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An INTP in college | motivation problems | need help

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This is a discussion on An INTP in college | motivation problems | need help within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I have struggled with an existential crisis for two years of uni both in the second semester of both years. ...

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    I have struggled with an existential crisis for two years of uni both in the second semester of both years.
    I have learned that work is only work and fun is only fun.

    Prioritize what you need to do first.
    I can tell you how to mix it up. First get started on what you need to do. If it was an easy task, go onto the next task, otherwise reward yourself the way you see fit. I have 3 rewards, 1: puzzles, 2: netflix, 3: video games. Now I avoid video games until I finish one subject. Usually I play for a bit and if I lose track of time, oh well, lost time.

    There are external factors too like emotional health, physical health, happiness, food, sleep.

    In my first year, I was happy but my emotional health was shit. The times I wasn't happy, I was battling myself. I also realized my potential that year when work was so much harder that it used to be.

    Physical health, this one is very subtle but it plays a rather large role on motivation. I work out, at first I hated it cause it was BOOORING, but it was a way to get my mind off things. The buzz after working out felt amazing and it allowed me to work faster. (This is a slow change but it is totally worth it. Plus learn how to work out too and trust me on this).

    If you ain't happy and you know it, you ain't clapping your hands. This is straightforward. Give yourself something to look forward for and you'll be clapping your hands in no time.

    Food. Eat what you want to eat, but I suggest opting for something that's healthier. I know junk food is fast and easy, but junk food is not nearly as tasty as healthy food. You ever eaten a fruit and the juices comes gushing out? You'll get more juices and nutrition than a pack of fruit gushers (the gummies).

    Sleep is the most important one of all. Go to bed at 12 or 1 and you'll always have a clear mind. There is a reason why sleep deprived people are less effective. Honestly, I'd rather get a 0 on a assignment than lose sleep. It also reduces mental health issues sooo..... Stay rested.
    Also about alcohol, I steer clear of it because it really screws with my REM sleep (aka quality sleep). It may help you fall asleep faster, but for sleep it's quality over quantity.

    Also people bragging how much they slept are not doing it right. Having a good quality 4 hr sleep is worth more than a 10 hr cheap sleep. If you're going to brag about sleep, do it right and brag about the quality of sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erdos View Post
    thanks mate.
    do you have any advice concerning the laziness and the distraction matters?
    I have some motivation for you. You need to focus on learning the topic so that you can pass interviews once you get your degree. That means you have to actually understand the topics rather than simply pass your classes. Also, grades are very important and if you get bad grades, if any decent company asks for your transcript, you're screwed without decent grades. You don't want to be nearing graduation and realize that you just spent several years and aren't going to be able to get a job.

    So, learn the topic well enough and do what you need to in order to retain the information for interviews and being able to perform at your job so you don't get fired. And do what you need to in order to get enough stuff for your resume to be considered for a job.

    I'd recommend doing some searching for jobs with online job boards to see what they're looking for before you come close to graduating. You can also find a site or club that will do mock interviews to show you what you'll need, and how hard it can be if you're not prepared.

    I saw so many people in college that just tried to pass the class by cheating or whatever method worked then they find out it was all a useless waste of time and money.

    ALSO, networking and making connections with people is just as important as grades and being good at the subject. Join clubs and get to know people that will be in your field. That might also help with motivation as you become competitive or encouraged by seeing other people motivated about the field.

    Once you realize this stuff, you'll naturally start thinking about what kind of plan and routines you'll need to do well. For example, asking the teacher for tips on how to do well at the beginning of the class. Putting a schedule together for how you'll get everything done. Doing your homework and actually learning the material. Etc.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, of being a lazy POS during school that ends up working at the grocery store after you graduate. That piece of paper doesn't guarantee you anything.
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