[INTP] Any accountants here?

Any accountants here?

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    Any accountants here?

    Do you like your job? do you think it suits an INTP? why? why not?

    i´ve found this article https://www.accountingweb.com/commun...accountant-has and many of the traits seem to suit an INTP, like being creative and flexible, for example. what do you think?

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    Do you think accountants are typically "creative and flexible"?
    Should they be "creative and flexible" when doing their work?
    I'm not an accountant, but I know people who work as accountants or do compliance stuff in their corporate jobs, and "creative and flexible" wouldn't be words I would associate with those people. In fact, I don't think their bosses expect them to be too creative or flexible. But, imho I can imagine that being creative and flexible are traits that could be useful when you have a senior position (ex. manager/director/partner in big accounting firms). Otherwise, imho such traits may be out of place in rigid environments (ex. accounting firms, banks, insurance companies).

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    I'm not sure if you are serious or not, so I'll assume you are:

    Overall the list of traits do not match INTPs very well, we usually have the aptitude but not the disposition. The top two listed in the article are the most glaring. Organized and Time managment. First, I consider myself very organized, but it is an internal organization. I remember where things stand, despite a messy office I can pull from a stack a requested report. But that is not what is usually meant by organized in accounting. Think more along the lines of anal retentively stuck on the details and unopposed to redundancy, which can be very tough for some INTPs.

    And as for time management. Deadlines are big in most jobs, but run rampant in accounting. And you will run into many accounting managers who think if it is not really early it is late.

    Creativity can help find more efficient ways of doing things and attacking an issue from another angle, but that is more along the consulting route, which would suite us better. It is used some in accounting but not as often as others, such as the attention to detail. INTPs can be good at spotting certain details, finding inconsistencies with them, and seeing how they fit with everything, but in a lot of accounting you analyze the detail, document the detail, do a checklist about the detail, or the detail is a meaningless box on a form that is required to be checked.

    Better traits for your standard accountant are: love of routine, highly task completion oriented, and unquestioning of authoritiative processes. And those traits do not go along with an INTP personality.

    So, i've done this job for many, many years. Overall, I can do it, and have advanced in a smaller firm(could never fit into a larger organization structure without medication), but there are times with my personality it makes it extremely hard based on the day to day routine, and minutiae. I'm acttually writing novels on the side, which fits much better. Accounting is not a good fit for most INTPs, so unless you are going to focus moving purely into a consultant type role, it's not advised. Had I known about my MBTI type and such when I was younger, I doubt I would have done it in college, although I always assumed I would save money and open some other business. As a matter of fact, I've seen that job listed on some sites as one of the worst jobs for INTPs.
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    You could have done one worse, posting in the INFP's subforum.
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    Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge an INTP by Its Ability to Enjoy Doing An Accounting Job, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that You Are Stupid.

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    Accounting sounds like a nightmare.
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    Actually, I kind of get where you are coming from. I enjoyed learning about it at the time (more than the vast majority in my class). I thought it was quite interesting in the beginning. But, similarly to live in general, when you grow into it more you realize that is absolutely not what you thought it would be like [for a job].
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    It can be creative. Just look act how some people exploit tax loopholes. It takes some creative accounting to make it work within the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouDesuNyan View Post
    It can be creative. Just look act how some people exploit tax loopholes. It takes some creative accounting to make it work within the law.
    True, and i did say it can be creative at times. But to exploit the loopholes you have to read the code. If you ever have to do that, you have my sympathies.


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