Maybe writing about it in an instructional way. I read a lot of self help almost to the point where the learning is more entertaining then the implementing. I even do this for hobbies like gaming. I like to learn real world tactics behind games and implement them. Ex: race car game I would read about real driving tactics and try to implement them online against my opponents, even if its not the best strategy to win in the videogame world. To me it doesn't matter its the learning and research and trying to the tactics to work wven though nobody else does it that makes it fun.

    I wonder if there is a way I could do this without some major shift in careers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sereneone View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Janelle View Post
    I was initially going to school for journalism but have now decided on computer programming.. wondering what other INTP's have found to be fulfilling career choices.
    Both the INTP females I know are psychologists. One is a straight A student from a ridiculous overachieving family. The other is just very smart, more regular upbringing. Not sure if it reflects the type or not, but both of them are cutish, and both have polyamorous hearts, but their actual relationships look from the outside to be traditional monogamous.

    You are the first INTP I have seen choose an engineering type activity for a career. Normally I think of INTP types doing more pure science activities, typically sciences with a lot of theoretical activity.
    I think engineering is a common choice for INTP. We like pure science more, but that would not give us a good job (at least true in my country), so engineering is a better choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titi_2001 View Post
    I am currently struggling between being a writer or a computer programmer
    Why not both? Get a degree in computer science, then you can become a computer programmer but also write in free time.

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    I'm an electrician, considering studying for EE. Although we're "smart" I'm not sure there are a lot of really good jobs for intps outside of academia. IT seems popular but I'm confused by the requisite skillset: getting hired requires a college degree but the college degree won't help you do your job? kinda bullshit.

    It seems vitally important for us to have some kind of education, even if said education becomes more overpriced and irrelevant by the year. I consider myself very lucky in some ways to be in a skilled trades apprenticeship: there's not a lot of interest in the work from my own generation, meanwhile the older men/mentors i work with are very down to earth. As an intp I'm not primarily a tactile learner but it's the most thinking you can get without a college degree, which I appreciate.

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    One of the things I found that really clicked for me after learning this personality stuff is that its not really the job specifically but the nature of the job that's more important, for me at least.

    Like its less important that doing computer work or business related stuff. Its more important to have the right environment(socially), pace of work, and overall stress level.

    If whatever criteria you feel works you is met in the nature of the job, doing stuff your interested in is just icing on the cake. For example I LOVE sports and watching and learning about it is one of my favorite leisure activities. But, I would hate to be in sells or marketing know matter if it was for my favorite sports team and I got free tickets to go to all home games and meet the players. Unless of course I could do the job in a way that fits my criteria above.

    Hope that makes sense, and does align with anyone else's thoughts.

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    hey guys,

    If I had to give career advice to young people, I would say: go for something you're good at, have an interest in, and make sure to learn a skill that is in demand.

    I studied biology in uni, but unfortunately chose ecology for a specialisation, which I loved, but is not really a good idea if you need to make a living out of it.

    I was always mainly intersted in the big picture of things, but forgot to be aware of the real world and learn a decent skill.

    Now I am self employed as a cat sitter and studying cat behaviour therapy. I know I work well below my intellectual means, but I enjoy the freedom, the learning, and working with animals, who all seem to love me.
    And I can read tons of books on the job (or at least I try ;-) ).

    For me the most important things are freedom, autonomy and not having to talk to people all day :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Tit View Post
    Now I am self employed as a cat sitter and studying cat behaviour therapy. I know I work well below my intellectual means, but I enjoy the freedom, the learning, and working with animals, who all seem to love me.
    Are they in any way 'spiritual', precognitive, tapped into a different dimension?

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    Hahaha no not at all! Animals are just animals. I view domestic cats as a wild creature that have evolved from a solitary desert hunter to have adapted to life among humans. If you know what kind of animal they essentially are it makes sense to care for it in a certain way.

    No, cats are not mystical creatures, they do not have empathy, and can't read your mind, as some people might think.

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