[INTP] Let's talk about Luck

Let's talk about Luck

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This is a discussion on Let's talk about Luck within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; First of all, what is luck? Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. Yeah? ...

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    Let's talk about Luck

    First of all, what is luck?

    Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.
    Yeah? I googled it but it's good, I think. I'm especially positively surprised the definition included the bolded part, because chance is something that arguably doesn't exist except in our own heads. Logically you could argue that every odds is either 0 or 100 as they both mean "certainty", and whatever outcome that future has is certain. That it either rains tomorrow or it doesn't, and with a proper analysis you'll be able to determine which one it is 100 %. Determinism.

    But yeah, let's continue assuming that chance is real, even if only based in our own imagination.

    Logically, if you flip a coin 10 times, the chances for heads and tails being approximately 50 % -- let's call that the "equilibrium state of chance" -- is actually not that high (5-5 is closer to 25 % chance if I've calculated correctly), but the more coins you throw, the closer to 50 you will get. Technically, you're going through billions of coin tosses a day, which means that odds-wise, people are approximately equal as far as chance is concerned overall.

    Yet the world hardly seems that fair, right? There are people calling themselves "lucky" and "unlucky" with good reasons, after all. I think we can agree that the sole determinable factor is the reward. Maybe you will encounter the same complete stranger 10 times during the day in 10 completely different places in a huge city, but what does that matter to you? Will you even notice? In comparison, if you beat the same odds in a lottery, you'd be rich. Big difference in terms of reward.

    I guess you could say that "bad luck" is about hitting heads with the wrong coins in that aspect and vice versa. Still, I want to note that most of "bad luck" is actually just "bad attitude".
    Maybe you beat the bad odds today and stepped into dog shit. You could either analyze exactly how unlikely that is and scream inside at how unlucky a person you are, or you could think "Thank goodness I was just taking a stroll. If I had somewhere to be, it would be a disaster. Good excuse to wash my shoes properly this time, anyway." For some reason, "Unlucky people" continues being unlucky, and I don't think that's very strange because their attitude encourages it.

    Basically, luck and bad luck is in our heads, because rewards can be mentally altered as they're subjective. Even chance is hardly real and can be overturned by good intuition. Naturally, there are instances such as "getting cancer" etc. that is hard to predict, prevent or even see the bright side of, but even that is just because of our own inability to cope. Even (perhaps especially) cancer patients must learn to be positive. Even if it means certain death, you don't wanna go out with a whimper. Good attitudes are about increasing the subjective reward of the coin tosses that actually did go well for you, after all.

    ... that's my thought for the day, anyway.

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    Just won 7 quid. 5 quid on a 1 quid scratch card, and 2 quid on a 1 quid card. So that's quite a good % win for each. 5 quid profit. Bought one more Get Lucky card.

    The buses for both directions stop at the bus stop near my work. When I get off work, I often see the back of the bus as it leaves. Then, I could either assume I just missed my bus home, or that it was going the opposite direction.

    Luckily I just found out many buses stop near my home. So the luck factor has decreased, the more options I have. It's just that I feel very lucky when I catch my fave for which there is 1 particular stop.

    Luck is also forecasting. If I invest in a solid IPO and the stock takes off, it's my intuition that got it right. Is that luck? The more experience you have, the better you can fine-tune.

    In terms of incrreasing exposure to business fortune - I am a very big fan of Fast Company. Their recommends are often winners.
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    I also believe in stoicism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pifanjr View Post
    I also believe in stoicism.
    Truth about Stoicism:

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

    "Strength of character demands resilience towards weak views, an appreciation of life, a responsibility towards people who admire you and a constant fight to achieve self-ownership."

    "Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” - Marcus Aurelius

    “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”
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    I find this description of luck to be really fantastic and agree with the premise and points made indicating to be truely lucky, one must be an entp.

    Quote Originally Posted by https://www.stellarmaze.com/entp-least-likely-to-be-a-ninja/
    Is that an ENTP crawling in your bathroom window? Not likely, as they have no ninja powers and donít know the meaning of sneaking up on their assailant. That is, unless you have included in your definition of ninja, that a bunch of pots and pans will go clattering to the floor very loudly and resoundingly, as this non-darkly clad assassin is on their way to slitting your throat.

