[INTP] Types You've Dated or Had a Relationship with?

Types You've Dated or Had a Relationship with?

View Poll Results: INTPs, select the types you've dated (> 2 weeks) or been in a relationship with:

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  • ISTJ

    4 5.56%
  • ISTP

    6 8.33%
  • ESTP

    10 13.89%
  • ESTJ

    3 4.17%
  • ISFJ

    7 9.72%
  • ISFP

    8 11.11%
  • ESFP

    11 15.28%
  • ESFJ

    10 13.89%
  • INFJ

    9 12.50%
  • INFP

    10 13.89%
  • ENFP

    18 25.00%
  • ENFJ

    7 9.72%
  • INTJ

    12 16.67%
  • INTP

    12 16.67%
  • ENTP

    7 9.72%
  • ENTJ

    5 6.94%
  • I'm not an INTP but still longed to click something, somewhere for some reason.

    11 15.28%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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This is a discussion on Types You've Dated or Had a Relationship with? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Go with whatever your impression of these things is....

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    Types You've Dated or Had a Relationship with?

    Go with whatever your impression of these things is.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I’m picky as hell and spend more time flirting than actually dating. I’ve had two relationships that lasted longer than 6 months:

    1. ESFJ dude. We had a lot of sex, but he kept expecting a “typical” (??) girl, and my high self-esteem and sexuality made him feel inadequate; I found his low self-esteem and need for constant masculine affirmation annoying.
    2. INTP/J girl. Very intense and we clicked perfectly—when we were together, but lol long distance. It lasted about 3 years in spite of it.

    I tend to attract IS/NFPs. I have no idea why, we would never work out.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Similar to @hela in that I'm picky, haven't had much luck in long term stuff and mostly just window shop.

    One long term with INFJ.
    Tons of dating though. I attract ESFPs a lot. Or they at least make it the most obvious. Otherwise I'm oblivious if someone likes me.
    The ones I like are never ever available.
    It's sad when your best prospects are ones you are "waiting out."

    I do wonder if picky is the right word for it sometimes, or if we are both just doing each other a favor by not dating just to date.

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    I've been extremely unlucky I think. I had two romances during high school that both lasted a couple of months and then a pseudo-relationship that ended before it started. I've been single for over 5 years Been feeling the need for a long-term partner for the past 2-3 years or so but I never seem to meet someone to connect with even though I do meet interesting guys, but we just seem to fuse off after a while and it never moves along more than some basic friendship level.

    I honestly have no idea what kind of guys I attract... When it comes to IRL dating I'm very oblivious to everything. I also keep thinking that I'm not good-looking enough for a guy to ever want to date me, and I lack the social skill to kind of make it happen, apparently.

    Out of the guys I've met on the 'net though, I seem to connect the most to INFx types. Not all surprised about it really. I have honestly started to consider joining a dating site because with this snail pace I might never find a partner until I'm old and wrinkled and I don't quite like that idea. For me it's more about physical and emotional intimacy I suppose, not so much living up to social expectations to have kids and a house. I know my dad secretely yearns for it though, since I'm his only child even if not even biologically related.

    Despite that my ESFP brother seem to have a slightly better success hitting off more girls, I think his extreme immature way of being (he's almost 30 but still lives like a teenager would and his apartment is a mess and full with things - if I was dating him long-term I think it would eventually scare me too as it would say something about his ability to commit) scares girls off. Maybe I'm just silly for making it a competition like that, I don't know.

    But yes, I wish I could sex myself up somehow while still being me. I got a sexy mind, ye?

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    An INFJ guy for about a year. I was myself in 100%, didn't have to explain every little "unclear" thought or things I said, he simply.. got it. I wish it could last longer, a great person he was.
    Before that, an ESFJ. He came to the conclusion that I'm "either a sociopath or a misanthrope" (in these exact words) when I showed no interest in constantly being around people, being overly.. kitschy, or showing public signs of affection.. Ended fast enough ^^"

    I seem to attract older people usually.. way older. It's a bit disturbing at times.
    I don't know though. I never look for a relationship, if it comes it comes.. I just go with it, I'm pretty spontaneous with this and many other things in life
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    ISFJ- She was agreeable at first, then became controlling. We started to lose respect for each other due to our overwhelming differences. But we ended it well and are still friends.

    INFJ- She was understanding and we really had fun 'figuring eachother out', but she really disliked my interest in the macabre. That's not why we didn't work out though, haha.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I've dated 1 ENTP, 1 ISFP, 2 INFJ, 1 ESFJ. They all had Crazy with them.
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    l went with the longest lasting, which were INTJ and ENFP.

    With the INTJ we were both just weird, practically genderless people. The ENFP sort of made me "the man" lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuff View Post
    I've dated 1 ENTP, 1 ISFP, 2 INFJ, 1 ESFJ. They all had Crazy with them.
    Crazy is better than Boring.

    ... within reason.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennywocky View Post
    Crazy is better than Boring.

    ... within reason.
    Very true :) I actually have no regrets about any of them, I learned a lot from them.

    Not sure how I forgot the last one I dated, Not sure what I'd qualify her as either. She had no problems saying what she wanted to say, LOVED conflict, she'd pick a fight just for the hell of it. Certainly not a big thinker. Her circle of friends really is just one person, so I'd say Introverted. But then most people simply didn't like her cuz she was kind of a B. She was always moving too, so maybe ISFP. When it was just her and I she was sweet and I really liked her for some reason but she was the most difficult relationship I've had.

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