    ENTPs are berserkers. A pure extraverted intuitive ENTP is like a clittering, clattering, jangling, and upsetting abruption of noise and racket. However, they will never be hit with the bullet because they are way too lucky. They are protected by ten angels at all times. They will never get hurt and they donít even really exist here anyway. You are really seeing a hologram beamed down from above. They are always banging into things and causing a ruckus. Clowns make ENTPs look normal. Have a visit to the circus sometime to remember the natural environs of where the ENTP belongs.

    In the times of kings, they would laugh in the kingís face and tell him he needed to shave that crusty and arrogant beard. The king would get a razor and cut off the head of the person standing nearest to the ENTP and then bow low before the ENTP for their ungodly consideration in looking out for the kingís blasted hygiene. To this the ENTP would suggest that the kingís eyebrows are looking a little bushy so why not lop them off too. Maybe they could glue them to the thin eyebrows of the severed head laying at the ENTPs feet, which the ENTP is now using as a way to make himself look a bit taller. The king laughs heartily and says, ďYeah, thatís not a bad idea. Where do you get all these wonderful ideas?Ē The ENTP points down at his footrest and says, ďNot out of his head, Iíll tell you that."

    You see, ENTPs donít have to be ninjas because they can just come out and say what they want without fear of repercussion. They could be kings themselves but they are more like pirates, commandos or imaginary operatives in their own imaginary war that they wage like a child.

    They are too much of the holy fool to be a stable king. But they can be a King a Ding Ding and that is what they call the king sometimes when he is feeling blue. ďWhy so serious? The worst you can do is drive the whole kingdom into oblivion. All kingdoms end eventually? Why prolong it? Letís have a little fun on the way.Ē

    ENTP kingdoms will always prosper because of the ďten angels at all timesĒ thing. You canít really go too far wrong with that kind of protection. ENTPs can get away with anything. They sold their mothers a long time ago back in the wooly membranes of childhood. Some of them sold her as soon as they were sure that they were officially out of her womb and breathing of their own accord. Of what use of they for mothers? ENTPs donít need anyone except ten golden maids a day to pick up after their ungodly clutter and clatter. They are like the leader of a demented marching band. That is about as much as they taste of war, banging the drum and making a loud racket. Never do the bullets touch them. Never the enmity.

    It might seem upon superficial observation that ENTPs are nasty bastards but that would be very introverted feeling of you. You see, ENTPs donít know a damn thing about the poor and suffering introverted feeling type woes. They will help anyone in visible distress unless it is their mother or something like that. Just let it be a stranger in distress and they will be there like a white knight daydream. And then they will be off again as quick as you can say merry prankster. They don their hankies for oysters.

    ENTPs can be very old world sometimes coming off as conservative and established members of society. But, that is just another superficial garb for them to wear while they are taking this life off from being court jesters.

    ENTP Function Analysis:

    E is for extraversion. They are in your face, in your space, talking all the time, about everything under the sun. They know what is going on everywhere but in their immediate environment.

    N is for Intuition. ENTPs are space cadets. That term was coined after one of their members Iím sure. While they are extraverts they often have no idea of the particularity of things, such as where there shoes are, or where there shirt is, or where anything that belongs on their body is. They know where all their ideas are but unfortunately they canít wear them for clothes. They are extraverts but are oblivious to the outer environment as regards what currently exists in it. Like all the objects that exist in physical space. They donít know anything about that. As far as they are concerned there are a bunch of things out there that seem to be covering up the pure and virgin space around them. How annoying. Now, this whole scenario will change as soon as you switch over to the wavelength of what could be there in that space. Then all of a sudden they will see the objects that are there and then quickly come up with completely new objects that could be inhabiting that very space. In that five second window, you can get them to recognize that they are staring right at their shoes that they need to put on immediately so we can finally leave the house.

    T is for thinking. Despite the ENTP clumsiness with navigating and even recognizing things in the current space-time environment, they use the thinking function to question why things couldnít be some completely different way than they are. This often leads to invention but it can also lead to simple commentary that is always very logical and on point and hard to rebut by anyone except the smartest people around, which would be other ENTPs. They use thinking to escape every possible crushing danger they bring upon themselves by their complete disregard for physical existence. There are immense stores of knowledge in every ENTP about the most seemingly random subjects and topics, but they all have a place to the ENTP. That place would be under the bed with all the other objects of their room that didnít get put away. This is called storage.

    F is for Feeling (There is an F in ENTP, but it is silent, unlike them). Prepare yourself for Extraverted Feeling ala ENTP-style. It is a doozy. Very animated and expressive they are in a flurry of their extraverted intuitive ideas and mouth-dropping fluidity in expressing them. While they are telling you about life, the universe, and everything, in no particular order, ENTPs will be very engaging and entertaining. They will use simple and colorful terms to describe very complex and tangled phenomena. It is kind of like getting a sales pitch from a scientist to sell you science. And they do. They make science fun and exciting. They are like party-animal scientists.

    One time I did some coke with an ENTP gay man who was a physicist/art dealer (typical profession for them). While we were hanging out in a dark park after hours and in between the moments where he was hitting on me, he was giving this wonderful and expansive explanation of physics. To me is seemed like the most normal thing in the world. I was thinking if you are going to do coke and be hit on by a member of your own sex, this is the exact type of talk that should go along with it. I actually considered being gay for a spell. Oh, those ENTPs, they can sell you on anything.

    P is for perception. Yes, ENTPs can perceive anything, unless it possesses material existence. This is like their kryptonite. Other than that they are like supermen. Or women.

    Speaking of the women. They are hot. I donít think I have ever met an unattractive ENTP women. They have catís eyes that are very unmistakable and striking. And they are cute because they are not like ESTP women who know how hot they are and make you aware of it every five seconds.

    ENTP women are pretty clueless about how hot they are. Again, itís the whole material existence thing. Their bodies possess material existence, therefore they canít perceive how hot they are. They are always slightly goofy or quirky that modifies this impression to endearingly hot. ENTP women have a sixth sense about sexual predators though. Despite their obliviousness, they are still extraverts and very aware of other peopleís energies in the environment. They can sense ill-intent quickly. As soon as their alarm is tripped, like a swarm of locusts, their angels swoop in and ferry them away to safety.
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    To me luck is the favorable outcome of an non-understood event.

    Basically "I don't know how this happened, but yay for me!"

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    tl;dr It's not the cards you're dealt but how you play them... perspective is just another way of playing them.
    Way to reinvent the wheel.

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    I would love it if you had a new Thought-Of-The-Day thread. I would make sure to go read it.
    Also, I agree with @daleks_exterminate . I'm an ENTP, and I'm extremely lucky.
    Or, at least, I consider myself as such.
    Let's give an example: Social interactions.
    My poor sister (ISFP) will suffer a lot when interacting with others. So many people will give her nasty looks, judge her, become passive aggressive, never talk to her again, make fun of her, etc.
    When she sees me, she sees a social titan, saying and doing whatever he wants in public and then ending up with a profit of 3-6 new friends on an average hang out or gathering while she struggles to maintain good relationships with her stupid friends.
    The reality, however, is that I get everything she does too. But here's the luck: When I get nasty looks, I think it's kind of funny. If a song is really good, I'll get in the middle of the dance floor and become the town's new clown and tons of people will judge me, and I will keep on having a good time. If someone becomes passive aggressive or doesn't want to talk to me, their (stupid) queues and body language don't mean anything to me. If they were to plain out insult me, I start wondering what's wrong with them.
    The end result is they eventually have to deal with me face to face in a clear, non-passive aggressive conversation. In doing so, they actually start liking me as they see I have no intention of harming them, I just wanna have fun. Most people also want to have fun and they see me as a free ticket to have fun saying and doing whatever they want as well.
    People tend to be attracted to invincibility (or, at least, what looks like it).
    If my sister displayed the same confidence, she'll obtain the same results. She'd have better "luck".
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    Luck to me is like an INSTANT reward for having done something /nothing.

    Like if I have a test today that I didn't study for but then in school you get to know that the teacher isn't coming.
    Or if you're late and think you'll miss the bus but come to know that the bus was late too, so you didn't miss it.
    Or in larger perspectives - being born in a rich family or something of that's sort (some sort of luck that you can't control)
    Like being a Kardashian 😂

    Okay jokes apart
    Luck is just INSTANT REWARD .
    When the mind can't trace back a pattern to figure out how the outcome was achieved without any physical noticeable action by the recipient.

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